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[attr="class","raidName"]02. HOENN HISTORIA







[attr="class","status NONE"]
[attr="class","th th-fire"]




AS THE REGIROCK CONTINUES ITS MASSACRE, your character finds their attacks doing little. Pokemon are summoned from their balls, pushed into this odd timeline. Their attacks pulse through— but everyone would find that their Pokemon do very little, nor does the Regirock notice. However, their concerted efforts do add up. Little by little, boulders moved inches away from their targets. Some attacks are stalled by the slightest of margins to enable defensive responses.[break][break][break]


As the conflict continues, suddenly, everyone lurches into a new rift as the world peels away. This time, everyone finds themselves in the smoldering battleground of Slateport City. Summoned Pokemon are back in their balls while you attempt to orient yourselves in the middle of this war. Rockets invade the coastal city under the directive of Silas Blackwell. As buildings are destroyed, civilians are taken hostage or executed, and League Officers defend what little is left, you and your Pokemon find themselves in further chaos. Under the midnight sky, the air is here is thick with smoke.[break][break][break]

There are several locations your character may have warped to. They may have warped into the League Headquarters, the a Moving Train (before the power goes out), the Docks, where Blackwell was present, or the Power Plant.[break][break][break]

As you all test the limits of your presences, you find that you become physically present for a few seconds. The danger becomes incredibly real before you become ethereal once more.[break][break][break]


[attr="class","reward2"]WHAT WILL YOU DO?


☐ When you become "physically present" in the past, make sure you are not seen by anyone.[break][break]
☐ When you become "physically present," take down a League Officer or Rocket Grunt before they can testify to your presence.[break][break]
☐ React to the sheer chaos and confusion your character has been dropped into.


HOENN HISTORIA is a writing prompt event that one of your characters can participate in! Once you choose one, you will have locked them in for this travel into the past of Hoenn. Although your character may be present with others, they will not be able to recognize each other unless it is mutually consensual.[break][break]

To participate, simply write a response using one of the prompts above. Furthermore, please review the guidelines below:[break][break][break]

  • Only one character of yours can participate in the Hoenn Historia event.
  • [break]
  • You can redeem the round's rewards immediately after posting (unless it is PD, which will be added at the end of the round).
  • [break]
  • You do not need to post in every single round.
  • [break]
  • You can summon any of your Pokemon should you wish.
  • [break]



@hoennhistoria @2ndanniversary

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When the HYDRO PUMP countered the HYPER BEAM, everything went white; the force of the blast blew him off his feet and when he regained his senses he was being shunted through 'spacetime' again.

When his boots hit the ground again the first thing he noticed was that he was wearing boots; a specific rarity. He was also wearing his 'crimsen' helmet and jacket, the whole getup in fact. It didn't make sense; he'd recognized the location he was in as Slateport; a location where 'Crimsen' had never been.

Down at the docks apparently, he scrambled to figure out what the fuck was happening when he saw her.

By now he could recognize that green hair and browned skin anywhere, she looked so worn yet determined as she fled the docks, another woman hot on her heels. He moved to her without a needed second thought about it. She was trying to protect someone but had left her rear unguarded.

She told him she'd fought against Rocket but to see her in motion, in danger, he hadn't thought he could resent them anymore than he already did.

He hadn't known Cait long, this part of her past was unknown to him, but he'd made a claim on her future and he couldn't stand by while she came to harm.

He wasn't even sure he could help her, he wasn't sure he was even really here.

Whatever would come to pass was beyond his understanding but if he could influence this moment in any way to her benefit, he would. A brunette had sent a Golbat after her and the Golbat sent out blasts of cutting air flow; AIR SLASH; he recognized the move.

a series of AIR SLASHES fly forward. they threaten the only other trainer that isn't already bound up by an ally. the golbat knows better than to risk friendly fire. that only leaves cait alfric. how unfortunate. don't get cut up too badly now.

His identity was concealed but his presence wasn't...

-as he stepped in front of the Bat Pokémon to take its cutting blows providing Cait protection in her escape.

Golbat used AIR SLASH; was hit!
Golbat used AIR SLASH; Crimsen was hit twice!

He gritted his teeth behind his helmet as the first attack flew through him hitting Cait in her back. Turning back to face to the bat the next two blasts of AIR SLASH he was able to stop. The first hit his chest tearing his clothes and into his flesh the second was blocked by the X-guard formed by his arms, but not without more tearing and bleeding.

