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stormy's infamy file
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silph blood does not run through her veins.
stormy was adopted into the family at a young age after being orphaned. she was raised alongside several other adopted silph children and groomed to become the potential heir to the company. stormy silph is the black sheep of the family, having never conformed to their strict rules and expectations.

kanto in flames brought her to hoenn.
after rocket's invasion of the kanto region, arranged to have stormy relocated and protected on arrival in hoenn. rocket had infiltrated silph co. and murdered nearly everyone in the building - including her adopted parents. there was enough cause to believe she was still in danger as well.

elite ranger of the hoenn region.
as the first step in her rise to recognition, stormy joined the ranger's not long after arriving in hoenn. they quickly realized her potential and under their education and direction, she flourished.

previous gym leader of lavaridge town.
she served as the lavaridge gym leader for almost a year. she is known for training fire-type and ground-type pokemon.

rescued dahlia once.
stormy was part of a rescue team that was sent to the slateport warehouses. she worked directly with , and to ensure the commissioner, 's safety. there was an incident involving the death of two alleged, but drunk, rocket members. stormy's name was dragged through the mud of the HNN as a result of her involvement in the situation. for a long time, she was labeled as reckless and unstable.

kidnapped and tortured by rocket beast dorian westcliff.
as a direct result of an innocent altercation with a rocket beast during the 2018 aurous winter ball, stormy was intercepted and kidnapped on her way back to lavaridge. tormented her with hallucinogenic toxins that reminded her of the horrors she had witnessed in kanto. rescued her due to their phone call being interrupted as a result of her capture. she spent a little over a month in recovery but has otherwise recovered physically.

almost engaged to alexander stone.
stormy became involved with alexander romantically not long after her arrival in hoenn. he helped her feel safe and at home in an unfamiliar region. she popped the question after a traumatic kidnapping, but was ultimately turned down. this became public knowledge after alexander was proposed to by in private. stormy is unaware of olivia's involvement with alexander, but has seen footage of the two together at public events appearing quite.. buddy buddy.

rescued dahlia twice.
attended the slateport festival with and when an unfamiliar and unidentifiable ultra beast showed up. the pokemon in question decimated the marketplace and hurt or killed several innocent people. stormy helped, in some way, to retrieve dahlia from nihilego's grasp by targeting the clown-pokemon and keeping it distracted. she was promoted to elite four after the incident in slateport.

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bronwen llewelyn

unbeknownst even to stormy, her birth name carries a weight much greater and more important than the burden she misinterpreted it as. it appears her family name originated from the region of galar, and had been, in fact, important. when stormy's mother arrived on the shores of kanto, she had been running from something or someone. seeking to protect stormy, she had come to terms with giving the child up and allowing someone else to care for her where she couldn't. it is unclear what happened to her mother after that day.

stormy silph

upon being adopted by the silph family and reared to become the next heir to the company, stormy had taken it upon herself to change her first name. as a child, she had been wild, untamed. like a storm, a tempest, a wildfire. stormy was a reminder of her livelihood and her spirit, and she figured it was perfect. 'bronwen' felt too stiff and formal, and she was anything but.[break][break]

she hides her insecurities behind a brave face and a winning smile. however, the girl suffers from a constant need to prove herself and become stronger, as she feels she is but a shadow compared to the rest of her family.[break][break]

stormy rescued a mysterious egg from the black market. upon hatching, it was discovered to have been the mythical pokemon meltan.[break][break]

more recently, prior to the events in slateport involving the ultra beasts and wormholes, stormy constructed a type: null. she used the blueprints from now-convicted criminal jules cotillard.[break][break]

stormy is the avatar of moltres. the extent of her avatar abilities have not been fully revealed to her, other than her ability to spontaneously combust when in danger or when under great stress or fear, thanks to kyle lopez' cosmog's attempt to absorb her powers. the only people who know about her avatar abilities, or may suspect, are , and .

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