Legends Rising

i used to dream in the dark of palisades park

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Legends Rising
Legends Rising
POSTED ON Jun 3, 2020 23:22:46 GMT
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Back in 2014, a series of small Ultra Wormholes opened in Alola due to a Pokemon named Necrozma. While Necrozma eventually found a way to restore its light and went to rest, the veil between worlds had been permanently weakened, and in May of that year, massive portals opened over 8 different regions of the world, pouring out hundreds of Ultra Beasts that wreaked havoc for days. Finally, Legendary Pokemon around the world rose up to fight the Ultra Beasts back, saving the world, then went back into seclusion to let mankind pick up its pieces.

In the six years since, things have mostly rebuilt, but scars and fears remained. The Pokemon Leagues of the world did their best to help their own regions however they could. But the region of Arciel still struggled. Dissatisfied with the League's efforts, a group called Project Chimera was formed, though up until now they have mostly kept quiet.

In November of 2019, in an effort to push tourism and help the damaged economy in Arciel recover, a grand tournament was tentatively announced by the League with a very special prize: a prototype "Beast Ball" which could allegedly capture even an Ultra Beast. While some saw this as no more than a nod to recent history, trying to use the very thing that damaged the economy to boost it back up, others were outraged that such a thing would be kept locked away and used as a prize, and others still thought it a ridiculous claim given no proof the ball would work. Still, it did start drawing in tourists and inspiring locals alike, urging people to get stronger.

But then, just after midnight on June 2, 2020, one particular naive tourist trespassed on Arciel's most sacred ground. For reasons unknown, a new Ultra Wormhole opened only briefly, and some two dozen or so new beasts emerged and scattered across Arciel. This is nothing like the hundreds that devastated the planet six years ago, but they are still highly dangerous. The League is refusing comment on the fate of the Beast Ball, and tensions are flaring. It's eerily quiet, but the Beasts are out there, and it's only a matter of time before they go berserk in this unfamiliar world.

Will you be one of the heroes who rises to stop them? And if so, which banner will you do so under? Or do you just want to try to live a peaceful life and pray others will take care of the Beasts when the time comes? The future is yours to create.
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