The Golbat seemed to prioritize Cait and flew just by him; its mistake.

The Golbat's trainer had even turned her back for a moment to look at her own allies and superiors; her mistake.

With the pain driving him on "Crimsen" ran down the Brunette ( ) before she could turn back to see him, attempting to grab her by her neck only for his to hands to pass right through her as the void pulled him back in again.

● tags: @hoennhistoria @2ndanniversary
● notes: senon (in vigilante helmet & gear) takes hits from golbat covering cait's back. moves to attack esser before esser can see him; gets pulled away by spacetime before esser can see him.

(visible to those mutually visible)

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i used to dream in the dark of palisades park.
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POSTED ON Oct 9, 2020 10:20:50 GMT
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 landing on a train. mateo would come to fall flat on his face. unaware as to where he'd currently been transported. it would seem to be a train. it was then that he heard 's voice, except that it wasn't his bailey. he had no idea what was going on.

all he knew was that she didn't need to see him. the last thing he needed was an ensemble of questions. ripping a piece of cloth from an unconscious person, he'd tie it around his mouth and remained within the train's seating booth. from his position on the side of the cart, mateo would come to see the one-woman army pulling a professor.

before mateo could piece anything together the lights were shutoff. it was a power outage on the train, and he had no idea as to what exactly happened. he just heard various noises and a series of cries and fighting within the train...and outside. "whatever the hell is going on, i just know that she-slaking () has something to do with it." she had a knack for causing destruction, and, secretly, that was kinda hot at times.

for now mateo remained where he sat, waiting for whatever was to happen next. while he waited, he found a bag of peanuts on the ground. he was feeling famished and partook in a light snack within the darkness. all while listening to murder-porn occur in eac direction. "well, we're not in kanto anymore that's for sure. if i had a pair of red shoes i'd click them just to get home." he was starting to feel a bit nauseous with these jumps.
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[attr=class,image-back accentbg]








Ineffective. Weak. Powerless.[break][break]

Shadow and chaos do little to affect the earthen titan whose gaze does not turn to them even as dark, violent winds burst through the chamber. As quickly as the tornado had appeared, it dissipates; Lugia's cry is one of pure frustration.[break][break]

He recalls the furious legendary—[break][break]

—and stumbles to find footing on a darkened dock, the air scented with brine and blood. His stomach churns with vertigo. This time, it takes him but a moment to collect himself, surveying a bygone battleground. He is invisible, here.[break][break]

Many of the Rockets whose combined force overwhelms the League are strangers to him. Silas Blackwell is an exception to the rule. Gavin has never met the man — through all his career in Rocket, he had strived to avoid that very thing. Yet he knows him by sight, of course, and by a reputation of malice, violence, a reflection of his character present in the carnage here. Gavin has not returned to Kanto since the conclusion of Rocket's war, but he is given a glimpse of what it must have looked like in the end: fire and blood, with one man at its epicenter. For a fleeting moment, Gavin forgets that this reality is twisted: fear infiltrates reason, his demeanor of stoic steel.[break][break]

How long has he spent jumping at the shadows of Blackwell? Of Cadis? No longer.[break][break]

Blackwell is dead. Old Rocket is dead.[break][break]

Except it wasn't, not really; Walsh led them, now, and several of 'old' Rocket remained: Gavin among them, as well as—[break][break]


It's genuine surprise in his voice as he forcibly turns his gaze from the ghost of Rocket's history to a familiar face in the crowd of strangers. carries the same ethereal quality that suggests he, too, is somewhere else in time. Yet even as Gavin opens his mouth to speak, to ask questions, something shifts in this not-quite-reality. The heat from some fiery attack sears the air... and with it, Gavin's skin. A League operative stares not through him, but at him. The man's mouth opens in preparation to shout a warning.[break][break]

He knows, is a wild, frantic thought. He knows I'm with Rocket.[break][break]

Gavin's decision is swift and brutal. Gunfire cracks over the din of battle, but Gavin's arm is once more translucent as he lowers the pistol to his side. Bile rises in the back of his throat and he forcibly swallows it down. (He will never learn the name of the man whose life he's taken in the interest of his own safety. He'll never be able to decide whether it's for the best.)[break][break]

