Siccing The Eevee

i used to dream in the dark of palisades park

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Josh Dragomir
Feb 5
Lavaridge Town
CEO of RaiCorp
i used to dream in the dark of palisades park.
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Josh Dragomir
Siccing The Eevee
POSTED ON Aug 30, 2020 4:30:16 GMT
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What felt like an eternity ago, Josh Dragomir had been a renowned man. In his prime, he had traveled from region to region, starting out as a Pokemon Trainer and eventually finding his way into several different careers. Assisting in the start of the aspiring tech company RaiCorp, finding himself drawn to the worlds of TV and movie acting, even participating in several televised events and Contests. Starring in the successful superhero epic "The Blue Dragon", and with a largely publicized proposal to his longtime girlfriend at the screening, he had become renowned for some time.

But doing so had compromised his identity as a member of the International Police in his region's branch. Putting a target on his and his family's back. On top of that, the multiple jobs had led to him spreading himself thin, and it had begun to take its toll. And with his wife having just given birth to twins, it was time to consider his priorities. Further abuse from his branch's commanding officer who constantly got drunk and berated his subordinates led to a fight that made his decision easy. Quitting the force, his screentime also decreased as he put more time to the quickly expanding RaiCorp, and spending his off-time with his newly born children.

Before long, it was as though he had all but vanished from the public eye.

And he was okay with that.

It had been four years since, and he held no regrets. Having settled down in Hoenn with his family, and hoping to officially put down roots for real this time, his focus was on continuing to help RaiCorp grow. For today though, today was for his kids. A trip to Slateport Mall for a bit of shopping was planned, but first? Slateport Park, a chance to let them burn some energy since he was by himself today. Wearing a red collared shirt with grey pants, and with a four year child holding each hand, a boy and a girl respectively, Josh looked around to see if he could find a good place for ice cream for the kids. Roaming nearby them was a Raichu with a blue scarf. His partner, Lightning, who would be helping him watch the kids in lieu of Izumi.

He'd given up much for the life he had now. But he didn't regret it.



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