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out-of-character announcements. activity checks, main event threads, and event sign ups are some of the threads you will find here.
Want the latest on the site? Check out the Ratty Resolutions event thread!
find setting information, rules and other guidelines in this board. make sure you read this board's threads in order to gain a better understanding of how this site works!
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a board to post suggestions, ideas, and to redeem awards for achieving particular milestones on the site!
centered in mauville city under the broadcasting company of "TV Mauville," the hoenn news network (hnn) brings news from around the region directly... to you!
BREAKING NEWS!! Dahlia Goode reported missing. Many presume she is on the run after footage allegedly reveals her as murderer of Justus Bosch, Fortree mayor. THE WEATHER NETWORK!! Hoenn's climate is becoming a little more chilly. Delibird may begin to appear with gifts!
don't tell me now that there is nothing more. there is a how, just like there is a door
Character Hub
a board dedicated to the creation of your character. application templates are here. furthermore, you can find face claims and the member directory here as well.
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this board contains threads for your character's personal computer, plotters, trackers, wanted ads and more. feel free to post player-made organizations here as well.
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the marketplace contains the site shop and gachapon board. please use this board to post your trades and gifts too.
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in-character missions are listed in this board. sign up with roleplay partners for rewards. event-exclusive missions will be posted here as well.
don't tell me now that there is nothing more. there is a how, just like there is a door
Western Hoenn
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nestled in nature, the quaint town of littleroot rests quietly and away from the bustle of hoenn's urban centers. although some may say hoenn has forgotten the town, many of the residents are content with their peaceful life.
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oldale is a humble abode in rural hoenn. naturally, the small populace fosters an incredibly close-knit community. in the center of town is a community garden, which is cultivated by both young and old.
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even among the trees, petalburg is scented with ribbons of briny wind. the buildings are often built with tatami mats and rice paper walls, allowing the sea breeze to filter through. for bug-collecting children, petalburg woods neighbors the city to the west.
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rustboro city is an industrial powerhouse. the old-fashioned architecture and quarried stone paths impart an impressive statement to those who visit, demanding reverence for their robust manufacturing sectors. the devon corporation is based here.
in the highlands of hoenn, verdanturf town breathes easy, for constant breezes shield the settlement from mount chimney’s volcanic ash. people often venture here for the town’s peaceful atmosphere and sweet air, which has made the town known as a place of self-healing.
the rural town of fallarbor neighbors the active volcano, mt. chimney. consequentially, ash falls at a near constant by the town. fallarbor possesses a passionate farming community, but it has also attracted the scientific community due to its close proximity to meteor falls. lastly, the town is scarred with craters from old meteorite impacts and adorned with hardy trees planted by the locals.
lavaridge’s hot springs attract travelers from all around the world. located on the southern foot of mt. chimney, the springs are heated by the volcanic activity below. the elderly flock here for relaxation, but outdoor enthusiasts treat lavaridge as a reward for conquering the challenging hike of the jagged pass.
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a volcanic mountain in northern hoenn. one can take a cable car from its southern base in route 112 before deciding to either admire the magma crater or journey down the jagged pass. above its peak, a cloud of soot continually rains down ash.
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inspired by a kalosian flair, the indoor city of mauville is hoenn's commercial hub. the city’s multiple floors house a vast variety of stores and luxuries. evidently, greater mauville holdings redeveloped the city with profits in mind, resulting in limited space for residency such as the high-class apartment complex known as mauville hills.
as a small island community, dewford town seems nondescript and inconsequential in the grand expanse of hoenn. however, the unassuming locale is rich with excavated history thanks to granite cave, providing culture and commodities for hoenn’s bigger metropolises.
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Slateport City
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thanks to the city's ideal location, slateport has expanded exponentially. the upper district features several attractions, including a park and contest hall. during the day, this district is the liveliest.
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slateport's lower district houses the renowned night market. atlhough some vendors sell their wares during the day, the open-air bazaar develops into a sensation during the night. good food, unique trinkets and an electric excitement accent this district's nights alongside its battling facility.
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beach umbrellas polkadot the beach like flowers. the fresh scent of the sea fizzes lightly among the clanging sounds of soda pop bottles. here, the stresses of life are forgotten if only for a little while.
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with the expansion of urban sprawl comes the forgotten corners, the scorned recesses and disdained streets which are inevitably left behind. here, on the outskirts of slateport, the unsavory gather under the cover of a city's neglect.
don't tell me now that there is nothing more. there is a how, just like there is a door
Eastern Hoenn
famously, foretree’s architecture and lifestyle is married with the untameable forests of hoenn. residents live in the treetops in treehouse-like structures and maintain incredibly healthy lifestyles in order to scale ladders and maneuver around their network of suspension bridges.
established by someone who desired to show children the wonders of pokemon around the world, the safari zone is an opportunity to encounter creatures from even the most remote locations. of course, maintenance of the safari is costly, necessitating a fee to enter.
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the graves of pokemon rest inside the mountain. many come here to pay their respects to the deceased, or to embark on dangerous hikes through the mountain's foggy heights. the summit is closed off, guarded by an old couple who protect the ancient artifacts found there.
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as a popular vacation spot lilycove features several landmarks: the lilycove department store, the lilycove museum, cove lily motel and an unspoiled stretch of beach. a lighthouse guards the sun-bleached seaside while the city itself resides on top of a series of hills. the lilycove harbour houses the s.s. tidal and provides passage to slateport city.
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the secluded city of sootopolis is a sight to behold—if one can reach it. carved into the crater of a great meteoroid and an underwater volcano, the city’s white palette reflects the sun’s harsh light during the day and frames the stars in its freshwater lake at night. the cave of origin resides here, guarded by the league as site of great historical importance.
the island city is renowned for its advances in aerospace and aeronautical research. the stable and sunny climate is ideal for the launching of mossdeep space center’s rockets and are also consummate for tourist attractions such as wailmer watching and diving. scientists and engineers mingle with the local island community.
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pacifidlog town floats on top of a corsola colony. wooden rafts and log paths comprise the town’s infrastructure. the people of pacifidlog all learn how to dive and fish in their childhood, creating a culture intimately tied with a respect for the sea. the sun-drenched climate makes it almost impossible to avoid a tan here.
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ever grande city is the revered destination for many trainers. crowning the grand steep cliffs of hoenn’s easternmost island, the city is graced by an abundance of flowers and lush meadows. the path to victory road is accompanied by the ever present roar of the nearby waterfall. at its end, should one survive the trek, lies the ostentatious pokemon league.
don't tell me now that there is nothing more. there is a how, just like there is a door
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relax here with some forum games or let us know about absences or departures. occasionally, an event-related minigame will be posted here as well.
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advertise your sites here. make sure you post in the appropriate board. the thread for affiliates is also contained within.
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archived in-character threads are here with a separate board for archived events. inactive character's pcs, gachapon threads, plotters and more also rest here.
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