Novak Manchester

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He, him
May 14
Sootopolis City
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Novak Manchester
Novak Manchester
POSTED ON Sept 13, 2020 2:09:46 GMT
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nameNovak Manchester
pronounsHe, him
played byVoltolos

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Novak is generally considered an attractive man. He's reasonably tall, at six feet, with a toned, fit body from years of field research and exercise. He has fair skin, brilliant blue eyes, and short hair that he's dyed blue as well to match. He tends to wear clothes that vary, but tend to stay on the casual side, because he never knows when he's going to do some fieldwork.[break][break]
Novak can be seen as an ordinary person sometimes, but he's rather eccentric, which becomes more apparent when people spend more time around him. For one thing, he's smart as a whip, making astute observations and extreme connections with speed and accuracy. This can make talking to him a very strange experience, especially since he loves to talk about the things he's researching, leading to lots of one-sided conversations when the other person knows less. [break][break]
Novak is friendly and enjoys social interaction, but only in certain instances, such as discussing his research or other topics he finds interesting. If someone is trying to get him to talk while he's busy doing something else, though, then they'd be better off chatting up a wall. He can be single-minded and determined to a fault. [break][break]
Novak was born in Sootopolis City in Hoenn. His entrepreneur parents were well-off and loving, but also somewhat scatterbrained and rather busy, so while they did a passable job parenting Novak, they were hardly the most attentive, which led Novak to develop many of his own interests. He watched his parents run their business together, and while he was impressed at the amount of work that they did to keep it afloat, he decided that it wasn't for him. [break][break]
Instead, Novak turned towards science. In school, he aced all of his science and math classes, and studied more than he had to out of pure curiosity to satiate his thirst for knowledge. He didn't let this passion get in the way of his other responsibilities, though, being an A+ student while also playing on the soccer team. [break][break]
However, the longer he spent in school, the more he began to get teased for his love of science. This was inevitable, considering that he was a rather quiet kid who seemed to excel at almost everything. Novak didn't let it bother him, though, sticking to what he enjoyed and his close friends. He graduated school with honors and interned at a lab, immediately diving into research with a rarely seen level of enthusiasm.[break][break]
As he grew more experienced, Novak soon began to do his own, independent research, focusing on Pokemon. He was intrigued by them and their vast variety, and resolved to learn as much about them as he could, catching some for himself. Although he enjoyed their company and was fond of them, sometimes he would go a little further in his experimentation than some people might approve of. He was of the opinion that science was the greatest good, and a few sacrifices in its name were completely worth it in the long run. [break][break]
Sure enough, Novak's thirst for knowledge eventually landed him in trouble, though it truly wasn't his fault. When a tentacle of a Guzzlord was acquired by the League, Novak's interest was immediately peaked. He asked for access to the sample repeatedly, and was denied every time. He didn't stop, though, continuing to try to get his hands on the sample. [break][break]
Understandably, this meant that when the sample was stolen, Novak was one of the first suspects. Although he vehemently insisted that he really hadn't stolen it from them, the League didn't give stop, repeatedly badgering him with increasingly aggressive emails and phone calls. Though at first Novak only found the situation ironic and a little funny, the annoyance quickly grew way out of proportion. His inbox and voicemail would be absolutely trashed with the League bugging him. Clients would hesitate to affiliate with him, for fear of being targeted by the League. He wasn't sure if this was really related, but even his bills began to leave a bigger dent on his savings. [break][break]
Finally, Novak couldn't take it anymore. Jaded and irritated, he found Team Rocket with some effort, asking them if they could have an arrangement; he would help them if they needed help on something, and they would let him do his research in peace under a different name. Rocket was delighted to have him, and Novak Manchester became Novak Hadfield, freed from the oppressive questioning of the League to do his research unfettered. [break][break]


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Novak Manchester
POSTED ON Sept 13, 2020 3:30:14 GMT
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