the difference between me & you [m]

i used to dream in the dark of palisades park

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the difference between me & you [m]
POSTED ON Dec 29, 2019 22:01:39 GMT
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the trees can't grow without the sun in their eyes; and we can't live if we're too afraid to die

A new assignment.

Though it was a complete bother requesting a day of leave from his office and traveling all the way to Slateport City, Remiel felt obligated to heed the call. All the resources and information at his disposal thanks to Team Rocket had been invaluable. He owed them as much. Yet he'd hoped the kind of favors they'd ask of him would be less... well, quite frankly, brutish in nature. He wasn't some two-bit thug, after all. But he supposed he needed to move up the ranks before he could start putting his foot down.

Regardless, the assignment was simple: put a stop to those who would continue to wave around the old Team Rocket banner proudly and in plain sight. In other words, idiots who drew all kinds of attention to themselves. Now that he thought about it, Remy could bring himself enjoy this. Especially if they put a fight with their Pokémon.

The higher ups had told him to meet an unknown associate of his at the base of Stern Hill, a known hideout for these vestiges of the Team Rocket creed. So, at a small wooden gate where the stone-paved sidewalks of Slateport City met with a grassy dirt trail that led up an incline, Remiel waited. The salty ocean air gently whispered through his messy black hair in a breeze. Wearing a black sweater, dark brown loafers, and grey chinos, the young lad hopped up onto the wooden fence to sit. Earl Grey, the Sinistea hovering beside his shoulder, seemed to be entranced with the sight of the ocean on the horizon in the meantime.

Turning towards it himself with his grey-blue eyes, Remiel mused. "You've seen the ocean before, haven't you?" He supposed it was more beautiful than any beach in Galar, though. Even with the overcast cloudy skies above.

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