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I'm good with my hands. ...What?
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POSTED ON Nov 27, 2020 3:42:40 GMT
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Great. Another Sh*tshow.


nameSyviis Alyss
ageTwenty Three
played byPyuru

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Vast White Truth | [Nimbasa City Skyliners] | Deep Black Ideals

You're the umpteenth child for an infamous group of street performers that once terrorized dazzled the masses of Nimbasa with their unauthorized 'rooftop extravaganzas.' Obviously being the child of...
Rhys/Erolith Alyss | Ayen Alyss/Kharis Fenrieth | [Uhh...] |


Ah. Yes, ahem, right... The Nimbasa City Skyliners were a bunch of mischief makers that were talented enough to carve themselves a place in Nimbasa City with their sheer creativity and acrobatic talent. Peerless performers in their prime, they garnered the adoration and awe of all everyone who had watched them, quickly becoming one of the 'must see' attractions for anyone who wanted to visit Nimbasa at that time. They're constantly working to maintain that high quality of performance so even a mother can only take so long to stay with her child before she's expected out there.
Or at least that is what you assumed.
You can remember multiple faces of different genders that lingered by your bedside as a babe. If any of them were your definitive parents, you definitely wouldn't know and certainly couldn't care to remember. By the time you were able to toddle on your own two feet, you were already peering over the edge of rooftops with chubby rosy cheeks that offset your usual deadpan expression and being launched into the sky by the troop's very own green-shelled Blastoise. Not a soul to warn an innocent being that perhaps standing by the Pyroar Flame Ring act may be detrimental to an almost five year old's health or even worriedly murmur about whether or not you should be tossed about by an Infernape from building to building. Outside of a poor old Luxray that would constantly make sure you didn't somersault into traffic, your desire to ignore the laws of self-preservation was highly encouraged and somehow…
Even now you have this odd quality to you. This unique brand of...
Recklessness | [Bravery] | Heedlessness |

You would like to consider yourself brave, wouldn't you? The ability to stand before certain danger without flinching does seem to properly describe a bit of who you are now but before, one with a little more sense would like to have considered you…
[Reckless] | [Brave] | Heedless |[break]

It was honestly due to poor home training that made you the little daredevil you were while you were younger. Why wouldn't you want to leap from rooftops and stick your head into the open metallic maw of an agitated Aggron when the rest of your family was doing so too. With your desire to join the family trade and actually being awfully good at what your taught, you quickly found yourself becoming one of their rising stars. You were...

[Intelligent]| Conniving | [Clever] | Calculating


You quickly picked up on on what you were taught and did it pretty damn well with some practice. Ah right, you also had an intense desire to please others, didn't you? You still do. Just a little glutton for that tingly feeling in your chest that you got from capturing the smiles of both your loves ones and those below when they see you successfully make it to the arms of another performer. Yes, you might not have been good at giving up your own smiles but you loved collecting them from others. They were your favorite gift outside of the ever rare casteliacone and you cherished them dearly. Which is probably why you never questioned the introductions of those 'happy super surprise Nimbasa Gift bags' that began to be given out at the end of performances to V.I.P watchers nor why it is specifically the children that gave them out.[break]
i was 7.

The Nimbasa City Skyliners had taken off to perform in other cities after the debut of those little gift bags came and their skyrocketing popularity. You were never allowed to look inside them but you could only assume they were good when you saw the odd look of the faces of those who had received them. So imagine your surprise when, for the first time, a blue-haired VIP member interacted with you after you had given a bag that /clones/ of them would appear not too long after the original one had opened it.

So much screaming.[break]
So many more Arcanine…

Luckily being the humble age of ten saved you from getting immediately slapped with handcuffs and there were just enough members that survived the raid to keep you from entering an orphanage. What you couldn't escape was the consequent ridicule of those who followed you. Being the offspring of a group that was a major part of the production and distribution of the highly addictive substance of 'S.S' didn't do your surviving family any favors.

What attempts to rebrand the name of your troop immediately got you into trouble.
Any attempt to get a menial job was faced with ridicule.
And while you aren't immediately terrified of this new Unova, you're weren't thrilled to face it either. Desperation had driven a good amount of members to lead a life that'd lead them in the same jail as their former members. Indignation had gotten the naive few of their group to do the same though what had happened to them, you'd never know. It'd take until there is but a small handful of you left, living in some forgotten part of Driftveil city, that you finally decide to do something more than the woefully underpaying job at a local pokemart.
But look where you are now, only doing better in the sense that you haven't been caught yet. [break]
Guess that doesn't matter as long as you get paid, right? Hope it's worth it.


