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[attr="class","omgentop"]CANON CHARACTERS



what are canons here?

ON HOENN, canons are characters of a particular fame or significance in regards to the setting. Some canon non-player characters (NPCs) such as the professor and champion may open up to members depending on plot development and player character development. Remember, your character does not need to hold a canon position to affect the world. It is up to you to take the initiative to contribute to the setting with your roleplaying.[break][break]


  • you are only allowed a maximum of two canon characters and even then, be aware others may want the opportunity to play one.
  • [break]
  • if you would like to reserve a canon when there are open slots, contact to discuss before posting in this thread.
  • [break]
  • canon reservations will last two weeks from the date of posting.
  • [break]
  • there is a one post-per-week posting requirement from all canon slots. if this requirement is not fulfilled, your spot may be taken over by another player.
  • [break]
  • purchase canon slots (200PD) from the site shop. you must use pokedollars from the character account that will be taking the canon position.
  • [break]
  • you must have posted at least 5 times in-character in the last 30 days to purchase a canon slot.
  • [break]
  • you must promote a pre-existing character into the canon position. due to how the site plot has progressed, new character applications/entries into these positions make less sense. in other words, the character can not be created as a canon position; however, this caveat is redundant due to the inability to use pokedollars from other accounts to purchase the canon spot.
  • [break]
  • if undertaking a canon, especially a gym, please dm or with your ideas (e.g. gym challenges, role and viability in position, etc.).
  • [break]
  • you may post below to reserve a canon spot, but you must have the 200 pokedollars already in your possession.
  • [break]


who are the non-player characters?

These characters are played by staff to fill in gaps in the setting, to act as antagonistic forces, and more. Below is a list of NPCs that may be referenced, alluded to, or used in the setting. They may occasionally appear in events or be referenced in things such as the Hoenn News Network.[break][break]

ULYSSES MONROE league[break]
prev. commissioner, he/him, fifty-two[break]
a leader of the old guard in hoenn politics who retired recently.[break][break]

DECLAN WALSH rocket[break]
rocket boss, he/him, forty-two[break]
a rocket head from kanto who is now in charge of hoenn's rocket affairs. was heavily involved in kanto's takeover.[break][break]

PIERCE CREIGHTON league[break]
hoenn professor, he/him, thirty-four[break]
the son of a long line of rustboro miners; went into academics as the mining industry declined.[break][break]

ex-underboss, he/him, thirty[break]
a defected rocket who kidnapped jirachi. currently in league custody.[break][break]

JULES COTILLARD megalopolan[break]
scientist, they/them, forty-five[break]
an aether rep. who supplied the wintertide open with the shiny-creating machine and knew how to create type:null. in the ultra beast war, was revealed to be a megalopolan who used the shiny machine to appear "human."[break][break]

VELMOS megalopolan[break]
war general, he/him, ??[break]
a megalopolan general who fought in the lilycove warfront during the ultra beast war. currently in rocket custody.[break][break]

SMOHKE megalopolan[break]
war general, she/her, ??[break]
a megalopolan general who fought in the meteor falls warfront during the ultra beast war. currently in league custody.[break][break]

PHILOMERA megalopolan[break]
war general, she/her, thirty-two[break]
a megalopolan general who was killed in action at the mauville warfront during the ultra beast war.[break][break]

ASHTON ROBERTSON league[break]
mauville mayor, he/they, forty-five[break]
new mayor-elect of mauville city.[break][break]

TALIA BOSCH league[break]
ex-champion, she/her, thirty-two[break]
the previous champion before she vacated her seat to aid her ailing father, fortree city's mayor. both have now deceased, with bosch having been killed in action during the ultra beast war.[break][break]


PLAYER-OWNED LEAGUE CANONS are in the list below. The League acts like a democracy where its actions are defined by the collective agreement of its representatives.[break][break]


Head Rangers are leaders of the League's ranger organization. Each head ranger is responsible for the operations of their branch. Each branch is responsible for overseeing a part of the massive wilderness of Hoenn; however, these trainers will come together alongside council members, head professors, and the commissioner in order to deliberate upon particular decisions that affect the entire region.[break][break]


Head Professors act as the League's premier scientists and aim to achieve breakthroughs in academia or technology. Next, Council Members rank politically above all else and have the power to make decisions as they see fit, as long as all of the council members agree.[break][break]


The Elite Four are illustrious trainers picked by the League to represent the organization and serve as a benchmark to determine who is strong enough to be the region's Champion. As a note, since the Elite Four are picked by the Commissioner with input from the Council, the Elite Four do not hold the same political power as the council.[break][break]