Gavin's breath comes sharp as his head swings back toward Marcel. "What's going on? How the hell are you here?"[break][break]

How the hell was he here?[break][break][break]

Rockets are free to recognize/interact with Gavin.[break]
Gavin finds himself on the DOCKS and has a mild crisis over seeing Silas and the devastation Rocket caused.[break]
He spots (consent obtained) and calls out to him, but is forced to kill a league operative who intends to out him (or both of them, depending on Marcel's visibility status at that moment) before demanding if his buddy knows wtf is going on.[break]




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The attacks are nearly futile. The Grav Apple, Bullet Seed, and Wide Guard only leave a barely noticeable push on the rocks, but they do something. As the attacks are slowed, Soup can imagine that maybe someone moves out of the way just in time and was saved by his efforts.

The world twists again. This time, he's still not expecting it, but he's a little more prepared, making it out on the other side with little more than a stumble. He surveyed his surroundings, and saw that he was on... what appeared to be a moving train. That was something. His Pokemon were no longer at his side, but that was because they were back in his Pokeballs. He checked at his belt just to be sure, and was reassured by their familiar presence.

His surroundings were filled with utter chaos. A man held a knife to a passenger's throat, yelling at the others on the train, who were panicking and screaming. Soup's brain made the connection quickly enough. This was Rocket's attack on Slateport, so long ago.

His presence here raised a lot of questions, of course, but now was not the time for him to answer them. He released Athos, but was stunned when the Gallade landed with a notable thump on the floor of the train. Athos faced the threat, who had now turned around and was staring with wide eyes at Soup... who must have appeared as if he'd dropped out of nowhere, with a Gallade at his side.

Who knew how long he had here? "Up, Athos," he snapped, and the Gallade touched him on the shoulder with one hand, reached over and grabbed the Rocket with the other, and then suddenly the three of them were on the top of the train, their surroundings rushing past at an alarming pace.

The Rocket recovered first. He growled and leaped at Soup with the knife that he still held in his hand, but Soup's form seemed to have run out of time being corporeal, and turned back to the ghostly spectre that he was during the Regirock attack. To the Rocket, it must have appeared that he and Athos vanished suddenly. Soup flinched as the man stumbled forward, going right through his body---

...and fell right off the edge of the rushing train.

Soup watched, shocked, as the man's body landed with a thump beside the tracks, quickly growing smaller with distance until it was no longer visible, and not for the first time, fought the urge to throw up.

- Soup is in a moving train!
- Soup becomes corporeal! You can see Soup while he's corporeal.
- Gallade teleports Soup and Rocket guy up to the top of the train.
- Soup becomes incorporeal right as Rocket guy attacks him.
- Soup watches in horror as Rocket guy falls off the train.

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Kaida wondered what type of nightmare didn't let you get hurt, her brief fear forcing her to draw Ormr close, shielding her partner as he hissed unwillingly...but they weren't hurt. They weren't being hurt. She fixed her eyes on the stone titan, what could it possibly be protecting? [break][break]

And just as quickly, Ormr ripped from her body as she tumbled straight into a true nightmare...it was like the battle of Lilycove, but it was her home. She couldn't even hear the ocean, despite being on the docks, over the screaming and bloodshed. She watched with true revulsion as a civilian went down silent, struck in the back. [break][break]

Get out. [break][break]

It was like the aliens, but more pointless. A Rocket invasion, some logical voice spoke of history she knew, but fury only bubbled in her throat. "Stop it!" She yelled, knowing her voice meant nothing. At least, she thought. This was a particularly cruel nightmare. One of the attackers jerked towards her, and she suddenly realized he heard her, was seeing her, and one hand was raising to call his Pokemon, call his allies. [break][break]

She didn't think it was an easy decision to ever make, but the smell of blood, of saltwater...it made it easier. This was just like Lilycove, and she didn't much care to have mercy in a pointless conflict. At least she didn't shoot them in the back. She didn't know who else was watching, if anybody else saw, but she hated this grunt in front of her...killer, not a hunter, and she despised them for it. A flash of light unleashed Svart, the Durant concluding in a moment that Kaida was in danger, she smelled like she was angry and scared, and the metallic ant moved. [break][break]

Kaida's hands shook, having never personally hunted a human like this, but she couldn't let Svart get herself dirty by herself. She grasps at the man's hand, keeps him still, and Svart's jaws close around his chest in a fascinatingly quiet Crunch...and just as abruptly, they fall through the man, phantoms once more. He doesn't move through, bent like in a vice and Kaida watches the conflict as just another bystander again, hands futilely grabbing at others. She had to stop it, didn't matter if she had to get her hands dirtier. Svart clicks with worry, scrambling to and from as she kept up with Kaida, protecting the leader all on her mind. Kaida barely registered. They had to get out, she couldn't let them hurt her home.


