WELCOME TO A FANTASTICAL WORLD this event will last until may 2nd (pt) / may 3rd (utc)


the fictional region of ransei awaits you! filled with an incredible variety of biomes, kingdoms and rabbid pokemon, experience life before domestication. fight for survival as you collect metal coats and loot to become king of ransei!

in this world, you can customize your appearance to no end. want flashy armours? a swim suit? cat ears and a tail? go for it!

unfortunately, one may face untimely demises at the hands of rabbid pokemon or other players. thankfully, gamers respawn! you will be resurrected at your nearest save point. for this reason, pain is subdued to a significant degree.

to join, simply register with your personal information. macros cosmos thanks you for your continued support and patronage!


a long awaited, new, dnd-inspired, virtual reality massively multiplayer roleplaying game has finally hit the market! surprising, isn't it? you'd expect way more games like this around.

this event will allow your characters to venture into a digital world where they can harness the power of pokemon themselves. after choosing a class and creating their "vrmmorpg profile card", they will be able to venture into a game realm called ransei. there is one single server that is only open to hoennian residents at this current time.

please note that the systems found in this event may be entirely imbalanced. that is completely intentional or considered; this is not a serious event, but there are site-wide plot connections to be found.

THE RANSEI REGION a filled with terrible dangers and treasures galore...


these zones do not have "player-killing" enabled automatically unless allowed by either party. however, pvp can still occur here. these zones are traditionally catered to "lower level" players.

a rural kingdom where your adventure begins. here, there are set locations for practicing on test dummies as well as helpful (or annoying) tutorial npcs.

a water-grass kingdom filled with waterfalls, streams and lush forests. a saltwater ocean hugs the western coast. the fishing and foraging guilds reside here.

the fire kingdom. surrounded by volcanoes and hot springs, this kingdom is a popular hangout spot for players to relax or train under intense conditions.

the kingdom of ice on the heights of a snowy mountain range. snow-surfing is a popular sport here, and many ride on eiscue ice-face heads as transportation.

a kingdom of fighting. the architecture borrows heavily from stadiums and coliseums. fight bells and banners adorn this boisterous place.


these zones do have "player-killing" enabled automatically. this means players can harm other players without permission. these zones are traditionally catered to "higher level" characters.

a kingdom of arid desert. oases, gales of wind, and more await you in the sweltering heat of this kingdom. secrets lurk in tombs and dunes.

a flying kingdom that rises high into the air. rope bridges and jumping pads allow adventurers to traverse through and above the clouds. warning! pkers love to kick players off the paths.

a kingdom of steel with an imposing castle of metal. the mechanical fields of balora features cog wheels and fences. this land is a new addition to the game and may seem out of place.

this kingdom is shrouded in ghostly fog and illuminated by dim lights. terrible spirits roam around in the surrounding wood. halloween-esque festivities are highlighted here.

the dragon kingdom. housed among rocky mountains, this location also features the infamous infinite tower, a place of high risk and high reward.


HOT FIXES: 3/15/20

• you can now pet dog and cat pokemon.

NEW PATCH: 3/17/20

• steel-type kingdom of valora now available!

DLC: 3/18/20

fairy-type kingdom coming in april.


1. Peruse the class system section and select a class for your character.

2. Create a VRMMORPG PROFILE CARD, using the appropriate template for your character and class. create a thread in that same board. please title the thread "character's profile card".
It is recommended that you have a separate card for each character, for having multiple cards in one thread may cause it to load slowly.

3. Afterward, head over to the ENDEAVOR LIST! Check out what endeavors you can achieve and keep track of them there.

4. Plot with people in the #blades-bulwarks channel on Discord, or on the site! You can also create an open thread in the VRMMORPG board!

5. Complete threads and missions and redeem metal coat currency to trade in the TREASURE TRADE!

6. Stay tuned for more missions, mini-games, and the introduction of SOLO TRAINING and DUO TRAINING threads!

UNDERSTANDING YOUR PROFILE CARD — soon to be your league cards in the near future! —

choose a 1-3 digit number for your character! think of it as a tag of sorts. consider making the number symbolic, use a pokedex number, a japanese number pun (goroawase).

type in your character's in-game username. do not make it too long, or it may not fit on the card. furthermore, the amount of stars are arbitrary and meaningless in this event, so feel free to adjust as you wish.

type in your character's actual name here. this is needed in the case of your in-game avatar having a different appearance compared to your character's real self!

these are your character's class typings. the main element will be the "type" of your character, giving them the same weaknesses and strengths as a pokemon. furthermore, you are allowed to choose which type is the main versus the subs. think of them as "paths" or "specializations" for flavour.

here is a general description section. feel free to add a summary of your character, a diary log, or a friend's list. feel free to be creative. there is an invisible scrollbar in this section.

this is your move set and inventory. for your moveset, please select any three moves (barring legendary signature moves and OHKO moves) from the three typings of your class. in regards to your inventory, you may be able to purchase upgrades for your weapons, receive loot, and in-game currency. this section also features an invisible scrollbar.