Social ▱▱▱▱▱▱▱▱▱ Antisocial[break]
It seems as though you're not very social. You're the type to avoid social events if need be and will go as far as making the most mundane of excuses if it meant avoiding situations that involves more than one person. You're not entirely sure if this is because you dislike people and you're just socially inept. It would make sense considering your old family had found your acrobatic talents far more important to develop than understanding social cues.
Loyal ▱▱▱▱▱▱▱▱▱ Unreliable[break]
You're pretty reliable all things considered. Once someone has garnered your trust, you've got their back and it'll mostly stay that way until they've given you a very good reason to despise them. Even now at the age of twenty-three, you're hard pressed to defend the actions of the 'Nimbasa City Skyliners' despite everything they've done. You even send money to your 'younger siblings' when you can simply out of that same sense of duty or loyalty. Whatever the case, sticking to someone thick and thin is important to you... Or perhaps you have a thing for drug rings? Just look where you are now.
Fearless ▱▱▱▱▱▱▱▱▱ Cowardly[break]
You like to call yourself brave but you're actually kind of reckless? Your poor Pokemon have their hands full with your uncanny ways of getting yourself into dangerous situations that could have easily been avoided by simply considering your own well-being. When asked why you do some of the stupid stunts you do, you claim that it's because you have no reason to hesitate in life. But let's be honest you just don't want to be called a weak a** b*tch.[break][break]
Intelligent ▱▱▱▱▱▱▱▱▱ Dimwitted[break]
It looks like you're pretty smart and that kind of makes sense. You'd never be able to make it this far without something going on in that noggin. You would have been dead several times over were it not for your wit. Though your actions are clearly still very questionable considering your current standpoint in life, you are living pretty comfortably. You're less likely to fall for the deception of others and may even learn some new skills a bit more quickly than your peers. It's how you came across your current job with no real college degree. Outside of being able to touch your butt with your tongue, you've come to learn that you've got a knack for robotics and fixing gadgets. You even dabbled in some vehicles but the grease that dyes your hair black has long since stopped you.
Gluttonous▱▱▱▱▱▱▱▱ Abstemious[break]
You don't share your food. You'll share your money but never your food. Back off moochers. [break][break]
Expressive ▱▱▱▱▱▱▱▱▱ Blank[break]
You've already had trouble expressing yourself before and it's even worse after the incident with the Skyliners. You're expression doesn't tend to change outside of deadpan often and when it does, it's typically because you're in the presence of delicious food or your Pokemon's antics. You're sure that you feel emotions like everyone else and you aren't sure why its hard for you to express them. So you try your best to make your actions convey how you actually feel more than your face does.
Manipulative ▱▱▱▱▱▱▱▱▱ Ingenious[break]
You see is almost what you get. You have nothing against lying but you certainly do not like manipulating others to do things. It leaves a sour taste in your mouth so you often avoid it as much as you can. But considering the field of work you are in, there are times where you have no choice. You have people to protect and you care about them far more than what you do mentally to others.
Active ▱▱▱▱▱▱▱▱▱ Lazy[break]
If you can help it, you'd rather not do anything at all. Weird, right? Your background pretty much screams that you'd be someone that wouldn't be able to sit still but here you are, laying on the couch eating chips. Don't you got Pokemon to train? Crap to fix? Looks like as long as you have an excuse you're more than happy to take it if it means lessening your work load. Odd... How odd. You once were one of the most active people among your troop. What has made you this lethargic now?
Patient ▱▱▱▱▱▱▱▱▱ Impatient[break]
You try. You really try. You aren't impatient but you certainly aren't a paragon either. You'll allow yourself to deal with situations and others for a reasonable amount of time but you do have a notable stress line that others take note of.
Romantic ▱▱▱▱▱▱▱▱▱ Realist[break]
You're more of a romantic? ... Really? Huh. Wouldn't have guessed that but do you. Are you a daydreamer? Do you actually look at the brighter side of things? Or do you mean that you like a good cheesy romcom? All of them above? Huh... Okay. So you dream about being swept off your feet in some way but know that the chances of that are practically moot. You like the idea of returning to Unova and not being the face of scrutiny but the last letter you received from your little brother says otherwise. Perhaps its that willingness to hope for a bettertomorrow that keeps you going?
Pretty Boys ▱▱▱▱▱▱▱▱▱ Muscular Men[break]
You like them with big, bulging, glisteni-- Wait... Why is this here? Why did you answer this?
Butt ▱▱▱▱▱▱▱▱▱ Boobs[break]
No seriously who coded these in here?

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congratulations on being accepted! ensure that you have read the site rules and view the getting started page should you require some guidance for the beginning of your journey. we hope you enjoy your stay in hoenn![break][break]

your character will begin with 50 pokedollars & 5 pokeballs,[break]which you can add to your personal computer (PC).


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