Elite Four spots have additional criteria outside of the standard canon slot price. Characters applying for the role should have at least 6 badges. Exceptions can be made for characters with accomplishments in site events/the site plot, such as defending Hoenn from a global threat. Self contained accomplishments, such as events that have happened in their history, is not enough to qualify as an exemption.[break][break]

Due to the nature of how the Elite Four are picked, these decisions will also have to go through staff oocly and make sense icly. Characters that have a bad standing with the commissioner and most of the council, such as being part of Team Rocket, may have a harder time being selected if they are to compete with another character with similar qualifications.[break][break]

To issue an official challenge to the Elite Four, you must have at least 6 badges. They can be challenged in any order and do not have to be beat consecutively. Each battle will be recorded and documented for record keeping. Trainers that have beaten all four members of the Elite Four may then issue a claim to become Champion of the region.[break][break]

If you lose a match against an Elite Four member, you can not challenge that particular Elite Four member until a month elapses after your thread's archival.[break][break]

However, please note, the criteria for becoming the Champion of the Hoenn region changes depending on the region's political climate/IC circumstances. PM once you have met the qualifications to issue a request to be Champion.[break][break]



Gym leaders help run their respective cities, but not all cities have a gym leader. They generally require the municipality's support or an appointment by a predecessor or high-ranking political official.[break][break]

For gym leader spots, you may change the preexisting city location to another city that is available. Likewise, make sure you pick a typing or theme that is not already taken by anyone else if you are applying for a gym leader position. Lastly, gym leaders are expected to take battles for their badges! Remember, these are not battles of personal pride, but of education and infrastructure. In other words, gym leaders are there to help train newer generations of trainers while also progressing the Pokemon league system.[break][break]

If you have assumed a gym leader position, please message with the image of your badge, the name of your badge, and create a gym thread in this board: link.[break][break]

However, as a note, we may not allow the creation of new badges anymore due to complications with the proboards awards plugin, meaning you may have to use old badges/the predecessor's badge.[break][break]

she/her, thirty-one, shiv[break][break]


head ranger[break]
he/him, twenty-seven, slowe[break][break]

head ranger[break]
he/him, twenty-nine, ven[break][break]

he/him, twenty-three, gizz[break][break]

he/him, twenty-eight, thorn[break][break]

she/her, twenty-six, kiki[break][break]

open council[break]
pronouns, age, player[break][break]

he/him, twenty-three, aero


open elite four[break]
pronouns, age, player[break][break]

elite four[break]
he/him, twenty-one, tagger[break][break]

elite four[break]
she/her, twenty-one, dani[break][break]

elite four[break]
she/her, twenty-one, castaway[break][break]

head professor[break]
he/him, thirty, light[break][break]

head professor[break]
she/her, thirty, bd[break][break]

gym leader[break]
she/her, twenty-three, pilo1[break]
sootopolis city - music theme - link[break]

gym leader[break]
he/him, twenty-seven, spiral[break]
slateport city - strategy theme - link[break]

gym leader[break]
he/him, seventeen, epic bugcatcher[break]
mauville city - judgment theme - link[break]

gym leader[break]
he/him, twenty-one, shiv[break]
verdanturf city - fighting type - link[break]

gym leader[break]
he/him, twenty-eight, d-bug[break]
lavaridge town - biome theme - link[break]

gym leader[break]
he/him, twenty-seven, ven[break]
fortree city - flying theme - link[break]

gym leader[break]
he/him, 22, window[break]
petalburg city - bug-type - link[break]

gym leader[break]
he/they, 20, verbatim[break]
mossdeep city - fossil theme - link[break]


PLAYER-OWNED ROCKET CANONS are in the list below. The core motive of Team Rocket is to steal and make a profit. They are thieves by nature and follow their own code of honor to ensure the organization prospers.[break][break]



The Underbosses oversee the operations, recruitment, and overall activities of the organization. The Rocket Boss plays a secondary role by providing the means, resources, and guidance to help Team Rocket achieve their goals. Currently, the Rocket Boss is unknown and operates in secret. [break][break]


Head Scientists work on research that is deemed illegal, unethical, or cannot find enough public funding to sustain. They work to advance their own interests as long as their research benefits or is approved by Team Rocket.[break][break]



