i used to dream in the dark of palisades park

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Laurence Anderson
POSTED ON Oct 6, 2020 20:29:55 GMT
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Meteor Falls, for lack of a better term, wasn’t going to be the same for him again. After the events of the war that had transpired there (with him almost dying not once but several fucking times in the process, yeesh) he… he seriously needed some time off to destress and unwind.

Unfortunately this meant that he wasn’t at Verdanturf but at Sootopolis, arranging some papers for the guest house since there was going to be renovation and restoration work done that he needed to schedule. He yawned, getting up from the desk where he was working and heading towards the kitchen—

Wait a second, what the fuck?

He looked around in alarm—this was definitely not the kitchen back where he was! The first thing he saw was some kid getting impaled and smeared all over the—walls—boy that was going to be something for the ages—and his mind flew into a panic.

What the fuck was happening, was the same thing that had happened last year taking place all over again?!

Quickly rummaging in his pockets, he felt the familiar six with him. Sending out Ro, he quickly clambered atop the silver beast’s back, looking around wildly—why did everything have such an ethereal look to it?! What the fuck was going on?!

His hand had gone through the shoulders of someone—he didn’t know who—but the sight of the man that they’d arrested (and had subsequently broken out, apparently) made chills run down his spine. Fucking hell, what was going on?!

He thought he saw a familiar face—and decided to make headway right to where Evan was, blood running cold and afraid that he might not reach him in time—

“Evan!” he cried out, instinctively punching the top of Ro’s head to make him go the fuck faster and get over to where the other man was. “What—do you know what’s—going the hell on?!”

He looked up in time to see a massive Hyper Beam—very similar to the one that had dusted him last year—headed their way.

“Get on, we’re getting out of the way! he added, attempting to pull him up onto the Metagross’s back so they could—find their way out. Or whatever the hell else was going on here.

mostly because holy shit what the fuq is happening is this another case of déjà vu?!

• Is this a take 2 of the communal nightmare from last year?! Lars’s mind does a tableflip at the sight
• Cringes at the poor shmuck who had gotten impaled
• Tries to get the attention of someone near him, instead his hand goes through like a specter
Ah shit, ah fuck what the hell?!
• Sends out Metagross and quickly gets on his back
• Sees Evan, blood runs cold—makes headway towards him at all costs
• Attempts to grab the other onto the Metagross’s back there’s no way they’re gonna get bifurcated by that Hyper Beam, nope
• Fulfilling: reacting to the insanity happening around him
• Any League-affiliated people are free to interact

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marcel maeda
POSTED ON Oct 6, 2020 21:29:27 GMT
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re: hoenn historia‒ ⛶ ✕

[attr="class","ePostMain"]it's not an unfamiliar feeling, looking in. marcel is an observer by nature: the incurable outsider. something close to fatigue wears at him and, naturally, one assumption leads to another. jules cotillard crouches somewhere in the distance; he supposes he still has mauville on the mind.
he's still adjusting to his surroundings when the first person phases through him. marcel's gaze follows joey kim—name and face both second-hand information—carelessly, and too late to pull away. it takes a second for the image to process.
his head jerks away. "what the fuck."
marcel shoves his hands in his pockets as the regirock sounds, too loudly for comfort. he takes a step towards the cave's opening, and lingers until he decides to sit. another person rushes through him. their shadows are too sharp against the stone floor—this time, he doesn't turn.

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skyler dross
POSTED ON Oct 6, 2020 21:56:41 GMT
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Things had been strange every since the whole War of the Worlds situation. It had nothing to do with her bruised fists or the way her head had been hurting, or how alcohol found itself sliding past her lips at 3am to chase away nightmares and sudden shadows. Which is what she'd been hoping to do - yet again - when she suddenly stumbled on her way to the kitchen and --

Between one step and the next, something shifted. The wooden floors of her house were gone. As were the walls and, well, the whole of it really. There was no house to speak of. And this large underground chamber definitely wasn't anywhere near her street in Lilycove. 

The instinct to rub her eyes was strong, but she refrained when her brain registered the colossal stone titan in the chamber with her. She almost jumped out of her skin when a voice spoke into her ear, providing context that only led to more questions.
"What the fuck is going on?" 

Skyler had seen her fair share of strange things, but this one just- It wasn't a dream, was it? She certainly felt awake enough, but... her arms were kind of translucent? 

And she was barefooted. In her pyjamas. Just great.

