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POSTED ON Sept 13, 2020 9:01:37 GMT
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[attr="class","omgentop"]LILYCOVE WARFRONT





ON THE THIRD DAY OF THE WAR, the Megalopolans launch their attack on Lilycove. The overcast sky darkens the entire region and the sea begin to ripple roughly with waves.[break][break][break]

In the distance, those stationed at Lilycove would be able to see a vast army of Megalopolans stationed at various points on the route. More ominously, large obsidian-hued trammels dig deep into islands and point toward the sky like swords. One trammel stands above a seaside town. It has been repurposed into a Megalopolan war camp. Reports say some residents remain there, perhaps, as bartering tools. However, as time goes by, the screams of those unfortunate to be eaten can be heard.[break][break][break]

Nihilego wander the central part of the route, their tentacles ever grasping. The Megalopolans come prepared with pilfered Pokemon of their own alongside their usual toxic fare of Naganadels.[break][break][break]

A deafening noise like an explosion, roars in the horizon. It seems to come from the islands they inhabit. A chorus of war cries follow. A wave of attacks commences. Three boats filled with Megalopolan soldiers advance toward the beach with Naganadels positioned at their fronts. From their purple jaws, energy builds.[break][break][break]

One Naganadel fires a concentrated SLUDGE BOMB toward the coast, while two direct their attacks to the air. Purplish balls of draconic energy soar into the heavens before breaking apart. DRACO METEORS fall toward the coast, its destructive power aiming to maim Pokemon, people, and vessels.[break][break][break]


Behind them, a flock of Naganadel and Flying Pokemon, large enough to blot the sky, follow. They in turn, fire their own attacks: AIR SLASHES, HEAT WAVES and more serve as artillery, before swooping in to get into melee range. Several Megalopolans are mounted on these Pokemon, intending to drop on to the coast (or people) with their stun batons and teeth.[break][break][break]

[attr="class","reward2"]WHAT WILL YOU DO?


THIS RAID WILL FEATURE several objectives or goals for your characters to accomplish. You do not need to fulfill each objective for full rewards. Instead, they have been designed to offer you all guidance. You will notice there are overall objectives and round objectives. Overall objectives are goals to accomplish over the course of the entire raid. Round objectives are specific to the posting round they are for. Occasionally, the objectives will be updated with new objectives and the round's objectives will change with each moderator post.[break][break][break]

☐ Stop the Megalopolans attacking Lilycove.[break]
☐ Disarm/disable the Trammels on the eastern islands.[break]
☐ Liberate the seaside town on the eastern islands.[break]
☐ Rout the enemy and defeat Velmos, their general.[break]

☐ Eliminate the three advancing Megalopolan boats.[break]
☐ Attempt to advance deeper into the water route.[break]
☐ Rocket: Eliminate League characters covertly, should the opportunity arise.

WAR MAP:[break][break]
THE PROVIDED MAP is to aid you in visualizing the battlefield. This map is not 1-to-1 in representation, and is simply a guide. Each cluster of Megalopolans represents a large group of them, and they will possess a variety of Pokemon, including the Ultra Beast, Naganadel.[break][break]

Click HERE to view the map. Please note, this will not be updated every round.


ENSURE THAT YOU FOLLOW THE RULES which are posted below. Remember to refer to the sign up page for more details.[break][break][break]

  • Please ROLL with your post using the roll command (dice button).
  • [break]
  • Each Pokemon of yours can perform 1 move per round.
  • [break]
  • There is a soft cap/word limit of 350 words per post.
  • [break]
  • Please include a tl;dr note of your important actions.
  • [break]
  • You are allowed to roleplay your character taking down miscellaneous Megalopolan NPCs alongside League NPCs; however, significant actions will have their outcomes resolved in the subsequent moderator post.
  • [break]
  • If you miss too many rounds by failing to post by the deadline, you will either be kicked and/or receive minimal rewards.
  • [break]
  • The Ultra Beasts in these raids will not be exactly the same as their previous iterations on the site.
  • [break][break]


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Orion Lykos
POSTED ON Sept 13, 2020 12:49:20 GMT
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[attr=class,image-back accentbg]








He has never seen Lilycove so empty. With the League evacuating citizens inland en masse, the bustling city feels more like a ghost town. As a Ranger, Orion is stationed in Lilycove to defend those who choose to remain. On the third day of the war, the sky darkens, and the councilman resigns himself to his fate.[break][break]

