a clown's shadow [c]

i used to dream in the dark of palisades park

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Katherine Fairburne
a clown's shadow [c]
POSTED ON Sept 1, 2020 5:11:34 GMT
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The trip from Katherine's gym to a more secluded area is a long one, but luckily, Katherine's very own Gallade takes care of transporting both Gavin and herself with a swift TELEPORT. He covers plenty of distance in a single jump, so it takes no more than a couple before they arrive at their destination.
Thanks to the skies dimming so early today, most people retired to their homes at an earlier hour than usual. It leaves the beach just for Gavin, Katherine, and their pair of dysfunctional new pokemon.
"Arthur will let us know if anyone shows up," The psychic-type gives a nod to confirm his trainer's words. "So... This should be a good place, right? Lugia is fond of water, isn't it?"

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Gavin Merlino
a clown's shadow [c]
POSTED ON Nov 3, 2020 7:10:57 GMT
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Not for the first time, Gavin reminds himself that he needs a Pokemon that can teleport. The convenience of it far outweighs his dislike for many of the Pokemon with access to the move.[break][break]

"I don't know that Lugia is fond of anything." Gavin's humour is dry, lip twitching. "They do call it the 'Guardian of the Seas', though."[break][break]

It was a shame, really, that it didn't get to spend much time in the ocean nowadays; it was confined to its prison, the heavy Beast Ball clutched between Gavin's fingers, for fear that someone might sight the corrupted legendary. Trusting Katherine to keep onlookers away with her legion of ghosts and with Arthur, he tosses the ball out over the water.[break][break]

Wings of shadow flare to catch the breeze, but it would seem even in its corruption, Lugia found itself drawn to the water. It lands in the surf with surprising grace for a being of its size and malice, water rippling as it shifts to accommodate the creature. Its red glare shifts between the two humans on the beach, and Gavin reminds himself to treat it with respect rather than fear. He has to remind himself more than once, for even in a dormant state the legendary radiates malice and puts an uncomfortable PRESSURE on anyone nearby.




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