i used to dream in the dark of palisades park

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i used to dream in the dark of palisades park.
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who was he, again? [break][break]

it'd been years. it'd been half a decade since she was finally able to leave the wretched depths of the chasm. it'd been half a decade, since she was given the freedom to leave the maze she was mercilessly thrown into. it'd been about half a decade, since she was able to feel the warmth of sunlight for the first time after living in such frigid conditions for only a few days. [break][break]

she remembers his face, bright and cheery. starry-eyed and kind. she remembers it all too well, taking that hand to leave the horrors of an icy, rock floor. she remembers the pokeball she held in hand, and the snorunt that had since evolved into froslass over the years. she remembers his kindness and his warmth, and that alone has impacted her life in such a way that she wouldn't be able to express it. it was unfortunate that he had to leave unova, and his visit was short. it was unfortunate, that she couldn't express her gratitude properly. [break][break]

she was fortunate, however, that he seemed to have quite the name in hoenn. along the way, she learned of his name a second time: balder. a funny name when she first heard it, and she doesn't think she can say it without giggling. he wasn't balding, was he? she would hope not, but the image of the top of his shiny head giving off a gleam as bright as his expression was enough to amuse the young lady. [break][break]

her exploration brought her to lavaridge town, and her eyes light up at the sight of an all too familiar figure not too far into the distance. the young, blonde woman runs up to him, stars in her eyes as she excitedly hangs onto the strap of her messenger bag. "father!" she calls out, on instinct. she doesn't catch herself until the words leave her lips, and her other hand is gently tugging on the hem of the man's shirt.

hope you're ready to be a parent uwu


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i used to dream in the dark of palisades park.
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The sighting of wild pokemons had grown a lot more ever since the war finished and reparations of the affected areas were underway. Was it because people had abandoned their pokemons, or that the creatures had seen their masters die so they returned to their natural habitat. And this was now causing trouble to tourists and workers around the town.[break][break]

Instead of freeloading at Stormy's place, the alolan man had decided to assist the city and work on the situation to make it better. Thus, Balder had headed out, doing his best to redirect tourists if needed and relocating the wild pokemons to a safer location for them. Today had been one of these days too.[break][break]

After spending his whole day doing what one would say is a ranger duty, the man was walking back towards his temporary home, drinking a can of beer on the way. A cold one after a days work always feels good. But as he kept marching, he heard a voice scream "Father" behind him, followed by a tug on his shirt. Surprised, the ex-gym leader spitted his drink out. Quickly, he wiped his mouth to turn around and look at the lady that had grabbed hi shirt.[break][break]

Blonde hair, a white dress... Who was she? A lost child? Perhaps. But her features.... It seemed like she was an adult. Although small, one would say. Yet... Balder couldn't help but shake a sense of familiarity from the girl. Nonetheless, the man proceeded to put one knee on the ground, looking at the girl. "I don't think I'm your father, young lady. Do you know his name? I might be able to direct you to him" Couldn't exactly leave her alone now, could he? Especially with the sun slowly setting, who knows what could happen at night.


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it's a long life full of long nights

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