Veterans of the New Years attacks, the first time Orion had experienced an alien assault, his Hydreigon and Swampert stand sentinel beside him. The latter's hide retains a sickly purple hue as if scarred by the Nihilego's poison. His Type: Null had not been with him during the new year, but it had seen something worse — Ultra Space, the home of the monsters who now threatened theirs.[break][break]

Slowking is green in comparison, but no less determined.[break][break]

As chaos erupts along the shores and attacks begin to rain down, Orion's Pokemon make their stand. Slowking provides a SAFEGUARD against the poisonous spray as Hydreigon sets up a REFLECTIVE barrier. Swampert's WIDE GUARD blooms like an umbrella around them.[break][break]

"TAKE COVER WITH ME!" Orion calls over the chaos, offering sanctuary to those closest. "My Swampert will protect us!"[break][break]

Type: Null snarls at the sight of the beasts it had been designed to destroy. The Beast Killer seeks to ensure that there will be no recovering from the assault of the Hoennians upon their alien enemy as its HEAL BLOCK takes effect.[break][break]


Orion is stationed on the coast with his Pokemon.[break]
Slowking uses SAFEGUARD. [1/5][break]
Hydreigon uses REFLECT. [1/5][break]
Swampert uses WIDE GUARD.[break]
Type: Null uses HEAL BLOCK.



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i used to dream in the dark of palisades park.
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POSTED ON Sept 13, 2020 17:54:25 GMT
 this is a war.

it wasn't some petty attack. it wasn't a game, like how it was during new years. it wasn't some kind of sick prank, with a singular bomb to threaten thousands and to laugh at the effects. no, this was a war, more devastating than what she could have imagined. she participated in the new years fiasco, in the form of helping to escort others out and away, but the damages were certainly something she needed to handle. too much stress, and she found herself escaping. running, again. she was always running.

but it's okay, now.

because this was a war. this was a planned attack - a coordinated attack - where the surprise wasn't immediate. there could be surprises on the battlefield, but she knows to steel herself in the face of them. she won't be blindsided into submission this time.

attacks rain down, and there's no more time to think or ponder. she's quick to look around at her fellow fighters, one of them taking the initiative to put up several barriers. daphne's quick to dash in and take cover under the wide guard, grateful for the shields. when they're safe under it, she pulls out three pokeballs. "pearl, peridot, help out" she commands the blissey who came out of her pokeball. the pink pokemon raises her arms, creating a light screen over the wide guard to further lessen the impact it has. the meganium does the same, creating a reflect over 's attempt to further lessen the damage.

meanwhile, the garchomp steadies himself against the ground, whipping up winds around him before directing a sandstorm at fliers he'd be able to see above - he hopes to throw them of balance, if not have the stray bits of sand disrupt their movements. he makes sure that it doesn't affect the people or pokemon around them.

daphne is under the wide guard w/
garchomp use a condensed & directed sandstorm (at fliers)
blissey used light screen [1/5]
meganium used reflect [1/5]

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175 infamy
i used to dream in the dark of palisades park.
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Olivia Abbiati
POSTED ON Sept 13, 2020 17:57:19 GMT
Olivia Abbiati Avatar

it had begun. the sky darkened and the sea bellowed, clear signs to the wave watcher that the omen she warned of before departing hoenn was coming to fruition. unlike the others who had swarmed upon the beach from the city proper, olivia had come spilling out from the sewage tunnel north of the beach - hidden behind large boulders as the invaders launched their attacks. she watched the councilman ready a storm of defensive moves and call out to others.

olivia may have been gone, she may lacked her title and power, but this was still her home. "coordinate." she whispered, atop the back of her vespiqueen as they flew out towards the approaching fleet and began to exert her pressure. the hive responded, thousands of tiny combee swarming around their queen in a defense order - shielding and obscuring olivia. they passed over a large vessel stationed just outside the sewer entrance and within range of the approaching demons.

"anemoi, heed my call." olivia prayed before releasing her cradiliy, jellicent, and primarina atop the ship - the latter two sweeping over the sea with a combined ominous and icy wind. meanwhile, the fossilized pokemon ripped free boulders that peeked out from the coast, launching them at the incoming fliers via ancient power.

the witch of the sea and her swarm of bugs hovered near the control panel and steering wheel, the former tumbling forth from the swarm to look over the controls. where there should be... a button to reel in the anchor.

