i used to dream in the dark of palisades park

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313 infamy
i used to dream in the dark of palisades park.
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POSTED ON Aug 14, 2019 4:20:57 GMT
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AN EXPLANATION [break][break]
mateo is one of hoenn's elite four. headstrong, courageous, and empathetic, he's a well-known and well-respected dragon master, as well as retired gym leader, back in blackthorn. he's now earned a name for himself, as well as a new title, here in hoenn.[break]

PUBLIC [break][break]

  • is from blackthorn city found in the johto region.
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  • father was the blackthorn gym leader for sometime. after his passing mateo became blackthorn's gym leader at a young age and was for quite awhile before coming to hoenn.
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  • was bestowed the title of dragon master by the clan elders.
  • [break]
  • lost his father due to an illness obtained from pushing himself against the fight that led to team rocket's failed attempt to takeover johto.
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  • his mother is a member of the draconid people, she's still alive and currently lives in blackthorn city.
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WHAT LEAGUE KNOWS[break][break]

  • was blackthorn city's gym leader.
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  • is a member of the rumored dragon clan: the hundred devouring family.
  • [break]
  • only know that they are a large clan that originate from blackthorn. are not aware of their numbers nor as to how many main/sub branches there are. the only one who knows the whereabouts of the dragon clan's estate is and the members of their conglomerate.
  • [break]
  • volunteers to help the rangers a lot. helps train their dragons every now and then. is well-respected by the young rangers who wield dragons as their partners.
  • [break]
  • has an obsession with training in mountainous areas and camping out in forests. if you're looking for mateo, he's most likely somewhere on mt. pyre. or, if not there, probably somewhere in one of fortree's famous forests training and camping out there.
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  • lives within the family's hidden estate located somewhere near meteor falls. is well hidden from those who're not apart of the hundred devouring family.
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  • though known to his clan members, mateo came to hoenn to grow stronger. though, his primary goal, is to find the dragon he's only read about in children books. so far @olivia has helped uncover its name, "rayquaza". his dream, like the dragon king in the children's book, is to fight the dragon and earn its blessing. his reason? to become just like the dragon king he's envied in the children's book, to prepare for the fight to become clan leader, and earn the right to call himself the protector of dragons; so that no one can ever abuse their powers again just like the ancestor his grandfather once told him about.
  • [break]
  • wears a cape because his father, and the dragon king from the children's book, also wore one.
  • [break]
  • is actually good at baking.
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  • is in love.
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