There were other people in the chamber with her; some of them looked real, some of them looked translucent, much like herself. Had the same thing happened to them? She couldn't really take a good look at their faces; it was strange, as soon as she tried to make out any details they seemed to shift, becoming something else. Except...


Before she could react in any shape or form, a young man was smashed to literal bits by the titan, splatting against the closest stone walls. It prompted the captain to release her Magellan, the Dragonite putting himself between the young woman and the danger ahead.

They had to dodge a particularly nasty HYPER BEAM that came too close for comfort. The Dragonite sent the occasional AQUA JET to redirect thrown boulders. "Where's the exit?"

+ skyler freaks out
+ skyler thinks she recognizes and calls out to him
+ she releases dragonite and defends against a hyper beam
+ dragonite uses aqua jet to redirect boulders

prompt: strike the boulders and protect against hyper beam // feel free to interact with skyler, league or rocket
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i used to dream in the dark of palisades park.
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Lucas Lane
POSTED ON Oct 7, 2020 0:03:31 GMT
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At the sound of his phone alarm going off Lucas, clad in his geodude pajamas, woke up from his late nap. Pulling his blanket off with a single sweep of his arm he climbed out of bed and grabbed for his phone. Just as Lucas lifted it off his side table he was hit with a sudden vertigo sensation. As attempted to cling to the bedside table for support Lucas' surroundings warped. His warm bedroom was gone, and in its place was a cold cave.

After orienting himself with the situation at hand Lucas realized he was without pokeballs. Because as weird as he was he didn't sleep with them in his pockets. So instead of trying to prevent the unbridled chaos in the cave he tried to record the experience on his cell phone.
no one gets to see Lucas in his geodude pajamas

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i used to dream in the dark of palisades park.
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Rufio McGillis
POSTED ON Oct 7, 2020 1:03:45 GMT
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In mere moments Rufio's trek was interrupted, an almost silent "pop" as the light seemed to fade, or did it actually increase until he just couldn't bare it anymore and thus couldn't see?

Then everything felt like it was spinning, but as if he was standing in place.

When his vision came back to him he wanted to hurl and yet he managed to contain himself as he began to register his surroundings. Was he underground?

Why were there so many other people and....

What was the giant, seemingly sentient, rock-thing in the distance? Why was it cornering Scientist looking folk?


Whatever was going on it had become clear to Rufio that it was a descent into Hell, people being murdered by a monstrous rock-like Pokemon [or whatever it was]. Rufio too would register the chaos like he usually did, gauging it with his own confidence and willingness to become stronger alongside his Pokemon. As such when things continued to devolve so would Rufio throw himself into the frey.

Summoning forth his Doublade dubbed Zweihander the ginger would sneer amidst the chaos, the confusion, he'd relish it and the adrenaline it afforded him.

In this mad world the only thing that Rufio found as a counter measure was to become stronger. If one were superior they could avoid being washed away down stream...

Zweihander, let's get in there and crush some rock!

Letting out a steely scream version of a battle cry the sword would twirl in place before Rufio latched onto the hilts of his sentient sword Pokemon. In this he'd be pulled along by her motions as she began to soar forward, ducking and zig zagging out of the way of various rocks and counter attacks that began to fly around the area.

If able Rufio and Zweihander would begin to assault the gigantic rock-monster-Pokemon with Sacred Sword thanks to the Doublade's No Guard ability that ensured hits would land.

It would be at this time that it would become clear that Rufio had left behind another Pokemon in secret, having dropped Lockjaw the Croconaw's Poke Ball earlier and telling them to wait a few moments to come out and protect them if need be. In this Lockjaw would snap into existence, forming out of blue energy before spitting out a mighty Hydro Pump to hit any rocks that might try to hit Rufio or Doublade along their way to hit the strange-beast.


Rufio is summoned, finding himself confused amid the chaos
Rufio relishes this confusion and chaos
Rufio summons Doublade the Zweihander
Rufio latches onto Doublade's hilts and attacks Regirock with his Pokemon using Sacred Sword via No Guard ability
Rufio secretly left Lockjaw the Croconaw behind to summon itself shortly after
Lockjaw the Croconaw then aims to hit any of the flying rocks that might come toward Rufio and Doublade

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chryssa glasgow
POSTED ON Oct 7, 2020 1:46:32 GMT
chryssa glasgow Avatar

H O E N N  H I S T O R I A 

She was a motherfucking

Chryssa’s laughter rung out across the field of chaos; wild, elated, triumphant laughter. It was swallowed up by the crash and rumble of boulders, falling and shattering to pieces on the stone floor. The shrapnel fell through her where she stood, passing harmlessly through her body.