+ olivia emerges from the sewers!
+ vespiqueen used defend order! (+1 DEF +1 SPDEF)
+ vespiqueen exerts pressure!
+ olivia flies near the northern (league) boat!
+ jellicent used ominous wind! (at approaching fliers)
+ primrina used icy wind! (at approaching fliers)
+ cradily used ancient power! (at approaching fliers)
+ olivia begins to reel in the anchor!
+ mZzYQY_i

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January 13th
i used to dream in the dark of palisades park.
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Sanvi Fyr
POSTED ON Sept 13, 2020 18:57:40 GMT
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Sanvi may have been an experienced battler, but she’d never seen anything like this. This? This was war, and she was on the front lines with her little group of Pokémon. There seemed like an overwhelming amount of enemy troops both in the air and on the boats approaching from the sea. Luckily, they were not alone. Their numbers weren’t nearly as great as those attacking, but as the enemy launched their first wave of attacks, people seemed to leap into action, Sanvi among them.

Seeing  and  ‘s efforts to minimize the damage near her, she decided to add on to the layer of protection, herself and her Pokémon moving into formation next to them. Her commands came quick and clear, the more experienced members of her team moving to obey quickly, with the newly caught Chimecho lagging behind only a little. Her Salamanca remained in front of her, with the Froslass and Chimecho hovering near the Salamence’s head. “Tatsu, use Protect! Bell and Darling, aim at those flyers! Use Blizzard and Psywave!” 

The woman herself kept a hand on the holster stepped to her thigh, containing her knife. That wasn’t the only weapon she had hidden on her person, but it was comforting to have a hand nearby just in case. Her other hand hovered on Kin’s Pokeball, but she decided against bringing her out for now. Better to save her strength later, for the more close range aerial combat that she was sure would eventually happen.

•Salamence used Protect!
•Froslass used Blizzard on the flyers!
•Chimecho used Psywave on the flyers!
•Sanvi is on the coast under Wide Guard and Protect with and

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Ethel Irving
POSTED ON Sept 13, 2020 22:14:29 GMT
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Ethel looked down at the ocean beneath her, the dark waves churning under the ship she stood on.

She did not have history doing the right thing. She was still unwilling to confront the mistakes that she made in her younger years, and then ran away from when she learned that they were mistakes. The guilt was something she didn't acknowledge outright, but this...

This was atonement. Plus, it was in everyone's best interest to stop these Megalopolans from taking over the place they lived in.

Ethel's Pokemon accompanied her, and she had never been more grateful for their presence. She was blessed to know them at all, but that they would be willing to put their lives on the line to help her and everyone spoke to true greatness.

Ethel spoke softly, but her voice reached her Pokemon nevertheless. "All right. Magic, Protect." The Galarian Mr. Mime nodded, his lips set in a close line, and raised his hands, creating a shimmering wall that would hopefully help protect the ship and its occupants from the barrage of attacks the Megalopolans were sending at the ship and those on the shore.

"Stratus," the Emolga perked up at the sound of his name, "Help him out." The Emolga supplemented the barrier with his own Light Screen to aid against the attacks, which were primarily special. Hoping that this would be enough defensive measures for the moment, Ethel turned to her remaining two team members.

Crescent, her Lampent, and Flavor, her Salandit, prepared their attacks with only a nod from Ethel. Crescent held her thin arms in front of her body, creating a ball of shadow, while Flavor opened her slim jaws and began to collect a ball of pulsing, violet energy. After the attacks were built up to a decent size, the Shadow Ball and the Dragon Pulse were fired simultaneously at the Megalopolan ship closest to them, hoping to hit a Naganadel and disrupt the onslaught of attacks.

- Mr. Mime Galar uses Protect.
- Emolga uses Light Screen.
- Lampent uses Shadow Ball on the closest Megalopolan ship.
- Salandit uses Dragon Pulse on the closest megalopolan ship.

