Round 'em Up! [P/M]

i used to dream in the dark of palisades park

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i used to dream in the dark of palisades park.
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Hit Montop
Round 'em Up! [P/M]
POSTED ON Nov 21, 2020 5:16:03 GMT
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While traveling through the more rural areas of Oldale after a storm had torn through the area, Hit had found an interesting sight before him as he moved through town. The large man, whose height was currently hard to tell, was riding his trusty Gogoat through the dirt streets of the town before he caught sight of a farmer that seemed to be running around frantically. Hit wore a basic fur vest and pants, both were handmade and left most of his upper body completely exposed; showing the tan and scarred skin that rested underneath. Most of his hair flowed freely in the wind, some of the ends tied so he wasn't a complete mess, "I think your fence is broken." Was the piece of advice that Hit would give the farmer as he approached, the fence being broken completely obvious.

The Farmer would then towards to look at Hit with annoyance but, seeing his size and the fact that he was riding a Pokemon, caused his eyes to fill with a pleading look,
"Sir, please help me! The storm blew up my fence and now my Mareep have gone amuck!" Hit blinked at the man a few times and perked a brow, "You want me to herd a group of Mareep by myself?" The idea wasn't too bad, he could practice his natural hunting skills but... It sounded annoying. Wouldn't they be better off being free?

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Mission Details: Mareep Roundup!

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Adam Angelopoulos
Round 'em Up! [P/M]
POSTED ON Dec 7, 2020 15:58:45 GMT
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Normally his services weren’t in demand, but there was his guy—some farmer, from the looks of it—who was looking for some hired hands to keep a bunch of… okay, the moment the word “Wooloo” was mentioned Adam’s eyebrows went up in curiosity.

Had the Galarian ban around the region really been lifted? And if so, when had it been lifted? Adam had been around the Hoenn region for some time, and quite frankly was a little behind the times when it came to the news of all these diplomatic… weird shit that had been causing the hold up.

Anyway, someone was looking for help? Then he could definitely provide that.

The question was… how would his companion take to him swinging an actual halberd around?

Either way, he came walking up to where the broken fence was—and he wasn’t alone.

“Ah,” he began, his Galarian accent rearing its head for the briefest of moments, “You’re the one who needs guards while you fix the fence, aye?” he inquired of the farmer, before looking at the other… ah, ‘unfortunate’ soul who had gotten caught in the farmer’s folly.

“Well, as long as you pay right then I don’t see why not,” he said with a shrug, slipping off the long package he carried with him on his back; the better to let his shoulders move around a bit. Damn it, he would still have to assemble the danged thing after all.

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