Was I Offered An Egg? [Research]

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Was I Offered An Egg? [Research]
POSTED ON Aug 13, 2020 13:30:48 GMT
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Her eyes grew wide as her mind was overtaken by the vision. One second, she was trying to heal a Pokemon she had never seen before, the next, she was floating somewhere above Hoenn's many seas in her mind's eye. A ring floated above the island itself, shining light in every direction. Before she even had time to question what was going on, her vision dived deep into the island's cave. It was an incredibly surreal feeling. She couldn't see the cave's walls itself, or even what way was up or down, but somehow she knew that she was within. And there it stood, a large egg of some kind. And just like that, the vision suddenly vanished, as well as the Pokemon.

Ruby slumped back onto the ground, stunned silent from the sudden vision. Was this what it was like to see the future for her Pokemon? Where did the bug-Pokemon go? Was this some act of fate that led her to this moment? She was determined to find out. Sensing her trainer's intense confusion, Whisper suddenly left her Pokeball, floating close to her side as she stared down at her trainer with a curious look on her face.

"I-" Ruby began, only to fall silent. What did it mean? After a few seconds of thought, she suddenly began to dig into her backpack. She needed to draw what she had seen, just in case her memory began to fail her. Getting her small notebook out, the young girl began to hurriedly attempt to recreate her vision on paper. She certainly couldn't recreate the absolute majesty of it, nor the correct shape of the island perfectly with how little time she had to actually see it, but it would have to do.

Finally looking back up at her Hatterene, who was quite clueless to the event that had startled Ruby so, she finally spoke. "I... I don't know. I had a vision. And I saw a place. An island! There was this floating ring and a cave with an egg! I know, I seem crazy Whisper, but... I need to find it. I don't even know if it's real, but I have to give it a try."

Whisper simply nodded understandingly, her tentacle hand gently reaching down to help Ruby back up onto her feet as the girl packed away her belongings. She wasn't even remotely sure where to begin, but she had a few ideas. One was to simply fly around Hoenn and see if she saw that ring deflecting light above in the sky, but while that might be unlikely to happen, she could hopefully better her odds by first searching for maps of all the islands in the Hoenn region. Surely at least someone has documented them all, right? Maybe she could find a list of islands with known caves and narrow it down. After that, perhaps she could interview a few breeders and see what they might know about that large egg she saw. Not to mention, there was that ring, which she knew absolutely nothing about, or even where to begin searching for information on it. Any information, anything at all, would be a blessing at this point.

After giving her Hatterene a quick tight hug, who hugged her back with an encouraging squeeze, Ruby returned her to her Pokeball and summoned Grace the Gardevoir once more. Of course, given that she had just dismissed her not too long ago and insisted on walking, the sudden change in demeanor from Ruby was quite startling to the protective Gardevoir. "Grace, please teleport me back to town. I have some research to do. I... I'm going to need to visit so many libraries to see if they have any maps or information for me."

With a gentle smile from her Pokemon, Ruby and Grace Teleported off, quickly making their way back to Slateport as fast as they possibly could. Hopefully, with it being one of the largest cities, as well as her reputation in that city, she might be able to have an easier time finding what she needed to know.

Notes: Ruby attempted to draw her vision on paper, specifically the ring and the island, and the sight of the large egg. With that done, she's intent to travel to libraries and see what she can find. Maps, information, or anything else that might be useful. 


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Was I Offered An Egg? [Research]
POSTED ON Dec 13, 2020 1:21:13 GMT
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ruby's research thread


[attr="class","ihead"]STUDIES & SKETCHES


RUBY DRAWS HER VISION ON PAPER. However, she soon realizes her dilemma. Hoenn's seas are littered with a variety of islands.[break][break][break]

Most are uninhabited by humans and are rife with Pokemon life. Some have indubitably been touched by The Ultra Beast War; however, it is hard to know the true extent of their damage, for many are uncharted. For this reason, Ruby scours through an immeasurable amount of atlases. Days and nights are spent rifling through maps as her Pokemon support her through tiring evenings of study.[break][break][break]


Eventually, she is able to narrow down three locations that fit her sketch.[break][break][break]


The first is north of Fortree. The second is near Pacifidlog. Lastly, the third is near Shoal Cave. Their coordinates can be extrapolated from the information Ruby has scoured. Reports, anecdotes, and atlases all combine as an abstract compass for what she seeks.[break][break][break]

Bring Pokemon that can swim or soar toward the location.[break]
Bring Pokemon that can keep Ruby warm during her travels.[break]


[attr="class","reward2"]WHAT WILL YOU DO?


SELECT WHICH CHOICE (1, 2, or 3) BEST MATCHES the sketch. Afterward, roleplay traversing toward the island with a ROLL embedded within your post. Ensure that you mention/fulfill the aforementioned requirement in your post. Furthermore, will determine whether ruby gets there successfully or not![break][break]

Repost in the research thread thread after you have posted!



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