Valerio's Infamy File

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Valerio Dachev
Valerio's Infamy File
POSTED ON Mar 26, 2020 12:52:18 GMT
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Valerio Dimitri Dachev of the Dachev Sem'ya. The last dragon slayer from Hammerlocke, Galar.

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Valerio Dachev is a Kanto and Johto Invasion veteran.
The name itself sparks fear to those who have met him during Team Rocket's conquest in the said region.

Caring and wise at best, brute and aggressive at worst. While he is a best friend to have among his peers, his enemies fear him. This applies not just to people but to his pokemons as well.

His whole pokemon team got decimated in Team Rocket's Johto Invasion, leaving only his drampa and kingdra.

False Identities

Jonathan Aquil is a traveling trainer in Hoenn.
Jonathan is the identity he uses for himself as a Hoennian Gym Challenger. He also introduces his pokemons under different names.

Genesis is Jean, Naua is Naya, and Darty is David. He often slips and forgets them, though, only to be reminded by the other people.

Valerio attends the fighting master's dojo at a hidden gorge in Fallabor as Jonathan Aquil.

Vanessa Agapov is a pokémon coordinator from a far-away region.
Vanessa won second place in the recent Littleroot Beauty Contest with her kingdra, Maya.

Simón is a works in various part-time jobs to make ends meet.
So far, only @asher and his excavation team has met “Simón”.

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The League knows the identity of a certain Valerio Dachev, but with his disappearance in Johto three years ago, questions have been raised if such man is still alive.
League knows he is a skilled dragon slayer and dragon-type trainer. He is among the targets of the government during
the Johto invasion, whose attack consisted of everything resistant to dragons.

League knows he hails from Galar. However, they don't know his real intentions of joining the organization.

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Old Team Rocket

Elite Member Valerio Dachev. A skillful swordsman and trainer, he led grunts of his time in the Kanto and Johto invasions.

They know he hailed from Galar but only a few knew his backstory and his intentions of joining team rocket.

Although not intentional, he has the tendency to become extremely clingy and attached.


New Team Rocket

Not much information is public except for the fact that he is a Rocket Veteran during the Johto invasion.
Valerio went on hiatus for two years before going to Hoenn, surprised with the change (or changes of administration) in the organization.

Somehow, he managed to maintain his clinginess.

Some people don't know his false identities other than Jonathan Aquil.
Among his aliases, only @nova knows his drag persona “Vanessa.”

He loves using dragon-type monsters but is seen adding different types to his team as well.
Grunts know his attempts on shadowfying togepi but they did not know it was successful.

Valerio begins to collect fighting-types, acknowledging their sheer physical power.

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His true intentions of joining the Rocket is to start a revolution that would change the social system.
The incident in his past prompted him to reconcile his difference with the organization's objectives and be part of the team.

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