Admins are high-ranking members who are trusted to oversee a particular branch of Team Rocket. They specialize in a specific field, such as pokemon acquisition or political espionage. They report to the Underbosses and are regarded as superiors to other Team Rocket members.[break][break]


The Four Beasts are titles given to the most powerful Team Rocket members. These serve as the muscle of the team and are used to enforce rules and carry out operations that prove crucial to Team Rocket.[break][break]

Beast spots have an additional criteria outside of the standard canon slot price. Unlike the League's Elite Four challenge, characters applying for these roles should have at least 4 badges. Exceptions can be made for characters with accomplishments in site events, such as defeating prestigious League members such as the Elite Four.[break][break]

Due to the nature of how the Beasts are depicted, these decisions will have to go through the Underbosses and/or the Rocket Boss. Characters that have a bad standing with all three characters may have a harder time being selected if there are other characters applying for the spot with the same qualifications.[break][break]

Retired Beasts represent previous characters that have held the title of a Beast prior to Team Rocket's disbandment. This canon position is not necessarily related to the new Team Rocket, but does hold plot significance for these characters and members of the old Team Rocket. This cannot be applied for.[break][break]

DECLAN WALSH - npc boss[break]
he/him, forty-two, shiv[break][break]

he/him, thirty-three, thorn[break][break]

he/him, twenty-six, yams[break][break]

head scientist[break]
she/her, twenty-five, mad[break][break]

head scientist[break]
he/him, twenty-six, psi[break][break]

she/her, thirty, castaway[break][break]

he/him, twenty-eight, ditz[break][break]

he/him, twenty-four, oslo[break][break]

he/him, twenty-five, tagger[break][break]

four beasts[break]
he/him, 26, hollow[break][break]

open four beasts[break]
pronouns, age, player[break][break]

open position four beasts[break]
pronouns, age, player[break][break]

four beasts[break]
she/her, twenty-five, castaway[break][break]

retired beast[break]
he/him, twenty-five, tagger[break][break]

retired beast[break]
he/him, twenty-six, yams[break][break]


what are avatars?

OCCASIONALLY, A HUMAN CATCHES A LEGENDARY POKEMON'S EYE, and such recognition is rewarded with an appointment to be that legend's avatar. Although many believe that these storied nominations are exclusive to fairy tales and myth, the recent conflict in Hoenn has awakened these creatures to intimately align themselves with humans once more. With Hoenn's future hanging in the balance, several legendary Pokemon have placed their chess pieces on the board with their avatars.[break][break]


An avatar is a representative of the legendary who may acquire supernatural boons and meta-site perks. Not every legendary has an avatar. Furthermore, this position is not one you can apply to. Staff provide this plot opportunity to specific characters and players based on participation, IC-development, event rewards and/or more. If a character goes inactive or is archived, avatarship is removed.[break][break]

Please note that the avatar status of characters are not always public knowledge.[break][break]

, the composed[break]
articuno / alive / x[break][break]

, the verdant [break]
celebi / alive / x & x[break][break]

, the harbinger[break]
shadow lugia / alive / x[break][break]

, the emergent[break]
ho-oh / alive / x[break][break]

, the aseptic[break]
shaymin / alive / x[break][break]

, the calescent[break]
moltres / alive / x[break][break]

??, the ??[break]
kyogre / searching / x[break][break]

??, the volatile[break]
groudon / searching / x[break][break]

, the malevolent[break]
origin forme giratina / alive / x[break][break]

??, the ??[break]
giratina / searching / x[break][break]

, the revenant[break]
darkrai / alive / x[break][break]

declan walsh (npc), the ??[break]
darkrai / alive / x[break][break]

, the exacting[break]
zekrom / alive / x[break][break]

, the truth seeker[break]
reshiram / alive / x[break][break]

, the judge[break]
yveltal / alive / x[break][break]

, the executioner[break]
yveltal / alive / x[break][break]

, the vindictive[break]
tapu fini / alive / x[break][break]

??, the ??[break]
tapu lele / searching / x[break][break]

??, the inquisitive[break]
tapu koko / alive / searching / x[break][break]

, the robust[break]
tapu bulu / alive / x[break][break]

, the radiant[break]
solgaleo / alive / x[break][break]

??, the resolute[break]
diancie / alive / x[break][break]


how to reserve

USE THE CODING below to reserve a canon should there be open slots. If there aren't any available slots, stay tuned in case a character goes inactive or if a new position is created.[break][break]

[blockquote][b]CANON POSITION[/b] for playername until [i]date[/i][/blockquote]

current reservations

no current reservations.


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