[attr="class","notes"]notes: Kaida is here and visible to anyone else visible! Durant Crunches a Rocket grunt!


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pokkenger takes down some grunts with will-o-wisp!


[attr="class","hearttag"]@hoenn historia


he found himself staring out towards the sea after the hyper beam engulfed him in light. it took a second for kazimir to catch his bearings and realize that he was wearing his pokkenger suit for some reason. how did he even change? when did he even change? these were all questions that could be answeared later as he could spot someone surrounded by rocket grunts and looked like he was commanding them to cause as much havoc on league officers coming right at them. the guy's face rang familiar in kazimir's mind but it was coming up blank, still he was probably some rocket big shot and where ever he was still wouldn't stop him from taking them down.
he released his ninetales, a pokemon who hadn't seen much action since being hit by ultra beast poison and it let out a low growl as some grunts came up behind pokkenger yelling at how'd a costume freak sneaked past them. "oh hey boys, sorry can't stay to party too long. i'm just a passing through pokkenger after all. stormbringer!" the ninetales let out a growl as a flurry of will-o-wisps surrounded it neck like prayer beads and launched the fire balls into the fances of the grunts who fell tot he floor screaming as their skin was singed off. under the mask kazimir held a grimace as he and his fox began their escape while taking a few glances back at silas blackwell trying to commit his face to memory.


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Slateport was burning.[break][break]

Bailey could see the long trails of smoke from afar; the phantasmal champion found herself standing on the deck of a distant ship, able to watch one of the worse days in Hoenn history unfold twice. As Slateport smoldered, she knew that a younger version of herself was somewhere in that quagmire, battling underground with a Professor latched to her wrist.[break][break]

Her eyes scanned the occupants as they passed by; their figures cut through her own, and she felt undisturbed by their movement.[break][break]

Some were talking, some were laughing.[break][break]

A man stood at the bow, the crisp wisp of his white hair standing out among the younger audience. The unknown shape of does not register in her mind, but something in his posture drew her attention; he had binoculars raised, and something in his resounding laughter registered as cruel.[break][break]

In the distance, power was cut off to the city; an act wrought by the destruction of the powerplant, which had been accidental.[break][break]

Rocket; she knew it as Silas Blackwell marched his way across the deck, accepting a drink. He cracked open a beer, and while she cannot make out the conversation, she can detect when it turned sour. While she had never met the man, his visage had been depicted too many times to mention.[break][break]

Face to face, the men breathed their rage as news was relayed to them, and she watched as Desmond bowed back from the Rocket Boss; submitted, even if distaste was a clear taste on his tongue.[break][break]

It ended the celebration.[break][break]

Something in the air made everyone keen to clear themselves from the upper-deck, all except for the lone scientist, who brewed in a furry that made him knock aside a tray of champagne flutes; their resounding decent, and their resounding shattering tied with the moment that she would manifest.[break][break]

She stood at the deck, able to feel the sea-swept wind. She does not have the time to panic, or the time to hide.[break][break]

Bailey, instead, chose to speak.[break][break]

“He's dying very soon,” and Desmond Kelley nearly jumped out of his skin as he turned to face her.[break][break]

He does not speak. He does not have the time.[break][break]

“So, enjoy this, while you have the chance.”[break][break]

And with that, she felt her mind rendered away from the space that it had occupied; body gone transparent, then gone, as if she had been a figment of the imagination.[break][break]

With her departure, she does not see the way that his confusion blossomed.


