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i used to dream in the dark of palisades park

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i used to dream in the dark of palisades park.
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teska, eleanor
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Young at heart no matter how old she will become, Eleanor has always had her happy-go-lucky girl with a happy-go-lucky attitude sense the day she was born. The woman almost always has a smile on her face, even when things bleak or down for good. Being bubbly and sweet, it is hard to not be friends with this good hearted girl. She loves taking care of pokemon, especially baby pokemon or pokemon that have been hurt. Very playful and energetic, this female knows how to have a good time. Being social is something this little lady craves, even if it’s just with wild pokemon or her own pokemon.[break][break]

Although Eleanor can sometimes be a little oblivious, the little lady can be surprisingly strong willed and stubborn. A little air headed, the female often times unsuspecting of what is really going on around her besides what she is told or sees with her bright blue eager eyes. Even if she did not have a very short attention span, the woman can be easily distracted with colorful items or girly things. Ely will often says random and strange things which leaves the others confused or annoyed. Keep in mind, Ely doesn’t take criticism very well. Whether it was intentional or not, anything that you say she might take offense and will cause her to cry or throw a hissy fit until you apologize to her.[break][break]

Fashion and style are her world. Eleanor loves to dress up whether it’s to go to parties or just hang out at the beach. Her interests are far beyond that though. Acting, singing, costume designing, and dancing are her hobbies as well! This perfectionist likes things to be clean and neat including herself, her pokemon, and everything around here. A hair out of place or dirt on her shoes will drive her crazy until corrected. Being an herbalist, the coordinator will refuse to use any medical heal like potions and full heals. Instead, she will use natural remedies like berries, juices, roots, lumiose galettes, and herbs. With the deep love for the color pink, Eleanor tends to collect pink colored pokemon. [break][break]

Born the youngest of Brittany and Glen Teska, Eleanor Blair was born into a rather noble family back in Kalos on May 1st. Being only five pounds five ounces, she was little from the start. Her and her older sister, Kirby, come from a long line of business men and women. Glen works as a Market Research Analyst for multimillion dollar companies. By studying consumer habits, he is able to market research and counsel companies on how to package, brand and sell products to make himself and the company he works for tons of money. Brittany’s career choice was to be a Financial Adviser. Kind of like a money therapist, she helps clients dig through the red tape and legalese of investments, taxes and insurance, and offers general tips on how to save and spend money. Together, they bring in an average of one hundred and twenty seven thousand dollar salary. They are wealthy.[break][break]

Even before Ely was born, her family had big plans for their last child. But the parents had different career choices. See… Glen wanted Ely to be a Business Operations Manager. She would be responsible for making tactical and strategic decisions necessary to run a department. Maybe even develop a knack for time management, have the top communication skills within her company as well. Brittany had something else in mind. Brit wanted to give her daughter something that was not as demanding like a meeting, convention and event planner. Although the career will require a lot of patience and problem-solving skills, she would be making both minuscule and monstrous logistical decisions for weddings, conventions, orientations and more.[break][break]

At age of three, Eleanor started her schooling off with a bang. With both their parents being wealthy, their kids attended a high honored prep private school. Each building held a grade starting from Preschool all the way up too 12th grade. Each year Ely passed, but just barely as she grew older and older. After meeting some happy pokemon coordinators and seeing them on the television, the little white blonde girl wanted to be a part of that life. She did not want to have the boring life like her parents. She wanted to dress up, dance around with cute pokemon, and do videos that people can see how much fun she can have like her penpal Lyssa told her about. But even after begging, crying, and even fighting with her parents to let her do pokemon coordinating, they told her that it was not a real job and she needed to have a real one if she ever wanted to have money and be successful in life.[break][break]

At the age of seventeen, Eleanor did, barely, graduated high school. But instead of attending college like her mother and father already planned for and paid for, the woman decided to skipped classes and only attend the ones she liked or just hung out with friends. Parties, dating, and drinking became her life. Being free from her parents grasp and enjoying life like it should be, it was not long before her mother and father caught on. Two years later after getting into a huge fight with them, Ely dropped out of college, dyed her white blonde hair pink, and moved away from Kalos and her family to these new places.[break][break]

In Hoenn, Ely hopes to show her parents being a coordinator is not a hobo life style and live her life how she wants to live it. She still kind of keeps in contact with her parents. They gave her some money, but told her to make more on her own in hopes they would make their little girl realize she picked the wrong career. Kirby, on the other hand, was furious that Eleanor’s choices and have stopped talking to her all together. And of course, she had to bring a few of her pokemon with her.

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congratulations on being accepted! ensure that you have read the site rules and view the getting started page should you require some guidance for the beginning of your journey. we hope you enjoy your stay in hoenn![break][break]

your character will begin with 50 pokedollars & 5 pokeballs,[break]which you can add to your personal computer (PC).


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