neatly drowning. every drink, you're downing. if you drink enough, you'll forget the game.
Jason Nightshade Avatar
a rural kingdom where your adventure begins. here, there are set locations for practicing on test dummies as well as helpful (or annoying) tutorial npcs.
shiv Avatar
a water-grass kingdom filled with waterfalls, streams and lush forests. a saltwater ocean hugs the western coast. the fishing and foraging guilds reside here.
Kazimir Wynter Avatar
The fire kingdom. Surrounded by volcanoes and hot springs, this kingdom is a popular hangout spot for players.
shiv Avatar
the kingdom of ice on the heights of a snowy mountain range. snow-surfing is a popular sport here, and many ride on eiscue ice-face heads as transportation.
aaaaaaa Avatar
a kingdom of fighting. the architecture borrows heavily from stadiums and coliseums. fight bells and banners adorn this boisterous place.
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