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Kaida Adachi
POSTED ON Sept 13, 2020 23:05:06 GMT
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Perhaps Kaida have found her element, her place to be. Her heart lingers in her throat, and feels natural there. Something heavy lingers on her side, right, a knife she had pilfered from an empty home. Waste not, want not. She had no claws, and needed to be able to fight. Her family needed to focus on their own lives. [break][break]

Somewhere in the region, her family hid. They wouldn't come out, not until they had won...or until they were found and devoured. Kaida trusted Ormr to them. He would lead them, should they fail. Should she die. The territorial dispute would end today, she could sense it, and whatever way it went, she'd go down screaming and bloody before she let them have her family. [break][break]

On the scene, her Pokemon already out, Kaida heeded 's call and led her team to the protective barrier three teams had set up. "Start hunting! Let's eat!" She bellowed, her team getting to work sharpening their claws and teeth. Silk Coiled, power coursing for every layer of scales he tied around. The Sandaconda lingered near Garchomp, attempting to reap the benefits of Sand Veil from the Sandstorm. Muspel shrieked, stomping and flapping her wings in a vigorous Dragon Dance. By Kaida's side, the young Toxicitry Bragi started to strum at her chest, Charging for what was to come. [break][break]

Huddled low to be protected, Kjoll fixed his eyes on the ocean and bellowed, little Stealth Rocks rising from rubble and nature both to hover threateningly. Whichever reached the trap first, boat or flying enemies, would face piercing rocks zipping towards them to maim and tear. [break][break]

"I'll protect it." Kaida hissed, "I'll protect everything." Familiar voices, home, her family. It was all hers, and it was all her responsibility to protect it...it wasn't like her life was hers anymore anyway. She had to do it. [break][break]



[attr="class","notes"]notes: Kaida is here! [break][break]

tl;dr: Onix uses Stealth Rock at the approaching fliers and ships, whichever triggers the trap first! Charizard uses Dragon Dance! Toxicitry uses Charge! Sandaconda uses Coil! Kaida armed herself with a simple knife. The team is hiding in the protection provided by and ! As uses Sandstorm, Sandaconda attempts to be hit by it to activate Sand Veil and raise evasion!


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Celeste Abbiati
POSTED ON Sept 14, 2020 5:38:53 GMT
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It was time. Time to prove herself. Celeste let out a quiet breath as she stared out across the ocean. Today, the seas would be filled with blood. Death would come for those weak enough to be swept into its eager jaws, time would only tell who and what would fall prey to its desperate scratches at their soul. Should fate deem today to be the day it took her, then she would make sure that she made her unmistakable mark on the world, that it would remember her.

Wearing a simple wetsuit with a long wicked-looking knife on her hip, Celeste had been prepared for this moment. For even the weakest of mortal shells held unfathomable will and she wasn't about to allow herself to be swept beneath the waves just yet. was a recognizable face, being a current League council member. Taking her luck with the enemy she did know, versus the enemy she didn't know, the young woman stood near his side, watching and waiting for something to happen. A loud sound, a war cry, boats being sent over, and a wave of flying pokemon. The battle finally beginning, she was growing tired of waiting.

It seemed she wasn't the only one to take 's offer for protection. Like many others, she was going to reinforce the defenses as well. Jaspers the Espurr on her shoulder was quick to respond with a LIGHT SCREEN, hopefully compounding with everyone else's defenses. However, now was not just the time to hide, but act. Two of her Pokemon were already in the water, waiting for the signal. Celeste quickly released her last Pokeball, Leviathan the tiny Wishiwashi flinging itself into the water with tears in its eyes. His arrival was the signal the two were waiting for. As his SCHOOLING ability came into effect, a large swarm of Wishiwashi came to her Pokemon's defense, it was showtime.

Tiny the Wailord's PRESSURE was intense, a huge intimidating presence amongst the dark ocean seas. Breaching the surface just enough to let out a NOBLE ROAR, the extremely loud sound would ring out, attempting to terrify their foes and all who could hear him. At the mere sight, a soft smirk slowly spread across Celeste's face. Of course, for this moment, despite his massive size and power, he was only the bait. The distraction to take their eyes off of what was truly happening beneath the ocean waves.

At the same time, her Wishiwashi and Dhelmise began to work in tandem with one another. Quickly swirling up a WHIRLPOOL together amongst the sea, hoping to sink the boats down to their demise, where they'd have to face the jaws and hungry seaweed of two terrifying beasts of the deep.


Celeste is by Orion, under the defenses of the group there.
Espurr used Light Screen.
Celeste sends out Wishiwashi, the signal for her submerged pokemon to strike.
Wailord exerts Pressure! Uses Noble Roar and acts as a distraction!
Dhelmise and Wishiwashi both use Whirlpool together.


