Delayed Deliveries

i used to dream in the dark of palisades park

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i used to dream in the dark of palisades park.
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Delayed Deliveries
POSTED ON Dec 22, 2019 1:28:30 GMT
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Bo had managed to save up enough for a second hand red coat -- that was a tad too big given that it was a men’s coat, some heavy black boots for trekking through the snow, and thick black mittens. She had picked out the pieces because they were cheap and effective but it wasn’t lost on her just how festive she could make her new clothes look. So she also dug through the second-hand belts to find a wide-black belt and then through the hats to find a slouchy red beanie. She looked a bit silly, like a kid who had dug in their Dad’s closet, but she was satisfied with her new, festive look.

Now, with all her “good finds”, she hobbled down the snow-dusted route 120 looking like a makeshift Santa. It was time to head back to Lilycove -- work had brought her down to Fortree for a short stay but there was more opportunity in Lilycove. Unfortunately, she hadn’t really made arrangements for getting back. She ‘d made this hike before, though. It wouldn’t be too bad as long as the weather stayed clear.

But the sky would not remain clear. It seemed the further down the route Bo got, the darker the clouds were. Then snow started to drift delicately down to the ground. A heavy sigh sent a cloud of steam jutting out in front of Bo. Her cheeks and nose were red from the cold but things weren’t too bad -- yet. She wondered if she should just turn around. Despite feeling like she should have already run into the sign that pointed towards Lilycove, she had yet to spot the sign - which would indicate she was about half way between towns.

A soft cry stopped her hike. Then it came again, drifting through the treeline. It wasn’t too far off and it sounded like it was in distress. She dug around in her bag for a moment before pulling out a pokeball to release her magnemite. She wasn’t about to go investigate by herself. ”Come on, there’s something over here.” She whispered as she moved into the trees.

The pair followed the cries a short ways until they found a Delibird struggling to pull it's tail free from a mound of freshly collapsed branches and snow. ”Oh, hey bud.” Bo cooed as the pair nudged a little closer towards the Delibird. The wild pokemon didn’t take too kindly to their presence, though, and met them with an alarmed squabble.

-Bo found a Delibird with it's tail trapped
under a pile of snow and branches just off
the route's path.
-Delibird is very vocal about it's displeasure
at Bo's presence.



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