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kosuke sato
february 20
nimbasa city, unova
head of intel
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marcel's infamy file
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Investigator and intel-gatherer for the old Team Rocket, embittered by his forced hand after the murder of his wife. Chased his freedom after their fall, only to find himself retracing his footsteps and joining the reformed organisation, unable to find other use for his talents.

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Current Identities


Kosuke Sato

man who recently moved from abroad for reasons unknown. Works in a local bookstore and pc repair shop. Quiet, but by no means meek; a sensible, if slightly weary, man.

M. / Michael Rose

unknown to the public. see 'rocket' section for further information.


Past Identities


marcel maeda

a reserved hoenn local. his involvement with team rocket was largely unknown to the public; the most exposure he got was during the raid of slateport. neighbours would notice he used to live a woman some years ago and were left to come to their own conclusions when she was no longer seen around. disappeared soon after the fall of Rocket, no one would know why or where he went to.


a trainer at lilycove's gym during arian coin's time as gym leader. left almost as quickly as he arrived, his current whereabouts are unknown, though there are few, if any, who would have noticed his absence. present during the mossdeep invasion, also his last known location.

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01. aware of marcel as a hacker and investigator for rocket, but he was extremely good at clearing his tracks so no specifics would have been known. probably know of a few of his false identities which he was forced to shortly scrap.

02. a brief association with them during his time as a gym trainer, though not long enough to make an impression.

03. know kosuke sato as a friendly, somewhat active, member of the community. he is always willing to offer a helping hand.

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new rocket

01. recent addition to rocket. some who are unaware of his past may be suspicious of his sudden rise through the ranks.

02. m. is a mystery, a faceless figure. a supplier of information who makes contact with members of rocket to give them relevant information to missions; members are also able to make their own queries and investigative requests, so long as they can provide valid reason for it. no face-to-face contact is made.

03. michael rose is an extension of m. a dead-end created for any particularly nosy individuals.

04. those who have interacted with both m. and another identity of marcel's are unlikely to connect the two. only higher-ranked members will know m. to also be michael rose.


old rocket

01. a member of team rocket from the age of eighteen. an impressive memory recall as well as skills in hacking led him down the path of an investigator.

02. responsible for providing people with information relevant to their missions, but was also available for members to make requests for specific investigations or access to any knowledge he may possess. known to be irritable thanks to his high demand.

03. high-ranked members would have been aware of marcel's failed mission in which his cover was blown mid-investigation. the entire operation was compromised as a result; as a punishment, team rocket orchestrated the murder of marcel's wife.

04. found type:null along with in the basement of lilycove museum. this discovery would lead to further research and, after that, the creation of multiple type:nulls.

05. assumed to be missing, dead, or arrested after the fall of team rocket. members who stayed on to join the organisation's reincarnation will have recognised him come his return, despite his change in appearance. it is a given that his old identity is only to be mentioned or discussed in private.

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01. born and raised in unova, moving to hoenn at eighteen after the divorce of his parents. strain within the family meant he soon lost contact with them.

02. joined team rocket not long after his arrival, enticed by the intellectual challenge. he was quick to establish himself amongst their ranks. it was around this time he met his wife to-be, lia.

03. the murder of rosalie maeda was a sudden but discreet. rocket members broke into the couple's house while marcel was working and she was killed swiftly. her pokemon were taken, her body left behind.

04. after the death of wife, marcel became disillusioned and grew incredibly distrustful, of rocket in particular. he would continue to do his job out of fear. over time, his resentment would grow and eventually push him to abandon the organisation come their fall.

05. present at mossdeep when guzzlord attacked. at first joined in with the attack, having been noticed by members of the league, but eventually escaped to the outskirts of the fray to observe the situation, leaving them to handle most of the work. received a scar on his face from the events, but otherwise escaped unharmed and without loss of pokemon.

06. disappeared from the public eye after the events of mossdeep, and then entirely after rocket's defeat. he fled to kalos, his mother's home region, and tried to build a new life there.

07. marcel found himself unable to settle into a normal life, his time with rocket had changed him. he eventually found himself returning to hoenn.

08. used the first few months of his return reestablishing contact with old informants in order to find out what had occurred during his absence. this soon led to the discovery of a new team rocket.

09. marcel approaches to join the reformed organisation. his service to the old rocket was proof enough of his capabilities.

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