[newclass=.merkI] width: 330px; font-family: 'Trebuchet MS'; font-size: 11px; text-align: justify; color: #a3a3a3; padding: 20px; line-height: 12pt; margin-top: -10px; [/newclass] [newclass=.merkI b] color: #967BB6; font-size: 12px; [/newclass] [newclass=.merktagI] text-align:right; [/newclass] [newclass=.merktagI a] background: #2e2e2e; padding: 10px; border: 1px solid #252525; text-transform: uppercase!important; font-family: 'roboto'; font-size: 10px; font-weight: bold; color: #aaa; letter-spacing: 1px!important; [/newclass] [newclass=.merkpokesI] text-align:right; [/newclass] [newclass=.merkpokesI img] padding: 0px 5px 5px 0px; background: #2e2e2e; border: solid 1px #252525; [/newclass]
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344 infamy
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Selena Desmarais
POSTED ON Sept 14, 2020 7:58:33 GMT
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final straw


selena has never seen lilycove like this: ghosted, abandoned, and almost scorched to the ground. for a few months now, it has been her home away from kalos. vantage, the fruit of all her hard work, has found a home in lilycove. being its gym leader, she doesn’t expect the job to more of an honor than obligation. she has grown fond of the city and its people. and she will do anything not to watch it drown in flames.[break][break]

at the third day of war, megalopolans finally make an all-out move into the fortified city. war cries echo from the distant horizon, forcing the war god out of his capsule and witness the abomination waiting to happen. tapu koko pulsates with voltaic intensity, its unrelenting desire to protect the region materializes into the surge of power radiating from its golden crest.[break][break]

a brief text message is sent to all the employees of vantage, including , before she puts herself into position: no one dies tonight for we’re the ones to write the story of our survival tomorrow. aboard the naval vessel, they watch the invaders’ fleet advance with naganadels and flying-types. the deity pokémon communicates with its mind that only selena will understand and the gym leader nods, agreeing to the plan. tapu koko rises into the air and it glances for venus to follow. the tapu utilizes the existing terrain and casts electroweb while altaria mirrors the wave of attacks back into the horde.[break][break]

“circe, medusa, help them.” from the ship, the delphox creates a light screen around the two, protecting from the incoming waves of attack. milotic, on the other hand, scatters life dew to heal them for attacks that will break through the shield.[break][break]


+ tapu koko, delphox, altaria, and milotic are on the field. copperajah is still inside his ball.[break]
+ tapu koko activates electric surge, producing an electric terrain.[break]
+ tapu koko and altaria flies into the sky, delphox and milotic remain with selena on the ship.[break]
+ tapu koko uses electroweb and altaria uses mirror move with the air slashes and heat waves against naganadels and flying-types.[break]
+ delphox uses light screen and milotic uses life dew to protect and heal tapu koko and altaria.





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Alexei Ivanov
POSTED ON Sept 14, 2020 13:10:55 GMT
Alexei Ivanov Avatar

Why hadn’t—why hadn’t he gone to a warfront that didn’t have water?!

Sadly a lot of people had already gone off to Mauville, and there was a separate contingent already deployed to Meteor Falls, which left him with the single worst place to be: Lilycove.

Sure, Alexei didn’t mind the location—but if the battle had to be staged over water?

Oh, hell no. Arceus, no.

He had bade most of—if not all—of the civilians living in Fortree to move further inland, and the only thing that was left running there was the Sanctuary, in case there were injuries reported across all three ‘warfronts’ and they had to be taken in for immediate treatment.

Now, normally he would’ve held the line in Fortree, but at the insistence of his staff here he was.

Out on the beach, watching the mayhem unfold in a single… yikes.

Biting the inside of his cheek, he hoped he didn’t have to go deep into the water because holy shit that fear of the deep was really starting to haunt and bite him in the ass…

Everything was chaos, all things considered. Seeing as he didn’t have anything else to commit, he made a mad dash towards where Orion and the others were deployed, summoning his Salamence and pointing skyward at the incoming debris.

“Block it!” he cried out as he joined the phalanx that was starting to form, where all manner of defensive barriers were being thrown and tossed out. The draconid looked up in alarm, before quickly adding onto the defensive barriers with a Protective shield shimmering in place.

They were going to need all the defense they could get.

At a second thought, he summoned his Lucario and Gardevoir, just in case things did decide to go south too fast, too soon. He had a fourth companion, however the time for her to appear was not opportune—at least not yet.

“Get ready,” he said to the Lucario and the Gardevoir, with both of them preparing a Nasty Plot and a Calm Mind change respectively.


