smog of war [m]

i used to dream in the dark of palisades park

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i used to dream in the dark of palisades park.
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smog of war [m]
POSTED ON Aug 30, 2020 7:42:31 GMT
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"clear the way!" shouted the masked hero to his braviary who flapped his wings as he defogged the area around them to clear out the smoke and give the duo a spot of fresh air. assisting with league and ranger duties was what pokkenger spent most of his time doing when he could spare it and he was more than happy to do so. after all he was the friendly neighborhood hero of hoenn after all, he wanted to see this place not turn into some kind of cesspool of crime and villainy with team rocket lurking around every corner. of course not all evil or crime was their fault, sometimes it was the cause of the local fauna around hoenn.
case in point were the weezing that were spreading their toxic fumes all around the city and help had been called in to clear them out for the time being. easy work, at least it started out that way, but boy were those poison types really churning out the smog like crazy, even with their little patch of clearness it was still thick as soup out here. "you see any signs of them? i could try blowing more smoke away but i'm starting to doubt they're still around us." he asked his partner on this job, hopefully they had better tracking skills than he did.[break][break]

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i used to dream in the dark of palisades park.
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smog of war [m]
POSTED ON Oct 24, 2020 18:21:33 GMT
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The newly minted Ranger was more than eager to get back on the field. Yes, back on the field. No longer undercover and officially assigned to the Rangers as a full-time member, the veteran Trainer was ready and raring to go. The quiet life had been nice, but he knew that something had been missing for some time, and perhaps his wife had known that too. Perhaps that was why she had joined ahead of him. Either way, he was here now, and it was time to get on assignment.

And a hell of an assignment this was. Someone, or several people, were loosing Weezing upon the city, possibly to cover something up. While he would have liked to get into the thick of it and find the culprit, their top priority had to be the safety of the people. Which he knew fell into the hands of those responsible, but... If they could wrap this up quickly, perhaps there would be time left to catch them. His partner on this assignment was... Interesting. A "masked hero", so to speak. He didn't bother to ask too many questions.

He asked if they had seen any signs of them, and Josh shook his head. But it was clear that if they didn't hurry, they had little chance of catching the culprits. They needed to change tactics.

"Lightning" he called to his Raichu that had been sticking with them out of its Poke Ball. The Raichu with the blue scarf around its neck peered up at them. "Can you sniff out a Weezing?" he inquired, pulling up a three-dimensional holographic image of the Pokemon from his HoloWatch. While the entire area was covered in Weezing's smog, the Pokemon itself surely had its own scent. But he knew it might be difficult considering how much smog there was. But Raichu had strong noses... It was about the only chance they had. "Rai" it let out in affirmative.

As it did, Josh sent out his Starmie. It began to spin about, clearing out a wider berth of the smog. He looked to his partner. "Keep clearing, this might make it easier for him to sniff them out. And odds are, wherever the Weezing themselves are... Our culprits are likely close by."

Once the smog was cleared a bit further, the Raichu would pick up a scent and dash off.




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