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i used to dream in the dark of palisades park

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i burn, i shiver / out of this sun and into this shadow
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recruit [c]
POSTED ON Jul 1, 2020 14:11:01 GMT
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[attr="class","mthread"][attr="class","rocket"]mauville, huh?
marcel looks up from his phone to the unassuming building. as he knocks on the door, his rotom exits his phone to hover by his side. his kabadra stands about a metre from the doorway, out of sight but ready to jump in if needed.
it had taken a while, but marcel had managed to slip through the cracks. once that first weak point had been found, it was only a matter of time before everything else unravelled. though he'd read everything he needed to know minutes earlier, part of him was still curious to meet miss wilhelmina reiss.
as he waits for the door to open, marcel debates which persona would work best for him.

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