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i used to dream in the dark of palisades park

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i used to dream in the dark of palisades park.
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wacko bats. [m]
POSTED ON Jun 16, 2020 14:22:15 GMT
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[attr="class","witness"]Much like one would expected, Asher's golbat was up to no good. Batty had a reputation to taunt pokemon so that he could get in a beef with them. There was no difference in the daycare, even if he got squirted with a squirt bottle every time he taunted a pokemon.

While the worker wasn't looking, Batty eyed a particular pokemon. Without much warning, he swooped down, landed, and waved his wings and danced like a loon in an attempt at taunting the other pokemon across from him.

If he could win this and make his trainer proud, maybe his trainer would use him more!!

open daycare thread

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Natsuki Ryuunosuke
wacko bats. [m]
POSTED ON Jun 24, 2020 7:51:27 GMT
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written for @asher


To say that Oberon was heated was an understatement, he had been left at daycare in order to “be more social” who wanted to be social! He was named after a famous fairy king why in the world was he suppose to act like the common pokemon his trainer kept! It had become apparent to his trainer that well she had read him far to many fairy tales about the mischievous king and his wife. The little fairy pokemon had taken his name to heart and had started playing tricks on everyone even his trainer. It had all been fun and games until he had told the other pokemon they were his servants and had tried to boss them around, even attempting to make them do his chores. In an attempt to make peace his trainer had tried her best to resolve it, but well things had not gone as planned. So it had been decided that he would start going to day care in an attempt to socialize with other pokemon besides his so called brothers and sisters (he had no idea why his trainer always called them as such they were clearly not siblings in the slightest bit!)
the first few days of daycare had gone rather smoothly, no one had bothered him and he had built himself a nice block shelf in which to sit and rule over the others. No that he told anyone his motivation for building his little “tower” , however on the fourth day it seemed that a rather naughty little pokemon was trying to usurp his throne. The golbat had apparently made it a mission to torment him until he was fed up and gave in, however Oberon was no the type of fairy king to back down so easily. While the workers were not looking Oberon unleashed a [fairy wind] upon the unsuspecting and taunting golbat

[attr="class","curragebot"]Oberon-RIBOMBEE- MALE -BUG | FAIRY [silver wind | draining kiss | sweet scent | dazzling gleam | pollen puff | fairy wind]


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i used to dream in the dark of palisades park.
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wacko bats. [m]
POSTED ON Jun 24, 2020 12:30:37 GMT
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[attr="class","witness"]How dare this little punk! Now, golbat wouldn't take this shit sitting down now freaking sir he would definitely not!

But the golbat was young and really very bat at battling without a little help, which was probably why his trainer wanted him not to exist on his team and ditched him at the pokemon daycare. Something about, get stronger or get sold.

To avoid being the next gift off to somebody who didn't like him either, the golbat was determined to prove himself, here and now, and this worthy opponent-- erm, no, wait, this sparkly over-zealous and self-proclaimed king of the daycare wasn't going to get him that easy!

The golbat recovered from the fairy wind with a cough, fairy dust sparkling to the ground. He shook himself off of the fairy type move and concentrated, before flapping close and promptly throwing up some for of toxic sludge all over the king.

Ha! Take that pony boy!

- golbat used toxic!

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