You can’t hurt me, she thought, eager to test her limits, and walked towards the Regirock emerging from the ancient ruin. She leaned heavily on her cane, its tassel stirring sluggishly as she gripped it tighter with excitement. Nothing can actually touch me here, can it? Not even you, monster.

Too close for comfort, the seven eyes of the earthen golem pulsed as if they were switches on a communication board, its cannonlike arms bearing around with a warning hum like an instrument of death.

But tonight, that song was not for her.

With a cry of triumph, in one motion the girl unsheathed her Honedge but then stumbled as the ghost blade surged to life, tassel wrapping tightly around her wrist and lashing her to its hilt. What? But I thought...

Her heartbeat slowed. No— it skipped. She grew lightheaded, not from giddiness, but from her vitality being siphoned away. No! she thought, dazed, just as the Hyper Beam burst like a cannon filled with starlight before her eyes.

Possessed by a force not her own, her hand came up as if to parry the blast, the torrent of light parting around the darkly glowing blade and flowing to either side like running water.
 The Hyper Beam ended, its path diverted, and Chryssa sank to her knees.

It seemed she was invulnerable to the dream, but not to herself.

She lowered Muir and just managed to sheathe it, her hands starting to tremble as soon as she let go. All around her, people and Pokemon were still fighting. ”You people don’t get it,” she called, weakly, and no one seemed to hear. The figments of the vision continued to fight, to fall, their Pokemon crushed, their bones breaking. ”Wake up, none of this matters! It’s inevitable. We can’t change it. She received no answers, and continued to watch as others streamed into the fray.

Was that true? All around her, people—faceless ghosts— seemed to be having an impact, even if just a small one. Lifting her chin, still too weak to stand, Chryssa resolved herself. Fine—if she couldn’t change the events in play, maybe she could find the source. If not the dreams, then the dreamers themselves.

So from where she’d sunk, chaos all around her, the girl fixed her eyes on those few faces and remembered.

  • reacting to general chaos
    partially deflecting hyper beam with night slash
    chryssa will remember this.

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i used to dream in the dark of palisades park.
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priam conrad
POSTED ON Oct 7, 2020 2:39:45 GMT
priam conrad Avatar
"oh my god. oh my god. oh my god..."

priam gets ecstatic at the sight of the regirock. he doesn't know how he got here, although logic and reasoning escaped him the moment he was face-to-face with the abomination that he had unfortunately skipped. he already was in hoenn when this happened, although circumstances regarding living conditions had him unable to slip in with the troops to experience this.

arms squeeze the shroomish he holds between his arms. he cannot wait for him to tell about this experience. he trains on the legendary pokemon instead of the happenings around him, unable to perceive the chaos through sheer awe. there's an urge to do something, and priam doesn't find anything wrong with doing so.

"seed bomb!"

he turns his shroomish around and aims the top of its head at the regirock with one swift, fluid motion of his hands. with his chest as support from recoil, the grass-type starts to indiscriminately fire off seed bombs at the general direction of the regirock, explosions happening upon contact with rocks.

priam starts running in circles around the regirock with his shroomish, clearly enjoying himself. "hey, hey, hey!" he chants merrily as one step goes over the other in quick succession.

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Katherine Fairburne
POSTED ON Oct 7, 2020 3:06:23 GMT
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Katherine’s mind often wandered during sleepless nights when she tried to think about where it is that people go when they fall asleep. She imagined distant lands, unknown pokemon who only exist in the realm of dreams and nightmares - but something like this?

She had never imagined it to be so vivid and real before.

When her eyes open and she finds herself outside of her bedroom, she can only assume the worst. The league found out. She’d been kidnapped. An ultra beast attacked. The army of the Megalopolans breached through all of their defenses.

And yet, despite all the things she could think of, she failed to consider whatever this is.

She snaps back to reality, the sound of the Regirock capturing her attention immediately. And as soon as the titan’s within her sights, the gym leader winces preemptively at the thought that this is what she has to deal with.

“There’s no way—”

She can’t do this, nor can her pokemon. Defeating this behemoth of a creature would require an army, and all she has is...