• each character of yours must choose one class. feel free to have creative spins on these classes (feel free to flavour them in different themes like samurai warrior).

• each class gains access to three types and their respective types' moves (barring legendary signature moves, LGPE moves, Z-moves, G-MAX moves and OHKO moves).

• when first creating your character, you will be able to select any three moves from the three typings of your character's class.

• you must decide upon which of the three typings will be your main type; that main type will be your character's single-typing.

• furthermore, you must choose one out of the three BOLDED class abilities shown below. you will be able to swap abilities or gain access to HIDDEN ABILITIES (non-bolded) using the treasure trade.

• auto-attacks also exist in this game and will deal neutral damage (and activate abilities such as galvanize).

• lastly, each class possesses a roll perk they can take advantage of in threads.


stamina / hyper cutter / solid rock / mirror armor / bulletproof
ROLL PERK: in a reflection of a warrior's reliability,
always add a +5 to your rolls.

a class that wields melee weapons such as swords, axes, and hammers. this class is well-equipped to stay in the frontlines, acting in the dps or tank role. they deal consistent and reliable damage, and are often the core of any party.


sheer force / ice scales / tinted lens / magic guard
ROLL PERK: in the beginning of a thread, roll 1x and record the number.
replace any roll with the same number in the same thread once.

a class that deals devastating damage with their ranged magic. players who desire resource management and nuking their enemies with single target or AoE attacks should choose this class.


healer / friend guard / synchronize / magic bounce
ROLL PERK: in response to an action, roll 1x.
afterward, subtract that roll's number from the target's roll 1x a thread.

a class that specializes in healing others and offering supportive magic. their buffs and protection spells are integral for any party seeking success. however, they do gain access to attacks of their own and may act as a secondary mage of sorts.


infiltrator / tough claws / shadow tag / technician / prankster / wimp out
ROLL PERK: to mimic the advantage of a surprise attack,
roll with advantage (roll twice & use the higher number) 1x a thread.

a class that is experienced in striking fast and hard before darting away to safety. those who enjoy applying DoT damage and stealth attacks should choose this class.


arena trap / long reach / poison touch / galvanize / gale wings
ROLL PERK: like a ranger setting a trap,
switch your roll with someone else's 1x a thread.

a class that specializes in ranged attacks. often wielding a bow or using pokemon companions like a beastmaster, this class deals fantastic damage from afar with their physical or magical projectiles.


no guard / skill link / big pecks / huge power / guts
ROLL PERK: when you roll above 50, you get +2 on your next roll. this bonus stacks until +10 unless you roll under a 50, causing a reset.

a class that depends on their own fists and feet. these heroes are able to combo powerful blows while controlling the battleground. this character is particularly potent in PVP.

EVENT SPECIFIC SYSTEMS — please read carefully —

hoenn is not a vrmmorpg setting; however, this genre-bending event is meant for you to have fun and flex creativity.
you may choose to roleplay combat in a freeform sense, or use the following guidelines.

the vrmmorpg board is separated into a non-pk zone and pk zone. player-killing can not occur in the non-pk zone unless both players specifically agree to it in-game. however, this caveat disappears in the pk-zones.

within the pk zone, players will be able to invade threads without warning. there is a max of 4-players per thread in the pk zone to prevent crowded, confusing threads.

if the player is killed, the player will simply respawn at their previous "save point", which will most likely be a kingdom.

there will be player versus environment events and "solo training/duo training" threads you can eventually participate in. although solo training and duo training threads will generally be freeform with no need to roll, events will have specific rules outlined in their threads!

these pve events and training threads will reward you with metal coat currency, loot, and rarely, special boons that you can exchange for items in the treasure trade.

like normal solo wild threads, you will only be able to do one solo training thread in the vrmmorpg board a week with three maximum spawns.

should you desire to follow a combat system instead of running battles in a freeform sense, you may use this default system as long as all parties agree/the thread specifies it. furthermore, please abide by pokemon game mechanics to a reasonable degree (e.g. super-effectiveness, disarming voice will always bypass accuracy checks).

you can only perform ONE MOVE or ACTION per post regardless of whether you are using a POKEMON MOVE or not. in other words, you can only use a move like PROTECT once a post. however, you are able to use roll perks alongside any move.