• Alexei arrives on the scene, is all “WTAF is going on here?!” at the sight
• Joins Orion and company
• Salamence used Protect, joining onto the defensive barriers
• Lucario used Nasty Plot (sp.atk+2)
• Gardevoir used Calm Mind (sp.atk+1, sp.def+1)

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April 5
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20 infamy
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Andrew Fisher
POSTED ON Sept 14, 2020 14:46:39 GMT
Andrew Fisher Avatar

Though he has his orders, Andrew's main priority in all of this is to come out alive, and to protect as much of Lilycove as he can. As the invaders approach the coast, the streamer brings out three of his Pokemon, his Nidoking, his Nidoqueen, and his brand new Archeops. Though the Archeops was a weak flyer, as he found the hard way, it was still a damn strong fighter, netting him in a couple of cheap wins before all this began.

Naturally, Andrew is gravitated towards Orion's position, mainly looking for protection. Despite this, he is still going to pull his weight, as much of his weight ass he could. "Screech, drop a Rock Slide on those cocksuckers!", the manchild told his Archeops. "Queen, give Screech a Helping Hand!", he told his Nidoqueen, who immediately went to give her support to the ancient bird. The Archeops, with the help of Nidoqueen, would drop down a barrage of rocks on top of the oncoming Flying-types. "King, Focus Energy!", he ordered the Nidoking, who immediately began to hone his focus.


tags: @tag
notes: Andrew arrives, joining Orion and the others
Archeops, Nidoking, and Nidoqueen are out
Archeops used Rock Slide to try to take out the approaching Flying-types
Nidoqueen used Helping Hand
Nidoking used Focus Energy (Crit Hit Ratio +2)

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the flurry
september 19
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mclaren mcflurry
POSTED ON Sept 14, 2020 16:54:16 GMT
mclaren mcflurry Avatar

Normal ain't normal,
𝐎 𝐑 𝐃 𝐈 𝐍 𝐀 𝐑 𝐘 is a luxury
If you wanna understand,
you stand 𝐔 𝐍 𝐃 𝐄 𝐑

participating in a war was about the last thing mcflurry wanted to do when she came to this region.

mcflurry felt she was over her head. she didn't know why she followed orders and came here. she could have just as easily left, fucked off somewhere near lilycove and told them she'd been there, just not as useful. she could have easily deserted rocket in its entirety, but —

but it would be wrong. letting people die like that when she had several able-bodied pokemon, all of them combat-ready. everyone was putting their life on the line to make this defense, and it would be wrong to try and evade that.

...at the same time, though. she wasn't completely gung-ho about, uh. joining the navy or the air force or whatnot. she'd just — she'd just do things her own way, taking her time and trying to move forward without too many issues. which meant...

"steelix, use — use dig! mc!"

and in that moment, mcflurry was gone from the battlefield, now several fathoms underground. all that was left was a giant hole in the beach that just about anyone could travel into.

underneath the ground, mcflurry had her phone's map open as she latched onto her steelix, digging through the ground under the relatively shallow coastal earth. she needed to start building a tunnel underneath the islands, so that she could maybe make a surprise attack on whatever trainers they have camping out on them.

in the meantime, her alolan golem was magnetically glued to one of steelix's spikes, and her glalie stuck close to her side. prepping for the battle, the alolan golem started using charge, boosting its power for whatever came next, and the glalie prepared a protect just in case.


- steelix used dig! mcflurry is underground, rapidly approaching the first set of northern islands!
- golem used charge! sp. def. +1! its next electric attack has double the power!
- glalie starts a protect, which will cover both it and mcflurry in the event of potential damage!

[attr="class","cred"]MADE BY VEL OF WW + GS

[newclass=.cred]text-align:center;font-size:6pt;color:rgb(132, 132, 132);letter-spacing:1px;font-family:verdana;margin-top:5px;[/newclass]
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Billi Marsh
POSTED ON Sept 15, 2020 1:05:43 GMT
Billi Marsh Avatar

Day three marked the beginning of the real war. As people fled from their homes days prior, and moved inland, Billi rose to his words to , and familial alike. Words echoed in his mind as he loomed over the Lilycove gym horizon. From the rood he could see the denizens of their foe swarm the skys like an angry nest of beedrill. The loud harrowing cries of the far off island gave Billi shivers because he had the reports of bodies rolling up on shore...eaten...and Selena confirmed some of his biggest fears with this war.