Staring down at the capsule within her grasp, she recognizes it to belong to her Aegislash. Without so much of a second thought, Caliburn is released just as Katherine comes to notice that they're only partially here. The Regirock pays her no mind and focuses on other distorted figures, as if Kat was but one of her own ghosts herself.

“..Don’t attack. Just protect us from these rocks.”


[attr="class","katherinetag"] @hoennhistoria

[newclass=.katherine] width: 330px; font-family: 'Trebuchet MS'; font-size: 11px; text-align: justify; color: #a3a3a3; padding: 20px; line-height: 12pt; margin-top: -10px; [/newclass] [newclass=.katherine b] color: #7a737e; font-size: 12px; [/newclass] [newclass=.katherinetag] text-align:right; [/newclass] [newclass=.katherinetag a] background: #2e2e2e; padding: 10px; border: 1px solid #252525; text-transform: uppercase!important; font-family: 'roboto'; font-size: 10px; font-weight: bold; color: #aaa; letter-spacing: 1px!important; [/newclass] [newclass=.katherinepokes] text-align:right; [/newclass] [newclass=.katherinepokes img] padding: 0px 5px 5px 0px; background: #2e2e2e; border: solid 1px #252525; [/newclass]
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gigi bae
POSTED ON Oct 7, 2020 3:27:19 GMT
gigi bae Avatar
One second she was streaming and the next she was

  • holy crap this isn't a dream. 
  • next "logical" thought is that she's in limbo. especially since other spoopy hallucination-like spirits.
  • probably going to meet the judge and go to hell. arceus she should have listened to her parents more.
  • well, since she's *most likely* going to hell might as well have fun.
  • recognizes the face of silph co., . evil cackle ensues. 
  • somehow manages to summon mana the elgyem just by thinking. uh.. did she somehow get her pokemon killed too? wtf.
  • commands mana to pants (definition: to yank down the pants of (someone) as a prank or joke) by using psychic because she's totally just testing to see if she can interact with the world and not up to something so childish in this situation. 
  • recognizes Jules Cotillard from somewhere (depending on timeline either hnn or raid) and sticks captcha to his back with the order to shock (discharge) the crap out of him.
  • sees the others trying to stop the rocks and hyper beam (via their pokemons moves suddenly showing up in the actual world) causing her to slowly grasp this new reality: maybe she isn't dead? 
  • notices the impaled kirlia which, holy fuck, yeah that probably doesn't help in limbo.
  • duraludon is magically summoned and uses rock smash to intercept incoming rocks.
  • hax the doublade tries to slice through rocks by using scared sword.
  • venusaur attempts to redirect rocks with petal dance.
  • doppler the castform uses rain dance, activating his forecast ability. is trying to boost the water type attacks aimed at the regirock and what not. also, added effect of turning into a water type.
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Kazimir Wynter
POSTED ON Oct 7, 2020 4:13:56 GMT
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axl the greninja uses mat block! to protect the team against hyper beam!




one minute he was finishing up using a port-a-potty and washing his hands in the small plastic sink set up right next to it that his whole body flinched when the sound of someone's voice reached his ears and caught him by surprise. looking around he noticed that not only was there no one in sight to be the source of the voice but there was something different about where he was. wasn't he along a route before? how did he end up in a cave!? before his mind could even process what was going on the sound of rumbling and the shaking ground was enough to grab his attention and draw it to the gigantic titan of rock that was attacking a group of people.
"um..ok. no time to figure out this...crazy...whatever is going on." first alien cannibals and now giant rock monsters. no rest for hoenn it seemed. still that didn't mean that a hero needed rest either, and reaching down for a pokeball he freed his greninga who took its usual froggy stance waiting for his trainer's command. "Axl, let's keep those people safe! use mat block!" kaz shouted as the frog slammed the ground with his foot and a large wall of stone erupted like a mat blocking the group of researchers from the hyper beam that was coming right for them.


