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i used to dream in the dark of palisades park

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Isra Nightingale
Isra's infamy file
POSTED ON Dec 29, 2019 23:21:22 GMT
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Daintiness is an illusion she wears like a shield, slender and delicate, every movement is graceful and deliberate. The woman is like a siren in the night, trapping people likes moths to a flame that burns ice cold.
Dig a little deeper and the mystery boils over, an oddity of oddities, a woman like a ghost. What you see and what you know is all by design and the moment you think you might have figured something out a little she disappears into the dark.

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She works for the league, working the night shift means most people don't see her too much. That's fine by her, she's not that fond of most people anyway.
Not everyone realizes she works under fernando silph as his assistant. She likes to keep it that way afterit earned her a stalker in February 2019

She's lower upper class it's evident in the way she dresses, speaks and carries herself. The concept of running out of funds is beyond her because it's something she'll never truly worry about.
But the Nightingale's do not belong to Hoenn, they belong to Sinnoh. Her mother having been one of the region's greatest competitors in her prime. One has to dig to find what Hoenn family she belongs to

There is a small estate in Lilycove that is owned by a Nightingale, though dig a little and it's not her name you'll see.Or so it seems.
It's a little odd how it wound up in her hands, but the trails lead to her brothers and a man in Sinnoh, as for the details she prefers not to talk about it now. It's well behind her.

She is not without merit the tasks she has completed for the league are numerous, and she sports 2 badges on the strap of her bag.
The woman does not hold back, her battles are a well crafted scene of dominance. Though most might associate her well with the ghosts that lead the charge onto the battlefield there is no denying the strength of her dragons that follow.

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Assigned to Fernando Silph towards the beginning of the Rocket invasion on Hoenn. Over night as his assistant and never a secretary.
It started as a pulling of strings, a fulfilling of favors owed that worked in her favor, twisting it until it gave her something she needed. [break][break]Now the woman stays because she can, until it bores her enough for it to break.

Navel rock tower she watched an abomination bloom from a corrupt wish, she felt a world fall to pieces beneath her feet.
But Isra was never there to stop any of that, Isra was only there to watch and see what happened.

Mossdeep makes monsters beneath people's beds, lurking in shadows they can't quite see, coming from a world somewhere well beyond them.
And they send her to the space center, to see what they know and what she can find. The building is peculiar, its people oddly diligent despite the danger. Her findings bring her nothing of virtue.

Family is family her complete league file connects her to the Ruhan household, if only because it has to.
The Ruhan's are a house hold name that most don't really think about. Ruhan Industries holds the monopoly on home appliances in Hoenn, avoiding the glamour of pokemon related production to minimize their own competition. It keeps them well above the average but never at the top of the food chain.

Doctor's note: She's allergic to the sun though she avoids saying anything about it and does not seek special treatment for it there are some things she can't ignore; like how the reactions can't be stopped once they start and she can only suffer through it again.
Medical accommodations are necessary, but fairly easily maintained. Her primary work hours are to always be in the night, minimizing exposure to the sun and should she operate during the day wherever possible shelter need be supplied or her person kept in the building and away from open windows. Choosing to ignore these requests of her own volition have no effect on the league.

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loyalties change her's were only a matter of time, if one knows the right things about her.
Most may not be aware of her face as a member of the league, others may. Even if they are there's no denying the perks of her precarious perch, a rocket sits bellow a councilman.

some talk of nightingales how they soar through the night on ghostly wings
Not every nightingale is a nightingale but those that know where to look will find that Isra is. The long applauded queen's of the night, a family that takes pleasure in assassin work with blood as old as the earth beneath their feet. The night surrounds them like kingdom, and they are undeniably its queens. Isra's record is short, her many titles putting her in too many places but her blood is pure none the less.

brutality & skill like the waters of an old deep well her surface is silent and still, but her depths are all consuming
For a woman who seems so delicate and graceful, she is not to be underestimated. Gavin Merlino in particular has bared witness to what she is willing to do and gotten a taste of the skill she and her pokemon are capable of. This is furthered by the events of the 2019/2020 New years incident and her swift rise through the ranks after joining.

2019/2020: New years was an absolute disaster, but at least she got something out of it.
Remiel Calcifet succeeds in acquiring the beast ball that captures Blacephalon, and more by stroke of luck than anything Isra Nightingale covers his extraction from the Night Market with her zoroark's illusion, securing the Ultra Beast for team Rocket in the meantime. The endeavor earns her an endorsement from the upper ranks for the part she plays.

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forsaken by the sun burns her skin and boils her blood in chemicals until it surfaces
and there is so much more to it than that. It makes her chosen makes her worthy. It is not something she wishes to be looked down on or pitied for. The woman would much rather you think her an oddity than find out the truth of the mater and see her differently for it.

Holy is his anger, his righteous anger born and raised as a worshiper of giratina, isra holds a place of strength amongst them
Isra is one of four in the set of Priestesses that the In Between see as their greatest blessings from Giratina, meant to guide them into a future where they act on his behest in the great cleansing of a world gone astray, a world grown weak. Of course that is only the beginning, what they truly seek lies far deeper in their archives than anyone could imagine.
Though perhaps it is more worthy of note, that she lies in a place of change within her people, and she is shaking the pillars of the old ward until they quiver in their boots and heels.

No rest for the wicked and wicked she most certainly is
like many of her sect and even of her bloodline Isra is no foreigner to criminal activity, her own record is simply shorter than most her age that surround her. This is largely because of her status as a priestess, which changes her personal duties amongst the In between. With the splitting of her attention she has not delved as far into such things as others have but if you know what doors a Nightingale hides behind you might be able to find the crumb trails that are behind her.

The gauntlet an isle in the middle of nowhere, a challenge known only to a few, and above all else a secret well kept to the blood bound to it and no one else.
Isra is no survivor of such a thing.

Isra is it's solitary victor.

Give a nightingale a weapon and she'll beat down a bloke or two for you
As is customary for a priestess and more than that a Nightingale, Isra is well-versed in hand to hand combat and sports a vast knowledge of weaponry spanning from old to modern. Most that know of her in particular however note her preference for swords, primarily the one handed variety. The woman is also quite comfortable fighting alongside her pokemon, namely the Banette and Hydreigon though her Noiverns hold a special place in combat potential to her.

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