There would be no Hoenn, if there was no one to stop this threat, let alone any other region they may encounter. His blue eyes watched as the horde and boats streamlined their way through the perimeter of the beaches, the rhythm of war cries echoed in an eerily quiet city. His Rotom phone had gone off, displaying the message from ….may they try their best.

Anxiety flowed through Billi as he adjusted the camera on Corviknight’s chest. “Well at the very least...if anything happens to us...as long as the camera remains with battery power it will stream it back across Hoenn, and perhaps some other regions,” The raven looked down at his trainer, eyes prideful and gave one last powerful, CAW to ignite his Joy with Billi, and the Brood remaining in their pokeballs. Billi gave a sad smile, “Thank you Chesto,” he laughed bumping heads with the steel bird.

Somehow deep down, Billi worried that his pokemon wouldn’t follow orders, because he had raised them with such tight familiar bonds, but he needed to be strong for them to, for the people that were screaming from deeper inside Hoenn for help. It wasn’t his war, this wasn’t his responsibility, nor his career, rather it was a choice of selfishness. One he made himself to defend his home and people who lived there. had given a job and a home in Lilycove and he wouldn’t forsaken it for anything. Now as he climbed onto Corviknight's back, pride swallowed, fear plugging his throat, hopeful eyes, he gave the corviknight a pat to set off. His flare gun sitting in his pocket in case of needing to gain attention, or a close call was required to use it.

The murder of fliers above posed concerns as Billi tried to avoid some of the dracometor parts that were falling down to lilycove beaches where people were hiding, but the boat…. That was a place neglected and of much defenses at the moment, and would provide much mobility for those who couldn’t swim. Billi thought for a moment before screaming as Chesto turned upside down to avoid a flame thrower sent his way.

The quickness of the sweep, and sudden dropping of Billi onto the boat made him wince in pain, luckily Chesto dropped him Gently to fly off avoiding as much damage as possible. Though it only took about four seconds before the Corviknight ripped a foe right off their mount, crushing it’s talons into their eyes and throwing them to the depth below.

“BILLI HAS ENTERED THE BATTLEFIELD” the iconic smashbros ribbon iconically would appear, but alas, this isn’t a video game, rather a really horrifying war. Quickly standing back up, and running over to the edge of the boat, watching as the purple dragons fired off attacks, and fliers were dropping like flies in a bug zapper. “Oh..my god!” Billi exclaimed before looking for Chesto, who was attacking violently anything that got too close to the ship with his honed claws whilst trying to avoid the draco meteors, even resorting to throwing some of the flier in the way to protect itself. “CHESTO!!!! BE CAREFUL!” he called out to his pokemon and it gave a loud screech in response as it spun avoiding yet another attack.

Turning back around quickly, luckily for him he had been on a boat before, thanks to so the seasickness would be avoided, but still flying would be much preferred compared to this floating death trap he had no control over. Looking to his right he saw , and even farther right, further down the haul, . He gave a sigh of relief, as he reached into his pockets, “Okay boys!” he called out as the Brood was released from their confinement, a screech exciting each as they breathed the war filled air, shocking them all, and putting them on edge.

“Okay! We have to be careful, Everyone is fighting and we have to keep the boat standing! Otherwise we can’t protect our home,” he gave them a fistbump to confirm their conviction to the cause. “Europa! Stay up here and protect the drivers! With me!” he commanded the Araquanid that quickly moved and set up his wide guard at what would be the upper part of the sailors haul. Billi quickly moved to hide behind the wide guard as well.

Blue hued eyes moved towards his other spiders, “Io make sure you’re patching up holes with your spider silk. Don’t let them get too close, take them out with your toxic silk before they get here,” Billi told the Ariados as it crawled by the wide guard, releasing it’s toxic web in spurts, its ability to snip helping. Taking a moment to assess he looked closer at his Galvantula, “Ganyemede start trying to throw the meteors back at the boats and fliers,” he snuck out from under the window guard and quickly stuck his electro web around it, and spun, sending the large boulders flying from the air to the enemy ships.

“Defenses set up by the?,... pilots? pit?” Billi called out so everyone could hear him, “If anyone needs help! Signal! Or yell! “ he stated as his pokemon seemed to disagree with helping anyone but Billi.


Billi is on the allied boat at the captain's haul.

Corviknight is attacking npcs, used Honeclaws +1P.Attk & Accuracy. It is releasing Pressure.