[attr="class","euterpetag"]HOENN HISTORIA


referencing the events of palma


[newclass=.euterpe]border-left:solid 5px #2E2E2E;background-color:#252525;color:#757575;font:11px Roboto;text-align:justify;width:374px;[/newclass]
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[newclass=.euterpetag a]font:bold 7px Raleway;line-height:7px;color:#363636;[/newclass]
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POSTED ON Oct 10, 2020 4:15:13 GMT
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it takes him until the next change in scenario to realize what was going on. the shroomish disappears from his hold and the regirock changes to the very same scene that brought him to hoenn in the first place: the slateport invasion.

he stands at a familiar by the docks. he remembers insistent rocket grunts deciding to place him at the back instead of the front, and priam was conveniently standing right nearby.

brain still processing the recent chain of events, priam starts wandering about. slow steps contradict the panic of fellow rocket members, rushing to the battlefield to aid their team's endeavors and achieve their objective. amid the slew of rush, priam catches a glimpse of a familiar figure.

a replica of himself bolts right past him. priam's eyes widen when he sees a rocket member with an espeon on hand and a gabite following right after him.

in a moment of euphoria, priam leaps at the dragon-type and wraps his arms around it. the dragon-type freezes, and, although naturally aggressive and jumpy, finds familiarity and warmth with priam's hold, relaxing him instead of turning defensive.

'what's the hold up?'

priam hears the past version of him ask when he turned to his gabite. by that moment, priam disappears from plain view as he sits on the ground, feeling defeated. he starts to hold the tears back and rubs his eyes with his wrists.

the gabite, confused, looks around for him before shrugging and continuing to follow after his trainer.

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glimpse from the past


dumbfounded and clueless, valerio and togepi makes an attempt to escape the brewing chaos inside the cavern, slipping again through time in the middle of slateport's docks. the smell of salt overpowers his immediate surroundings, but he realizes there is something more... blood.[break][break]

“hey, girl, you doing fine?” he shifts his attention to the egg pokémon on his baby carrier, but both of which are already gone. frantic with tension and vertigo, his hazel eyes wander to find where the togepi has gone. what he witnesses is the escalation of the events—the brewing of a war.[break][break]

from a distance, he glances at a familiar face among the crowd who have escaped the newly-arrived cargo. .[break][break]

the rocket spirals more into confusion. he finds himself walking towards the ghost of the past, feet dragging into the cement drenched in blood and seawater. until someone calls out to him.[break][break]

“hey, you! what are you doing?” one of the league cadets gets his attention, a smear of daze visible on his face. suddenly, a rocket springs into his direction, ordering his mightyena to down the officer. “what are you doing? you should be helping us!”[break][break]

huh? but how? bewilderment engulfs his entirety, but he heeds to the grunts call. indra, the hydreigon, is summoned into the scene. the three-headed dragon leaps into the air, taking care of the dead officer's reinforcements with her own draco meteor.[break][break]

“what is happening? where am i?” he asks the operative who has recently helped him.[break][break]

“invasion. we're invading slateport!”[break][break]

+ slips through time into the docks, sees silas[break]
+ valerio is seen but saved by a rocket; downs the reinforcements with his hydreigon's draco meteor





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"Dammit!", Thomas shouted, clearly seeing that their efforts were not nearly enough. Despite this, the attempt to hold back the attacks of the titanic rock beast rage on. That was, until they were catapulted through time yet again. His Aegislash would find himself being recalled back to his Pokeball in the process.

Emerging on the 'other side', Thomas attempted to process what was going on. He would find himself arriving on Slateport's docks, two years ago. The Invasion of Slateport was raging on, with boats full of Rockets landing. As civilians ran for their lives, Rocket Grunts, and their Pokemon, would manage to catch stray civilians, either detaining them, or outright executing them for fun.

At the epicenter of this chaos, Thomas would spot the man responsible for all this hell. , then leader of Team Rocket. Thomas glared over at the fiendish man with his good eye. If he had the chance to kill the man himself, he would've taken it without hesitation. But rather than linger, Thomas kept moving through the area, eventually ending up in an alley.

"Hey!", a voice called out, upon spotting Thomas, who much to his surprise, found himself physically present.

As Jacob raced over to him, baton raised for a strike, Thomas quickly reacted. Dodging the swing, and grabbing his right wrist as the swing whiffed, Thomas responded with a powerful right hook. Striking right into the boy's jawline, the punch would dislocate his jaw on impact. Then the boy would find himself tumbling into the brick wall of the alley with a harsh impact, before falling to the floor.

