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Adrian Malcolm
adrian's dossier
POSTED ON Feb 11, 2020 19:25:14 GMT
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"that's need-to-know, and you certainly don't"


PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE[break][break]

  • As Adrian Malcolm; a trainer who puts more stock in his training and accomplishments outside of the League Gym Challenge, but has always fostered aspirations of becoming Champion one day.
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  • As Cheek; once a musical artist who has recently gone quiet, perhaps retired. Popular titles were In Bed With A Monster and Dearly Departed, both of which were released within the last year of his record label, before the artist mysteriously stopped producing music officially.
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  • In the past, Adrian was involved with preventative measures during the New Year's Ultra Wormhole incident that nearly leveled the city. His shiny Mega Gyarados, Furor, was the last pokemon seen averting the Beast Bomb before it touched down safely in the ocean, witnesses reported. The League has since deigned to endorse him, if only to save face in the wake of public criticisms. None can say for certain.[break][break]
    Not long after the Ultra Beast's attack, Adrian was tragically deceived during a League operation where his longtime companion and first ever pokemon, Howitzer the Arcanine, was killed in a short bout between Adrian and an unknown deviant. Adrian has since sworn to vengeance, but has yet to be reintroduced with the slippery devil, at least to the best of his knowledge. A week prior to this League engagement, Howitzer had won him the Survival Badge, an irony most cruel.
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  • During the Megalopolan Invasion, Adrian had voluntarily been a part of the League forces at Mauville's Warfront, hoping to prevent the battles from reaching Slateport, where his cousin had taken shelter. Of his achievements there, most notably was the joint effort of eliminating an enemy Guzzlord, where eye witnesses alleged Furor had succeeded in maiming the Ultra Beast during a pivotal moment of the conflict.[break][break]Following the Xurkitree's emergence from the Power Plant, Adrian's Alakazam, the late Karma, was spotted tackling the beast head on when its weakness had finally been discovered during battle, further aiding the League's war efforts and Hoenn at large.
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  • What only some may know is that leading up to the Megalopolan Invasion, Adrian was wrongfully accused of certain crimes concerning a warehouse incident some many days prior. Assault and trespassing charges were prepared to be brought against him when complications arose around a phantom victim. Insisting his innocence, Adrian was offered parole to aid the war effort, and through his distinction was able to have most charges dropped pending further investigation. During this time a Corviknight he'd surrendered to League conscription had been attacked near Ever Grande City, resulting in its shadowfication.
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  • During the Blackout Raid, Adrian and his team suffered heavy casualties, and he grew to resent the League for its shortcomings and lack of precautions in the wake of the war's alleged conclusion, despite the abduction of several Megalopolan commanders. Among his losses were Miser, a long time companion he'd made several public appearances with as Cheek, as well as his first Galarian pokemon Reign, a fierce Corviknight with unshakable loyalties. But the first casualty was that of Karma, who was the first pokemon to confront the foe that was Necrozma. For untold sleepless hours it had stood vigil over the rift in anticipation of the Light-Eater's imminent arrival, only for its diligence to be repaid in death, the first of many...
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  • Adrian hasn't truly been noticed by Team Rocket, and as of present they have no vested interest in him, the only odds of them knowing anything about Adrian by merit of compiling information on possible League affiliates and benefactors at their discretion. More specifically however, Adrian has attracted the attention of a Gavin Merlino: [x]
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WHAT 'NOBODY' KNOWS[break][break]

  • Left Sinnoh in disgrace after an incident that caused his father to lose face and effectively ostracize him. He has never mentioned it.
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  • Adrian is the more elusive of Yveltal's avatars, dubbed the Executioner after showing a willingness to condemn others sooner than himself.
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