Araquanid used Wideguard at the top of the captain’s haul, to protect the ship and the pilots. Billi and spiders are behind it!

Ariados is using Toxic Thread to hit fliers to poison them and immobilized (cuz spider silk is nasty), it is also on guard to repair holes in the ship if they so occur.

Galvantula used Electro Web to catch the meteors and throw them at the ships and fliers, leaving Electrowebs on it, making it coated in electricity.


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priam conrad
POSTED ON Sept 15, 2020 3:10:12 GMT
priam conrad Avatar
priam scans the area with binoculars on top of the lighthouse, on his hand a piece of paper with a crudely drawn map where each concentration of megalopolan were indicated by a squiggle. he drops the binoculars wrapped around his neck to check the main group while his espeon hangs on his shoulders precariously.

“ya. i think we’re good.”

the commotion from everyone defending the shore against the invaders made good distraction for both priam and , who situated themselves away from most of the people on the southern part of the beach. he gets down to meet up with at the bottom and releases his braviary, perching itself on the cliffs and waiting for his trainer to ride on his back.

“ooh, i’m getting goosebumps. this is exciting,” he whispers exasperatedly. priam hands oscar the map to give him an idea of what he saw. “it’s just gonna be a quick sweep in, sweep out kinda thing, right? easy.”

they had a different objective than the rest of rocket in the front, distancing themselves from the others. when he thinks that enough moves and flashy effects were thrown, priam climbs on his braviary and flies to the clump of mountainous islands eastward, keeping their height low so as to not attract attention.

tailwind from the braviary keeps priam’s party alongside ’s to move swiftly. the espeon on his shoulder prepares for whatever may come and keeps a calm mind. keeping his trainer safe was always a challenge, although unknown threats make it much more so difficult than normal.


  • priam surveys the entire battlefield from the top of the lighthouse
  • meets up with oscar at the bottom
  • releases his braviary
  • waits for distraction before he flies with it stealthily to the east
  • braviary uses tailwind
  • espeon uses calm mind

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oscar clayton
POSTED ON Sept 15, 2020 3:11:08 GMT
oscar clayton Avatar
Oscar leaned against the back of the lighthouse, rolling a lollipop between his teeth. He was waiting patiently, trying to stay focused while Priam checked the battle unfolding on the main beach from the lighthouse’s peak. Oscar felt jittery, unsure of how this will all turn out. Yet as he saw Priam’s bright demeanor as he emerged from his perch, Oscar felt as though everything might be alright. Maybe.

They were given a very special mission, and while it posed great danger Oscar was ecstatic to have a chance to prove himself. As Priam released his braviary, he would hand Oscar his custom-made map. Oscar looked upon the paper quizzically, turning it upside down and back again trying to understand what he was looking at. He decided to pretend he understood, it was just easier that way.

Yeah no sweat, this will be a fuckin’ cake walk.” Oscar rolled up the map and hid it in his coat pocket. He pulled out three pokeballs and let out their contents: Boris the Haxorus, Razor the Dragapult, and Lancer the Beedrill. Oscar pointed to Lancer and Razor, “Pump up boys, we’re going for a ride.” The two chuckled as they charged with energy, performing Agility and Dragon Dance respectively.

Oscar mounted Razor’s back, and Boris stepped forward to follow. Oscar held up a hand, “You’re staying here. Use Dragon Dance and try to get on a ship before they leave. Don’t attack unless you’re in danger or I’m around to command you, understand?” Boris looked displeased, but he reluctantly nodded. As Oscar and Priam took off, Boris would huff as he charged himself with draconic energy.

Before Oscar had met up with Priam, he had released his contribution to the war effort: Njord the Kingdra. Njord was in the water, fighting alongside the water pokemon of the league. Njord’s orders were to stay with the army and keep heat away from Oscar and Priam, and that’s exactly what he did. As the Sludge Bombs flew through the air, Njord would Ice Beam them to freeze the orbs of goo as they flew. Thus, making the otherwise deadly projectiles manageable.


-Dragapult used dragon dance and stealthily carried Oscar to the islands east of the Southern part of the beach.

-Beedrill used agility and followed Priam and Oscar.

-Haxorus used Dragon Dance

-Kingdra used Ice Beam on the incoming Sludge Bombs to freeze them.


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[newclass=".oscar i"]font-style:italic;color:#65465A; [/newclass]

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