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i used to dream in the dark of palisades park

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i used to dream in the dark of palisades park.
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POSTED ON Jun 10, 2020 20:23:33 GMT
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what's public, what's not

GENERAL IDEA[break][break]
Asher is a thirty-one year old teacher at the Pokemon Academy in Rustboro City, specializing in Pokemon Religion.[break]

PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE[break][break]

  • teaches pkmn religion classes at rustboro city
  • [break]
  • very rich
  • [break]
  • is an investor in many big companies (dm wizz#4063 to be listed)
  • [break][break]


  • you name it, big name or small, he's invested i'm sure
  • [break]
  • he goes through the trainer challenge of each region until he gets to the elite four, then moves onto the next region.
  • [break][break]

WHAT ROCKET KNOWS[break][break]

  • invested in the underground bases for rocket in kanto and johto
  • [break][break]

WHAT SELECT FEW KNOW[break][break]

  • he is the king of 'the palace' night club line; well known for it's memberships, discretions, and many branches across the regions[break]
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  • was left in a desert ruin where he was forced to become a cultist, which is where his tattoos are from
  • [break]
  • was claimed by the cultists to be the avatar for a legendary given the 'position of his soul'
  • [break]
  • went back into the desert upon his return to hoenn and burned the desert town he was raised in to the ground
  • [break]
  • went to a deserted island with and found that it had ties to the cultists that he ran from. because of the connection, he set a fire that caused the island's ruin.
  • [break][break]