Mayfield, Elora

i used to dream in the dark of palisades park

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i used to dream in the dark of palisades park.
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Mayfield, Elora
POSTED ON Dec 25, 2018 9:47:12 GMT
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nameelora mayfield
played bycoconut

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tw: child abuse, bullying & implied rape.[break][break]

mistake. [break][break]

A mistake is what you are, and what you always will be. Your mother wasn't loyal, slept around with men left and right (even when she had a man to come home to; a man to say "i'm home husband" to with open arms and a loving family). You know that she is the start - the beginning - of everything that has happened to you, and yet you love her. You love her unconditionally; you will never learn to hate her, no matter how much she expresses her hate to you (you're a mistake, a life that shouldn't be brought in. And because you are the mistake she made to herself, she's turned you into the scar and trash of her kin). [break][break]

She was raped (it's the story she told everyone, in a desperate attempts to keep them on her side) and you were the product (the scapegoat, a child she could call a scar and toss aside because she wasn't careful). You were treated just like that; a stain on a perfect record. Despised worse than a dog in the family. You were hated. You were disliked. You will never know the joys of a childhood. You will never know of a park (they kept you locked in, chained to a cage in the basement you've called your "room"), you didn't know of food (only leftovers that were finished, only tossing you the bones they couldn't eat and so you did. The shards pricked at your throat, but you dared not to complain), you didn't know of clothing (there was no need for that, not when your father was teaching you a "lesson" on your poor behaviour).[break][break]

Many will say that you are unfortunate (but you will never know, because you have never known a life other than this). There will be nights where they starve you, where they refuse to cloth you (you take the scraps of old clothing, unchained when you were still a child so you can make your own clothing and fix them). You think you were happy on the nights of silence, where you could listen to the festivities on the streets and watch the fireworks in the night. [break][break]

You hated school, but you loved learning. Education was priceless, knowledge was power. You did everything in your power to learn, learn more (to make up for the lack of power you already had in your life). Even though the bullying, the children and the laughing (you wore rags and had no bag; you were poor and a peasant. They were worth more than you). But there, you learned and fell in love as you grew.[break][break]

You grew and moved (yet they followed you, always following you) and now you pay them back. [break][break]

They remind you that no matter how you tried to atone for your "crime" you will never be able to pay back your debt. [break][break]

This is your sin.


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