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i used to dream in the dark of palisades park

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i used to dream in the dark of palisades park.
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nikki's infamy file
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as i gaze around the room[break]their eyes are like knives, could decapitate

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full-time grump, general nuisance
cursed with a perpetual scowl and generally icy disposition. nikki obviously does not want to be your friend, let alone your acquaintance. best to steer clear from this one.

please just take a nap or something.
way too skinny from lack of food. deep bags beneath the eyes that betray night after night of endless sleep. still not very well adjusted to needing to walk with a cane. were it not for the constant glower, he'd look the part of a distressed damsel, someone who needs help taking care of himself; goodness knows he barely manages on his own.

the enemy of truth is lying there in state.
incredibly outspoken about his distaste for the league and general forms of authority. really, if you spend any extended period of time with him, you're lucky if you don't get the anarchy rant.

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the apple doesn't fall far
first and only son of oberon strauss, one of kanto's councilmen prior to the region's fall. as for what reasons nikki has for being in hoenn, no one can hazard a guess, but it's definitely not family business.

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like a ghost back from the dead
members originating from kanto may recognize him as the boy who lived ( if it can really be called that ), a would-be deserter who took a few stabs through the spine and was left for dead before he could take his knowledge to the authorities.

i need revenge, gonna have his head
while nikki is smart enough not to announce it to the world through a megaphone, he's not exactly stellar, either, at keeping his quest for vengeance against the individuals who wronged him and the organization that wronged the world a well-guarded secret. a single man isn't threat enough for rocket-wide worry, but certain grunts may be aware that this ex-member has some dues to pay back, and is willing to lay his life down to see it done.

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a rose by any other name
was kicked out of the family at the age of sixteen, and has never looked back once. nikki's denounced his heritage and all of the perks that came with it, and refuses to answer to the name he was given at birth.

wet and raving the needle keeps calling me back
has suffered on-and-off with heroin addiction, having started on the needle prior even to his expulsion from his family home. his near-death experience and the long hospital stay that followed have helped keep him clean, and he's mostly kept it up during his time in hoenn, but there are nights when the need burns brighter than a blazing star, and he fears the day he finally slips back into unwanted old habits.

the barrier only i embrace
beneath the partial facade of indifference and wrath, nikki is a genuinely well-intentioned person who cannot stand for what he perceives as suffered injustice. his motivations for aligning with rocket were to take down the league's supposedly 'corrupt' rule over kanto, and his motivations for defecting were much the same: corruption, judgment, the works. caught between a severe distrust of society and the people within it and a deep need to help those in... well, need.

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it's a long life full of long nights

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