A few more Rockets raced down the alley, having heard their friend earlier, Thomas reached for a Pokeball, ready to fight. Only, by the time they got their, Thomas' form was once again incorporeal, leaving no traces of his presence, aside from their fallen friend.

"Jacob! Jacob!", one of the Rocket's called out. Another would snap the boy's jaw back into place.

The boy would wake up with a groan. "Wha-what happened?", the boy asked. "That's what we were hoping you'd tell us!", the unknown Rocket said to him. As the conversation went on, they'd come to find that Jacob had no recollection of what went down. Clearly from the fact that he took such a brutal blow to the head. As for his faculties, they'd find that if he did suffer any brain damage, it didn't really impact what little was already there.

As Thomas attempted to get out of there, he would curse to himself. "If only that were Silas.", he grumbled.

tags: @tag
notes: Thomas ends up on the docks, and spots
As Thomas becomes physical spots him, and attempts to strike him down with his baton
Thomas takes down Jacob with a punch to the jawline, dislocating the Rocket's jaw, and knocking him out on impact
Thomas' form becomes ethereal again, before Jacob's friends discover him unconscious. As they fix his jaw, they come to find that the blow and fall had left Jacob with no recollection of the event

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there is a knot in her stomach that refuses to untie itself as she's plunged from one reality (or not-reality) to another. vera tries to blink the disorientation away. though not completely successful, her eyes are able to adjust to a building that's both familiar in its style as unfamiliar in its structure.


"anise? where are you?" she asks to the stagnant air, worried about the pokémon that had been with her only moments ago. a name she hasn't seen on the news in a long time is brought up in the scream-whispers of a bunch of people. the tension on the faces of league officers is hard to miss.


vera's instincts are asking her to do so many things at once that it's no surprise it overwhelms her. each urgent matter pulls at her. neither of them can win. she's glued to whatever floor she's in, until a sixth sense makes her turn and she catches a hooded figure's eyes on her. she gasps. her knees give out as a single thought crosses her mind.


this is war she's found herself in.

[attr="id","hashtag"][newclass="#hashtag"]color:[var="string"] !important;font-family:'slabo 27px' !important;text-transform:uppercase;font-size:10px;[/newclass][newclass="#hashtag a"]background:#FFF !important;font-family:inherit;font-size:inherit;color:inherit;padding:0 2px;transition:all 0.4s ease-in;[/newclass][newclass="#hashtag a:hover"]color:[var="black"] !important;[/newclass][newclass=".hashtext p::first-letter"]display:block;float:left;;background:[var="heart"];border:1px white solid;outline:3px [var="heart"] solid;padding:2.5px 6px;font-family:'slabo 27px';font-size:14px;text-transform:uppercase;color:white;margin:7px 10px 5px 0px;[/newclass][newclass=".hashtext b"]font-weight:normal;color:[var="string"];[/newclass][newclass=".hashtext a"]font-family:inherit; font-size:inherit; color:[var="string"]; } .hashtext h2, .hashtext h3 { font: 10px 'Hammersmith One'; text-transform: uppercase; display: inline; } .hashtext h3 { color: [var="heart"]; } #hashtag .pkspr, #hashtag .pokesprite { cursor: default; } #hashtag .pkspr { width: 40px; height: 30px; padding: 0; margin-top: -30px; } #hashtag .pkspr .pokesprite { transform: translate(-14px, 0); padding-bottom: -20px; } .hashtext .vdice-box { box-shadow: none; border: 3px [var="heart"] solid; width: 40px; height: 40px; } .hashtext .vdice-box .vdice-value { font: 24px 'slabo 27px'; line-height: 20px; [/newclass][var name="heart" value="#2BD5A0"][var name="string" value="#FF326C"][var name="black" value="#000"][googlefont="Slabo 27px|Muli|Hammersmith+One"]

hoenn historia
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From one set of ruins to another. Oscar watched the scene in the cave fade away, replaced with another in open air. He stood among the wreckage of a power plant, destroyed machinery moaning as wind blew through their broken bones. Bodies of league rangers and rocket grunts alike lay crushed among the rubble, churning Oscar's stomach. And here he thought he was hardened.

