don't stop till you drop [mission]

i used to dream in the dark of palisades park

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Selena Desmarais
don't stop till you drop [mission]
POSTED ON Jul 18, 2020 5:47:58 GMT
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Selena was skeptical with her earlier proposition. For a non-committal person like her, this ‘can I buy you a drink’ moment seemed a bad idea especially since she did not want to hurt another person’s feelings if she realized midway that she was not ready for a relationship. ‘But what relationship?’ Selena asked herself. ‘It’s just a date,’ she reminded.

Maverick followed suit as his canines did when Selena and Freia rushed towards the pinnacle. From their position, the nearby town of Lavaridge was almost visible from the veil of the lush ash-covered woods and from the other side, the desert was a shining sanctuary of a gold bed of sand. If this was not just a challenge she needed to accomplish with the man, she would say the mountaintop was a perfect place for the date.

”Video games? Cooking? Maybe anything that would take my mind off gym leader and EIC duties,” she laughed it off, as if she had the time to stuff like those. “But those things are my passion. I can never really grow tired of them.”

Selena released a few more pokémon from her team: Lucifer, the umbreon; Raijin, the yamper; and Circe, the delphox—who all joined Freia as they strolled around. “Well, I guess we conquered the Mt. Chimbey after a long trek, shall we try it again next time?” She smirked as she offered a fist bump with her trekking partner.

rocky steps (tos) mission
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don't stop till you drop [mission]
POSTED ON Jul 18, 2020 15:05:03 GMT
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Her response told him he was over reacting. The date was more or less just two friends handing out. A mixture of relief and disappointed swelled up in him. “Alright,” he chuckled lightly in the mix of heavy breathing, a small smile on his face, “Sounds like fun. But to warn you, I can’t cook if we decided to cook together.” Deep down, Maverick wondered if this was all for show or the real deal. It wasn’t that he thought she was teasing him or anything. Maverick has been turned down so many times and after being turned down so many times, he really gave up on the dating world. Did she really want to get to know him or was this all a facade just to pass time away?

At last, they reached the top. And when the top was reached, Maverick hunched over exhausted. In the corner of his eye, he saw droplets of sweat roll down the side of his face and fall to the earth. He huffed and puffed, trying to catch up on much needed oxygen. His gaze flickered to his canine, all panting themselves. At least he got their energy out too. After several minutes of trying to relax his ever beating heart, his gaze flickered to the woman when she summoned more pokemon. Standing up straight again, he expanded his hand out as well to finish the fist bump. “Sure,” he huffed out of breath still, “but I think my work out is done for the month.” Mav let out a laugh at his own joke. His warm gaze flickered over her pokemon, seeing she had a few good taste in pokemon. “Maybe one day we will do a mission together again.”

Turning to his canine’s partners, he motioned for them he was ready to go home. But before he left, he turned to her once last time. “If you are serious about that hang out, here is my number. You can just text me when you have time. I know you are probably busy with gym leader and work.” Pulling out a small paper and pen, the man wrote down his number with his name before handing it to her. “If you want too, that is.” With that, Maverick turned to leave. As he left, he wondered if she would actually text him or not. But before he could even consider a date, the stinky boy needed a shower.

OOC mission and done! yay! thank you!

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don't stop till you drop [mission]
POSTED ON Jul 19, 2020 6:19:57 GMT
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[attr="class","reward2"]both of you receive the following: 50 pokédollars, 5 infamy, 1x sparkling dust.
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