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i used to dream in the dark of palisades park

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Bailey Cooper
bailey cooper's infamy file
POSTED ON Sept 5, 2020 5:53:11 GMT
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“i'm done living by the skin of my teeth. i'm done living because i'm too fucking lucky to die,” and the spitefire spat her words as the memory of those she lost filtered into her mind; today, two had fallen and taken her place. “i'm not gonna lose. not anymore.”[break][break]

rumble's capsule was raised—she can feel something inside her chest that sang to the pokemon she carried. “today, i'm gonna live. today, i'm gonna win.”[break][break]

"give me fire." she would take this strength. she would let it overflow; her own eruption as years of seismic activity reached its boiling point.

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the volatile

to be consumed by heat.


the champion, it's that protective streak that itched at her bones that made her such a nuisance—such a stubborn bitch that refused to release her claws. she'd see it through to its end.
bailey cooper has been declared the current reigning champion of hoenn. this came after a meeting with , where it was established that a champion would be needed to face the threat of an encroaching war. her battle style has been described as highly aggressive, and many have acknowledged that she will not relinquish her newfound title so easily.

the elite four, fear could not be ignored, but it could be overcome. it was why she kept pushing. it was why, when her hands were raw, she gripped the rocks harder.
prior to becoming champion, bailey cooper had been a standing member of the elite four and had declared herself as a ground-type specialist for official matches. this position has since been abdicated as she has taken the title of champion.

hero of hoenn, her efforts were rewarded with a throb from her growing headache—a reminder that her body was still reeling from its fall. she did not want to fall twice.
bailey cooper played an integral role in stopping the mossdeep invasion. with the help of other league members, she was able to achieve victory against the rampaging guzzlord that could have threatened the entire region.

contest winner, it was time to take a step back, and as she put her trust in the small ice pokemon, the spotlight panned to his position.
chubs, her spheal, has recently won the first official pokemon beauty contest hosted in littleroot. due to her involvement in the contest, she was uninvolved with the events unfolding simultaneously.

the native, the malpais of lavaridge, from beyond its borders, kissed her face with the chalky, reds of the earth. it even smudged the ridge of her shoulders.
she is a hoenn native, and hails from lavaridge. while she currently lives in slateport, the town still remains near and dear to her heart.

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will guard the guards

to be trusted

endorsement, with signatures and her name in simple print—almost like a diploma. it could fit the space on her office wall.
she has been officially endorsed by dahlia goode. unbeknownst to her, dahlia has also become aware of her avatar status through and his ability to view avatars.

affairs of mossdeep, but he defied the odds. dents were keen on his frame like scars, but to the sergeant, it only made him more distinguished.
during the events of mossdeep, she was able to perform primal mega evolution with her steelix. this was believed to be a result of the death of the legendary pokemon, victini. as this mega evolution has not been repeated, it is believed to have been a one-time occurrence.

regirock, and she stared at a hoenn with new eyes that had been blessed by the sight of a legendary's fury.
as a cadet, bailey cooper was apart of the rescue mission that lead to the encounter with the legendary pokemon regirock. she was one of the survivors, and suffered no noticeable injury or loss of pokemon from the event.

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train menace

her sinew of war

caution advised

emboldened dragon of grand justice. fight for your honor and your kind. thou art in thy noble salvation.
deliver us from this karmic justice that thy anger hath imposed upon us.

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endictment 1

quoth been hastened

mikki u

emboldened dragon of grand justice. fight for your honor and your kind. thou art in thy noble salvation.
deliver us from this karmic justice that thy anger hath imposed upon us.

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it's a long life full of long nights

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