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the systems that keep things running


on this page, the various systems of hoenn will be outlined. more comprehensive explanations can be found in their respective threads, which are linked under each section. please note, that these systems are not required to use during your stay in hoenn! many of these systems are voluntary and are not required to use as a roleplayer, unless a particular event or activity or purchase calls for them.

obtaining pokemon

wild threads

the main method of capturing pokemon is by creating "wild threads". wild threads are divided into two kinds: solo wilds and duo wilds. solo wilds consist of your character searching for a pokemon in a location (click here: spawn list) to catch.

in order to catch a pokemon, all you must do is post interacting with the pokemon in some way (battling, befriending, etc.), before submitting a moderation request for capture. similarly, you can also pass the pokemon and mod req another spawn.

solo wilds have a limit of three pokemon spawns per week (refreshes your monday), while duo wilds (threads with another character) can have a moderator spawning a pokemon limitlessly.

more information can be found in the site rules.


another way to "catch" pokemon is via the gachapon system, where you are rolled three random pokemon in exchange for money.

after earning pokedollars (pd) from posts and other means, you can purchase a gachapon ticket in the site shop for a moderator to roll a pokemon for you. this system has been designed for those who would like to forgo wild threads entirely, and for those who possess a gambling itch and want to spend money.

more information can be found in the gachapon guide.

trading and gifting

on hoenn, you are allowed to trade and gift pokemon with other members. there are only a few restrictions, but for the most part, members are able to freely trade among each other. of course, you can not trade with yourself!

more information can be found in the trading guide.

safari zone

with every new event (usually every 1-2 months), the pokemon featured in the safari zone will change.

pokemon within the safari zone will spawn with a hidden ability, egg move, and have a higher possibility of being shiny. to embark into the safari, you must first pay for a ticket in the site shop and then request a safari spawn in moderation requests.

more information can be found in the safari zone thread.


sometimes, a swarm of pokemon will appear on hoenn. these are time-limited events, where one must roll and fulfill a piece of criteria in their in-character post to possibly catch a pokemon.

most times, the highest rolling qualifying participant will receive a shiny variant of the swarm's species, while the second highest and lowest rollers will receive pokemon too.

every event cycle will feature several swarms for your characters to participate in. only one of your characters can participate in each swarm to give everyone a chance!

an example swarm can be found here: venusaur swarm.

black market

for those with extra money to spare, or an abundant amount of pokemon they have no use for, the black market is ideal.

occasionally, the black market will be stocked with pokemon. they will often be fitted with hidden abilities, special moves, and/or be shiny! however, they must be purchased.

on the other hand, you can sell pokemon for small pocket change if you would like to clear your pc without the hassle of gifting, trading, etc.

more information can be found in the black market thread.

shadow pokemon

due to nihilego poisons, shadow pokemon have introduced themselves into hoenn's setting. although trainers may encounter corrupted pokemon on the site, only TEAM ROCKET characters can create "artificial shadow pokemon"; however, this comes with a hefty price and possible chance to kill your pokemon. rockets who dare risk their beloved pokemon must go to the team rocket lab to gamble for additional power.

more information can be found in the shadow pokemon thread.

reward granting features


missions are oppotunities for you to immerse your characters in the setting and/or faction-based roleplay. in other words, team rocket affiliated characters and league affiliated characters can embark on missions that further the goals and desires of their respective organizations. however, not all missions revolve around faction conflict. instead, they may help your characters explore the world of hoenn in creative ways, while also rewarding you handsomely for taking the trouble to embark upon them.

more information can be found in the mission guidelines thread.


purchasing a pail from the site shop will grant your characters access to a garden. gardens are played-based, meaning all of a player's characters can make use of a garden. however, do note, some berries can not be purchased by a character until they have an adequate amount of infamy.

gardens allow your characters to grow berry trees in return for pokedollars, items, and special rewards. more information can be found in the garden system thread.

curry system

purchasing camping gear or a camping set from the site shop will grant your characters access to a campsite to create curry. like gardens, campsites are played-based, meaning all of a player's characters can reap the benefits of a delicious curry. every month, you can keep track of the threads you have completed in your campsite. each completed and archived thread corresponds to a curry ingredient, which in turn, will grant you with rewards!

more information can be found in the curry system thread.


inspired by the mechanic in pokemon sword & shield, your characters can send their pokemon to help complete jobs all around hoenn. these jobs can be found in the job board. each job may feature a specific limitation, such as requiring pokemon of a certain type.

once all jobs have been completed, the job board will refresh with new jobs for your pokemon to partake in.

this system allows you to write as your pokemon and/or to collaborate in writing a vignette of pokemon life. be creative and redeem easy rewards!

more information can be found in the pokejobs thread.


once your character reaches 25 INFAMY, they can create an exhibit. inspired by old aquarium flash games and poketch, exhibits are ways for your characters to showcase their favorite pokemon. furthermore, exhibits allow you to post within their threads once per day as a way to earn pokedollars incrementally without the need of engaging in other threads.

more information can be found in the exhibits thread.

research threads

hoenn possesses many mysteries awaiting discovery. discovery by you! if your character would like to research, discover or invent something, you may be offered this chance in the form of research threads. research threads are often granted to characters and players as a reward from an event or directly from staff. as a note, these threads are often slow burn and stretch across many months or even a year.

more information can be found in the research threads thread.

battling mechanics

mega evolution & z-moves

on hoenn, mega evolution and z-moves have been incorporated into the narrative in a particular way. furthermore, gigantamax pokemon formes have been made into additional mega evolutions in this setting.

furthermore, z-moves can be made accessible to your pokemon through the garden or curry system. custom z-moves can be made, but only if you harvest a passho berry from your garden.

more information can be found in the mega evolution/z-moves thread.


in hoenn, some legendary pokemon are able to bestow powers onto humans. due to hoenn's turmoil, these legendary pokemon have sided with trainers in order to have a stake in the fate of the region.

a legendary pokemon can grant avatarship to more than one human, and the resulting boons can result in feats of supernatural power or abilities.

through the site plot, events, and other special means, staff decide if a legendary will grant avatarship to a character. the criteria for each legendary is different; however, it is important to note the following standards:


it makes sense in-character.


the timing is right in accordance with the site plot, etc.


the player is a consistent presence on the site, active across an extended period of time, and is a good community member.


staff have the resources to create scenarios and boons related to the granting of avatarship.

please note, if a character goes inactive or is archived, avatarship is removed. furthermore, it is not always public knowledge that a character is an avatar.

more information can be found in the canons thread.

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