every MOVE or ACTION requires a ROLL. the higher roll always wins.

health points, healing amounts, speed, status condition duration, and other gaps in this combat system should be up to you and your roleplay partners to decide. this is generally freeform!

if your move has a chance to inflict a STATUS CONDITION, feel free to make another roll command to see if it is successfully inflicted (specify it is for the burn). for example, flamethrower has a 10% chance to burn. if you roll a 1-10, you will have inflicted the burn!


in this example, aether employee #1 uses flamethrower to attack. they do not inflict burn because their specified burn roll does not fall under the 10% chance.

aether employee #2 will allow themselves to get hit. they want to deal damage instead of dodging all the time because you can't dodge and attack at the same time or else that will be more than one move or action.

aether employee #2 gets hit, but retaliates with an ice beam attack of their own. ice beam has a 10% chance to freeze and because their specified freeze roll falls under the 10% chance, they freeze aether employee #1! if aether employee #2 was not frozen, they could hypothetically defend against the attack or attack back, etc.!



there are several rules in regards to moves in this vrmmorpg event.

remember, we are following gen 7 & 8 learnsets and we do not allow the following types of moves: 1HKO moves, legendary moves, z-moves, g-max moves, let's go pikachu/eevee moves.

each class has hidden abilities which you can purchase via ABILITY SWAPS in the treasure trade.

if you purchase a weapon in the treasure trade that has a +1 bonus, you can add that +1 to your attack rolls.

you can only equip one weapon at a time.

in the near future, there may be pets and held items which you can purchase to further boost your character in a variety of ways.

the in-game currency for blades & bulwarks is metal coats or MCs. although threads and missions in the vrmmorpg board will reward vrmmorpg currency, you will also be rewarded the usual pokedollars and infamy if applicable!

furthermore, there is an endeavor list with daily and event endeavors. these endeavors are achievements which you can keep track of in a post to not only redeem metal coats, but "irl" items like pokeballs and evolution items.

the endeavor list applies to all of your characters. it is up to you to allocate who gets what reward!

the threads below must be completed within the vrmmorpg board. threads outside of the vrmmorpg board do not count. when submitting your threads to moderation requests, please indicate whether it is a vrmmorpg thread. furthermore, these vrmmorpg threads will NOT COUNT for the curry system. you will receive a lot of rewards from this event via endeavors to compensate!

completing 5 posts each in a single page thread or missions: 50 MCs
completing a 2 page thread: 100 MCs
completing a 3 page+ thread: 200 MCs
completing any endeavor: 10 MCs
completing a solo training thread: 5 MCs
completing a duo training thread: 10 MCs
random events or event threads: ?? MCs


defeat monsters for loot, rewards, and more!

THIS SYSTEM is meant to emulate solo wild and duo wild threads within the world of blades & bulwarks. within these solo training (ST) and duo training (DT) threads, your characters will encounter pokemon mobs that they must defeat.

in contrast to wild pokemon threads, your characters can not catch these spawns. instead, they will receive a little bit of currency and possible other rewards.

solo training (ST)

similarly to solo wilds, solo training threads consist of one character in a thread. they will encounter a maximum of three rounds of spawns and can only create a ST thread once a week. this limitation resets on the player's monday.

duo training (DT)

duo training threads function slightly differently than duo wild threads. although DTs require at least two characters to be in their threads, the amount of spawns will not always correspond to how many people you have in a thread. you will always be rolled two spawns to defeat even if you have more than two characters in your thread.

furthermore, DTs will have a maximum of three rounds of spawns like STs. whenever you would like round of spawns, please post in moderation requests. these threads can be made limitlessly.

as stated in the previous section, STs will reward you with a maximum of 5 MCs. however, DTs will reward you a maximum of 10 MCs. these low MC counts have been decided due to the additional rewards you will receive per spawn and the fact that these threads can not be invaded by PKers. make sure you label them as ST or DT in your thread titles..

what can spawn?

the pokemon mobs that appear for you will generally be randomized; however, depending on what kingdom your training thread is in, the pokemon that are spawned may reflect the kingdom's main typing. look below for the different categories of spawns you may encounter!


normal spawns can range from a variety of different monster types. from the humble slime to the undead, these spawns will reward a small amount of MCs when defeated.


lucky spawns are rare spawns that offer an immense amount of MCs and may drop rare loot! happening upon one of these is very rare- so make sure you defeat it quickly before it flees!


mini-bosses are rare spawns that offer increased rewards and drop rare loot. no more than one can appear in a training thread, that is... if one appears at all!