[newclass=.heart]position:relative; height:600px; width:500px; background:#F3B9A0; padding:2px; border-radius:100px 5px 5px 5px; [/newclass]
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[newclass=.hearttext b] color:#1979e6; [/newclass]
[newclass=.heartside] position:absolute; top:490px; right:-10px; background:transparent; width:190px; padding:10px; max-height:70px; text-align:justify; overflow:auto; [/newclass]
[newclass=.heartnotebox] position:absolute; top:390px; right:10px; background:#fff; border:solid 1px #EC907B; width:150px; padding:10px; height:72px; overflow:auto; [/newclass]
[newclass=.heartnotes] height:65px; overflow:auto; font-size:12px; text-align:justify; font-family: 'Roboto', sans-serif; color:#56535A; padding:3px; [/newclass]
[newclass=.hearttag] position:relative; display:inline-block; background:#fff; margin:1px; padding:5px; font-size:9px; text-transform:uppercase; font-family: 'Roboto', sans-serif; [/newclass]
[newclass=.hearticonholder] border-radius:100px 100px 100px 100px; border:solid 1px #EC907B; padding:10px; border-right-color: #FFFFFF; position:absolute; right:40px; top:260px; background:transparent; [/newclass]
[newclass=.hearttext::-webkit-scrollbar] width:2px;background-color:#313131;border:#fff 1px solid; [/newclass]
[newclass=.hearttext::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb] width:2px;background-color:#EC907B; [/newclass]
[newclass=.heartnotes::-webkit-scrollbar] width:2px;background-color:#313131;border:#fff 1px solid; [/newclass] [newclass=.heartnotes::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb] width:2px;background-color:#EC907B; [/newclass]
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POSTED ON Oct 7, 2020 4:26:33 GMT
[attr="class","spiral"]Temporal distortion.

It's not the first thing that comes to mind when Fernando comes to in the Desert Ruins but its a rough guess. His initial assumption is another incident similar to his venture into Hoopa's Nightmare Domain. Even with the presence of two Lillians, along with a full out play of those present to the events, having experienced the Nightmare Raid before makes for an easier explanation than anything else.

So when confronted with the nightmares of his past failures, Fernando does nothing. He simply sits there, observing, noticing several others who prove just as etheral.

Why play with fate when the results created the people he knows today? What move can he make that will cause the future to change for the better? Nothing obvious sticks out so there's no point in trying. Not when Fernando is content with dismissing the event as another intertwined dream.

However, having never been able to follow up with the Hoopa's Nightmare, he makes a clear effort in memorizing anyone who he doesn't recognize or shouldn't be there.

And, foolishly, some of them make a move to change the past. Scoffing to himself, he fancies playing with the same theory but doubles back to his first line of thinking.

What move would make this all for the better?

There's no point in defending himself. Or anyone for that matter. They all made it out alive. Those that matter, anyway. So the only other alternative becomes obvious.

Tapu Fini comes from the dredge of his MISTY TERRAIN. It takes its time to channel its energy, neither of them in the Pokemon's line of sight. And, with preparation, they unleash their Z-move: the Guardian of Alola.

What merit is there in defeating the Regirock?

Capturing it.

Fernando chances a loose theory by throwing an Ultraball at it.

Noticeable to anyone who is also noticeable.

[newclass=.spiral]text-align: justify;font-family:calibri;font-size:14px; margin: 0 auto; width: 300px;[/newclass]
[newclass=.spiral b]color: #90c1f9[/newclass]
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POSTED ON Oct 7, 2020 5:19:58 GMT
[attr="class","spiral"]The Desert Ruins are a familiar sight for Lillian. It's hard to forget the room, the titan that fills it, the pokemon lost within. It's the first time she's managed to look at it from the perspective she currently does, though. Where she can easily watch the stray rock that drives itself into her leg -- it looks so much less significant from the outside.

But the way her face twists with pain at the injury feels real and familiar even from the outside. The way she bites back tears at the sight of her pokemon crushed beneath collapsing stone is mirrored even in the present she occupies.

Her hands flex and unflex, she feels a strong desire to move and do something more than she could in the moment as it happened; but she pulls herself back. What is it she could do? Would it even be safe for her to act?

Instead she turns her eyes to her surroundings. The bits she hasn't revisited in countless waking hours.

Bodies move through the ethereal space she inhabits. They run, they send out silhouetted pokemon, and some grow clear -- the fogs that obscure them falling away to reveal people (most unrecognizable to her). Most.

She approaches Fernando without a second thought, and joins him without saying a word. Watches him throw an ultra ball and wonders if it'll go better than the attack his past self launched with a stray stone.

notes: noticeable to fernando and people who choose to notice him

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Ruby Walker
POSTED ON Oct 7, 2020 5:52:45 GMT
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All Ruby wanted was a single night of peace and quiet. A moment to themselves, to relax and take in the beautiful night sky that they almost never got stick around to see. And yet, suddenly Ruby found herself falling forwards, slipping away into some strange place. At first, Ruby thought it to be a vision like the one she was granted some time ago, but that seemed to not be the case at all. This felt too... real. She was in control of herself and her actions, despite still being deep underground.

