Wake Up Call [M]

i used to dream in the dark of palisades park

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i used to dream in the dark of palisades park.
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Celeste Abbiati
Wake Up Call [M]
POSTED ON May 8, 2020 18:24:56 GMT
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Celeste wasn't entirely aware of what she was doing here, but at this point, it hardly mattered to her. This was an opportunity to make a few more connections. Connections she desperately needed if she wanted to get anywhere in her current line of work and who was she to turn down to invitation from someone such as he? He proved himself in the attack on Slateport, much more than she could say for herself. Regardless, she turned to look towards him as she spoke. "I trust, you have reasons for inviting me out in particular, yes?"

Just outside of Slateport City, it was surprisingly nice considering the circumstances. It was a bright, sunny day, but at least the wind felt nice on her skin. Perhaps she looked completely out of place wearing black concealing clothing, sunglasses, and even carrying a parasol above her head, but it was almost a necessity if she went outside anywhere. The sun's rays weren't particularly kind to her skin, and she had an aesthetic to upkeep. Regardless, her eyes eventually were drawn to the massive snoring Snorlax within the path. It managed to perfectly squeeze itself right into the middle of everything.

Celeste hummed curiously, tilting her head as she slowly pulled down her sunglasses just a bit to take a look at the sleeping Pokemon. With an incredibly blunt tone, she spoke. "It's in our way."

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Remiel Calcifet
Wake Up Call [M]
POSTED ON May 14, 2020 20:50:46 GMT
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Royalty is wasted on those who don't achieve definition in conflict and build their own legacy.

Taking a drag of the rare cigarette he smoked every once in a blue moon was always noticeably less satisfying than he imagined it would be. When Celeste showed up to study the slumbering Snorlax alongside him, the black-haired prince cast it down onto the ground and stamped it out with the sole of his designer loafers. "No reason in particular," He answered, pushing himself off the lamp post he'd been leaning on before sweeping the right edge of his grey coat behind his hip to grab a luxury ball from his belt. "You were just close. And I've never met you in person. That's quite about it."

With a lazy toss of the ball, a massive owl-like clay doll was summoned in a burst of golden light. It twirled upwards into the air for a moment, propelled by its own psychic power, as its many eyes surveyed its surroundings. Until, at last, the eye on its front (or its back?) focused on its master and refrained from moving elsewhere.


Its voice echoed, seemingly from within itself, as Remiel latched the luxury ball back to his belt. "We're going to remove it," Remiel said with a sigh in reply to the young female's statement. "Too many are using it as an excuse not to pay their dues to some of our mutual... associates. Not to mention, it attracts far too much attention and discourse." Looking up at his Claydol, the Galarian motioned with his hand.

"Hammurabi, Psychic."

And the floating clay doll complied, quick to hover a degree closer to the sleeping giant before summoning a powerful psychic energy that surrounded it in a visible purple aura. All of its eyes glowed and honed in on the giant as it used this power to try and lift it into the air. And, though this purple aura surrounded the Snorlax and even managed to pick it up and inch off the ground, eventually the weight of it proved to be too much. The psychic power disappeared in the blink of an eye and the snoring beast reunited with the ground again with a heavy 'thump' as the Claydol stumbled in the air.

Remiel frowned; then made a displeased hum. "Hm."


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