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orion's infamy file
POSTED ON Feb 18, 2020 16:16:38 GMT
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One of Hoenn's Elite Rangers, currently serving on the Council. Orion has developed a reputation as a socially-awkward but well-meaning individual who places the well-being of Pokemon and Hoenn far above his own.

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Currently works for the government as the newest-appointed member of the Council. He was elected to fill the seat vacated by Petra Monroe.
He utilized his status as a ranger to pull public support, particularly from the citizens of Fortree, in order to beat out Sakurai Jiro for the position of councilman. His rival, notably, refused to concede until a recount was conducted. Their rivalry would be well-known to those who follow politics.

Long-serving member of Hoenn's rangers who has only recently begun to distinguish himself from his peers as an Elite member of the force.
As a Ranger, he favours jobs that involve protecting the environment and preventing construction from encroaching too far into wild habitats. He is also frequently called upon to settle issues between people and Pokemon.

Maintains a modest residence in the city of Fortree.
Orion is often sighted assisting in local issues, especially where wild Pokemon are concerned. He volunteers and donates to the Fortree Rescue & Treatment Sanctuary run by gym leader Alexei Ivanov.

Known to specialize in ghost and psychic Pokemon.
His Pokemon team consists largely of unwanted and abandoned Pokemon, typically of those types oft-neglected or feared by other trainers. He has rescued many former inhabitants of the black market.

He was present during the events of the New Years raid on Slateport.
In spite of his Swampert sustaining notable injuries from the acid rain, Orion stayed behind after the attack in order to assist with rescue efforts. When pressed by reporters about the night's events, Orion has politely declined to comment.

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Orion legally changed his name shortly after he joined the rangers.
His name at birth was Sakurai Seiji. He is the youngest son of the Sakurai family, who operate among the upper echelons of Lilycove society. Theirs is an ancient family who have lived in Hoenn for centuries. Orion does not associate with them, and they never mention him.

His older brother, Sakurai Jiro, was Orion's chief political rival for the Council position.
Though their rivalry was publicized, the fact that they are brothers is not public knowledge.

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The Sakurai family have close ties to Rocket, both pre-and-post reformation.
The family are incredibly affluent. Several members are active Rocket agents, while others simply provide financial support. The matriarch of the family, Sakurai Yuriko, runs a successful business through which she launders money for Rocket. However, it is unknown that Orion bears any relation to them.

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Orion had an explosive falling-out with his family in his late teens.
Growing up as the youngest son of the well-known Sakurai family, Orion was constantly led to believe that he was never good enough for them. He was constantly compared to his siblings and looked down upon for his soft-hearted views on Pokemon and the environment. He left home straight out of high-school and was told that he could never come back.

He is one of a select few that has created a Type: Null using the information given to him by Jules Cotillard.
Orion's Hydreigon paved the way for this unfortunate experiment when it killed a Mantyke in Meteor Falls. Orion brought the body to Cotillard and was given the final piece of encrypted data in return.

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