And then the sound of Dahlia begins to echo into her ear, talking about some kind of rescue team, and Team Rocket potentially being involved. What was going on? Her eyes were wide as she scanned the entire room, struggling to take everything in. Was she actually here? It didn't feel like teleporting, but judging how the explorers in the room didn't recognize her... although she certainly recognized one of them, it didn't feel like that was the case.

They didn't even react to her presence, nor did the massive titan of stone and rock. It was massive... She had heard all about it from her Oranguru, who apparently tried to telepathically connect with the Regirock before, but seeing it in person, or as close as this could be, was something else entirely. "Whats... What is going on?" Ruby would talk to herself idly, scanning the scene.

Suddenly, stone doors open and all hell seems to break loose as familiar figures and their pokemon get injured... and even killed. Was this a vision after all? Some strange dream? A rock basically passed straight through her, a feeling that felt so incredibly unnatural to witness, Ruby was simply just left with more and more questions.

She was unsure how she managed to do so in this strange intangible state, but she managed to summon Groove the Oranguru out once more. Hopefully, it's past experience... or future experience would come in handy. "Groove, try and redirect those beams. I know it might not work... but please, try to contact it again. I want to hear."

With that, Groove would quickly nod his head. The Oranguru opening up its mind and its psychic abilities as it attempted to use TELEPATHY to connect to Regirock once more, although if that was even possible was hard to gauge. Regardless, the psychic ape would use INSTRUCT on the Regirock itself, hoping to force it to exhaust its Hyper Beams into the ground beneath it, hopefully preventing any more unnecessary carnage.

"Please..." Ruby would beg out in silence as if pleading someone to answer her, perhaps even the Regirock itself. "What is going on?"

Notes: Ruby is confused. Attempts at contact are made with Telepathy and Instruct hopefully diverts hyper beams to the ground.


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POSTED ON Oct 7, 2020 6:51:16 GMT
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Razz did what he could to keep up with routine after the war. Despite his body feeling hurt and bruised he still made sure to wake up in the morning to go out for his morning jog. Probably not the best thing as he was still clearly tired as he struggled with his usual route. A few times he was sure he was drifting off, barely reaching the quarter of the way before he trip and fell on he was sure was nothing. Maybe doing this was a bad idea, he grumbled to himself as he hit his head with the... dirt? He was on a street last he checked. [break][break]

Quick to look up as he pushed himself to his knees Razz found himself in an unfamiliar environment. Was he hallucinating? Dreaming? There was a thoom noise that echoed through the cave he suddenly found himself in which made him look back and he wondered if he was going to need his eye checked again as the sight of a 30ft rock monster. The hell was happening!? Why and how was he here it was the voice in his ear that finally brought him into the possible reality of the situation. "Team Rocket?" he questioned still not understanding anything as he knows they went under so why was the lady mentioning them? He knows he's heard the voice before, but for the moment he's too much in a panic as he could feel his breathing getting shorter. Where was Salem? [break][break]

Though it seemed that as soon as he thought of the cat, the psychic cat came up from beside him telling him that he needed to breath and focus! Wait did he even bring him on this run? No stop thinking of the run, he told himself as he shook his head as cries of pain could be heard in front of him. Again panic was creeping up on him before Salem hit him with one of his paws. "Right too busy thinking," he comments to his cat as he tries to take action against the titan pokemon. Though how could they attack? [break][break]

Well that was his thought until Azula suddenly came from her pokeball. Okay yeah he thought of her he did not bring her pokeball. Never mind too much thinking, action now he began to repeat in his head. "Salem the rocks, Azula the beam," he was quick to order his pokemon to mobilize. Azula used HYDRO PUMP against the HYPER BEAM, even if it didn't have the power Razz was hoping it was enough to push the attack off it's course. Meanwhile Salem used PSYCHIC to catch the boulders and ensure they didn't hit anyone. [break][break]

With his mind now in focus rather than a panic for suddenly dropping in this dream, maybe he fell during his jog and hit his head. Seemed like the best explanation for this despite it feeling real enough that he needed to defend. Though with a clearer mind figures were noticed off to the side, but for the moment focus on this, figures later. [break][break]

    + Razz open to interaction


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