05. faction information

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05. faction information
POSTED ON Sept 23, 2018 3:51:50 GMT
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[attr="class","omgentop"]FACTION INFORMATION




THERE ARE TWO MAIN FACTIONS ON HOENN. Although it is entirely possible to roleplay slice-of-life threads without participating in faction-based events, your character will be categorized into one of two member groups: League or Team Rocket. Each faction will have access to specific things such as faction exclusive missions or faction exclusive events.[break][break]

To decide which faction your character will be sorted in to, please read the information below.[break][break]

additional notes

PLEASE BE ADVISED. The "League" refers only to Hoenn's League and not a wider, inter regional league. For the purposes of character creation, those who work in government jobs such as healthcare and education will most likely be affiliated with The League.[break][break]

Team Rocket can play roles typically affiliated with the League (e.g. gym leaders) in undercover fashions.[break][break]




General civilians and trainers desiring to participate in gym battles and more are also considered affiliated with the League on this site oocly. Although we do not have a separate member group for civilians, this site still allows for general slice-of-life threads for players who do not wish to participate in faction-based conflict.[break][break]

Of course, while the setting's physicality and tones may change due to the clash between the League and Team Rocket, players of civilian characters may take advantage of liquid time or the suspension of disbelief to continue their roleplaying in relatively unaffected ways.[break][break]

civilian > trainer (10) > rising star (30) > ace (100)

SILPH CO. ( #5d7fa8 )

Recently, a group of civilians characters have come together under a single group. More information can be found here. THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL FACTION but uses the term ‘third faction’ loosely to help identify characters that have a singular goal and affiliation that may exceed and even prove contrary to their ooc stated faction.[break][break]

Due to the unofficial status of his group, characters will not be sorted into this group upon creation. For clarification purposes, they will be sorted into the official factions. Upon further plotting, character development, and roleplaying, characters may join in-name as their motivation changes.[break][break]

For ease of clarity, character under this group name forego any extra rewards for faction rank based missions.[break][break][break]



The League is responsible for upholding law and order. As peacekeepers of the region, they put integrity above all else which is why Team Rocket has been able to settle in as they have. This particular sub-faction of the League involves government, policing, and military.[break][break]

government & education

The League acts like a democratic government, where its actions are defined by the collective agreement of its representatives. Gym leaders, the Elite Four, and the Champion possess some political influence; however, their roles mostly fulfill the function of educating pokemon trainers or representing the region in terms of battling prowess.[break][break]

Politically speaking, it is The Council that ranks above all else. They have the power to create policy and make decisions for the region, as long as all of the council members and the Commissioner agree. Head Scientists will often contribute with their own findings in order to best supplement the direction the region takes.[break][break][break]



officers & military

To protect the region, The League also enlists trainers to become officers for the region. Acting as a police or military force, these trainers are often dispatched to deal with criminal threats. However, they may also be employed to assist rangers to handle issues surrounding wildlife and environment.[break][break]

Officers undergo grueling cadet training to become seasoned battlers. They may also be instructed on the usage of self defense or weaponry such as guns; however, such skills are less significant in the presence of powerful pokemon.[break][break]

Furthermore, this sub-faction of the League also encompasses more covert operations. Spies, detectives, forensic scientists and other related professions help provide those on the frontlines with precious information, especially in regards to the criminal underbelly of Hoenn. Occasionally, these branches will interface with the International Police.[break][break]

cadet > officer (10) > sergeant (30) > lieutenant (100) > gym leaders (ic) > elite four (ic) > council (ic) > commissioner (ic)



The League also consists of rangers, an sub-organization dedicated to the protection and conversation of wild pokemon and the environment. Other duties may include guiding civilians through dangerous terrain, for Hoenn features a variety of landscapes across its tropical continent.[break][break]

Rangers generally possess a sparkling reputation. Hoennites view their rangers as ambassadors for the region, often citing them as a source of pride when traveling abroad. For this reason, rangers may occasionally receive increased benefits for completing missions involving pokemon or natural disaster.[break][break]

Certainly, rangers can also assume positions of power as council members, elite four, gym leaders and elites. However, the sub-organization also features the leadership of a head ranger who may foresee the allocation of resources for the rangers. On occasion, this arm of The League will collaborate with officers to help subdue violent pokemon endangering the public.[break][break][break]


cadet > ranger (10) > senior ranger (30) > elite ranger (100) > council (ic) > head ranger (ic)

TEAM ROCKET ( #7b6678 )


The core motive of Team Rocket is to steal and make a profit. They are thieves by nature and their organization reflects as such.[break][break]

Following the coup d'etat of Fallarbor and Verdanturf in 2019, the organization has officially disbanded with the passing of the previous Rocket Boss. The organizers of the takeover have created a new version of Team Rocket that focuses more on exploiting Hoenn instead of conquering it.[break][break]

The new Team Rocket functions like an absolute monarchy, where the Underboss' decisions are absolute. They oversee the operations, recruitment, and overall activities of the organization. The Rocket Boss plays a secondary role by providing the means, resources, and guidance to help Team Rocket achieve their goals. [break][break]

how does it operate?

The organization operates similar to a mafia, complete with it's own code of conduct. There is an expectation to keep the organization a secret, conduct business with common sense, and to make profit wherever reasonably possible.[break][break]

Recruitment is handled by the Underbosses and members must show a genuine interest in Rocket, show capabilities and maturity fit for a criminal organization, and work well under superiors. Violating general Rocket principles may lead to disciplinary actions up to expulsion, murder, or betrayal.[break][break]

The new Team Rocket has a strict policy against recruiting members with overtly violent personalities, those suspected to be mentally unstable or prone to betrayal, and strong arming individuals into joining that would otherwise have no interest in being a member of Team Rocket.[break][break]

remnants of old rocket?

The remnants of the old Team Rocket are free to operate as they see fit. Many of them have been arrested or have no interest in following the new organization. Those blackmailed into serving, whether it be due to debts or to protect a loved one, no longer have an obligation to Team Rocket since those ties died with the previous Rocket Boss. Any old ties to the old organization have been effectively severed. The new Rocket Boss has no affiliation with the old iteration of Team Rocket and the Underbosses wish to clean their hands of their past. [break][break]

Old members may splinter off into their own groups or organizations to continue their own objectives. Anyone may claim to be a Rocket but they may want to be wary of catching not only the League's attention but that of the new Team Rocket. [break][break]


Team Rocket has now revealed itself to be active and present within the region. Attempting to use Hoenn's innate instability as a way to seize power, they cast blame upon the League for failing to protect its citizens. Currently, the syndicate continues to strength through grassroot movements, technological advancements, the accruement of avatars and shadow pokemon, and subterfuge.[break][break]

grunt > associate (25) > elite (50) > executive (100) > beast/admin (ic) > underboss (ic) > boss (ic)