Oscar put a hand to his head, this was heavy shit. Where was he? Was this the Mauville power plant? Nah, last he checked that was still standing. He wracked his brain, trying to remember something from Hoenn's history that might help him. He could hear the sounds of battle in the distance, so that narrowed it down. Perhaps Slateport? Wasn't the Slateport power plant demolished? He didn't know it was during a battle. He was going to head toward the distant conflict when a voice stopped him.


Oscar looked to his feet, his eyes ablaze with shock. A league cadet lay under some metal frames, reaching up to Oscar. He could see him? The cadet was--pretty fucked up. He seemed grievously burned, and blood soaked his clothes as if he had been swimming in it. Oscar grimaced, if he was corporeal perhaps-- He reached for the framing, slowly pulling it forward. The cadet tried to scream as it was dragged over him, but alas he had no energy left. Soon the frame covered the cadet completely, hiding him from view. 

Oscar watched his hands phase through the metal, a sign he had once again turned invisible. Oh well, at least he didn't have to look at that cadet anymore. Oscar stepped over the frame, ignoring the sounds of muffled sobbing as he made his way through the ruins.

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Ruby's questions would go completely unanswered as the world itself felt like it was just peeling away. Falling down and down, her eyes not even entirely sure what to make of it as she cried out in surprise. Luckily she wasn't falling for long before her feet eventually hit solid ground.

It was Slateport alright, but it was certainly not as she remembered. People were attacking... was this Team Rocket? Their outfits were certainly obvious as she stared at them from her position behind a few boxes on the docks. What was going on? Did she even have enough time to question what was happening before she was whisked away again?

Suddenly, her odd ethereal form became solid and the boxes she was hiding behind got knocked over as her sense of balance was completely destroyed.

"Heh... what have we got here?" Someone spoke, and Ruby immediately began to panic. She was actually here, they could see her. Scrambling to her feet, Ruby stared up at the grunt in front of her. It was some lanky man, with a cocky smirk on his face as if he expected the young girl to be easy pickings. Ruby immediately shifted into a battle-ready stance, ready to defend herself should it come to it utilizing some of the skills she learned from the Fighting Gym.

Luckily, Ruby didn't have to. Whisper herself was quick to pop out of her Pokeball, the Hatterene staring death at the Rocket Grunt who dared to threaten her trainer. The Grunt was obviously confused, with the Galarian Embargo still in effect, it was quite likely he had never seen a pokemon like this at all.

Before the grunt could even get the bright idea to attempt to steal her 'rare' pokemon and send out a pokemon of his own, Whisper was quick to use BRUTAL SWING, the tentacle of hers slamming into his face with an intense ferocity, knocking him out cold as his head slammed against the pavement below.

Ruby let out a quiet sigh, quickly moving to give Whisper a brief hug before pulling the tall pokemon back down to hide. "Thank you... I know I can always rely on you." The Hatterene wrapped their tentacle protectively around the young trainer as they kept an eye out for any more foes. Whatever was going on, they couldn't risk exposure just yet. Something big was going on and it was time to calm down. Gather clues, focus, don't panic. Just where was this strange rift going to take her next? Hopefully somewhere less dangerous, although she somehow doubted that.

Notes: Ruby is spotted briefly by a grunt, who is promptly knocked unconscious by Whisper with a Brutal Swing as they hide once more.


[newclass=.merkI] width: 330px; font-family: 'Trebuchet MS'; font-size: 11px; text-align: justify; color: #a3a3a3; padding: 20px; line-height: 12pt; margin-top: -10px; [/newclass] [newclass=.merkI b] color: #B8D9EC; font-size: 12px; [/newclass] [newclass=.merktagI] text-align:right; [/newclass] [newclass=.merktagI a] background: #2e2e2e; padding: 10px; border: 1px solid #252525; text-transform: uppercase!important; font-family: 'roboto'; font-size: 10px; font-weight: bold; color: #aaa; letter-spacing: 1px!important; [/newclass] [newclass=.merkpokesI] text-align:right; [/newclass] [newclass=.merkpokesI img] padding: 0px 5px 5px 0px; background: #2e2e2e; border: solid 1px #252525; [/newclass]

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 as noah runs from cave floor to pavement, he barely has time to catch his breath. he clutches his chest as if to calm his heart. all around him, broken windows and downed street lamps clot the streets. still, he wonders if this is all real.

his phone receives no signal. attempts to capture photos reveal black screens.

as he hides himself, noah waits for the next realm as the world around him flickers real then false.



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