i used to dream in the dark of palisades park

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[attr="class","raidName"]01. HOENN HISTORIA







[attr="class","status NONE"]
[attr="class","th th-fire"]




ONE CHILLY NIGHT IN OCTOBER, your character's next step almost causes them to lose their footing. Like someone who misses a step on a staircase, they jolt forward into a new realm. Away from where ever they were previously, they find themselves stepping on rocky earth. Quickly, you realize you're deep within the earth. The chamber is around two American football fields long and 65 ft. high/20m high. In the walls, should you look carefully, you would be able to examine strains of what appears to be mega stone mineral veins.[break][break][break]


The Commissioner, 's voice blips into your ears. It's difficult to discern, for the sound is like a glitched audio file. However, that is the least of your concerns. A large titan, a Regirock that is around 32'8" or 10m in height, shifts about with terrible quaking. Nearby, you can spot a group of archaeologists and scientists hiding from the creature. They do not need to notice you— nor does the Regirock seem to recognize where you are.[break][break][break]

However, you'll notice that one of the scientists is one infamous Jules Cotillard.


Large stone doors slide open, and a myriad of faces appear before you. You can see the Regirock make its eccentric noises as it uses LOCK-ON on the party ahead. First through the door is a young child. As he enters the chamber you're in, you're all helpless as you watch him become skewered by an unavoidable STONE EDGE. His body cakes the cave wall.[break][break][break]

The Regirock continues to attack, hurling stones as if they were sports balls. You watch as breaks her leg and breaks his other arm (he has two broken arms now, haha what a loser), while 's kirlia is impaled by a falling stalactite. Afterward, it begins to charge a HYPER BEAM...[break][break][break]

Despite your presence here, your forms seem ethereal and impervious to any danger. However, you seem to be able to affect the physical realm here to a certain degree, as if you can influence possibility or chance with your actions.[break][break][break]


[attr="class","reward2"]WHAT WILL YOU DO?


☐ protect 's togekiss/kommo-o, 's lucario, 's gothita, 's dragonair, and 's kecleon/ditto from THROWN BOULDERS and HYPER BEAMS.[break][break]
☐ strike the boulders the regirock fires and protect against the HYPER BEAM that sweeps across.[break][break]
☐ react to the sheer chaos and confusion your character has been dropped into.


HOENN HISTORIA is a writing prompt event that one of your characters can participate in! Once you choose one, you will have locked them in for this travel into the past of Hoenn. Although your character may be present with others, they will not be able to recognize each other unless it is mutually consensual.[break][break]

To participate, simply write a response using one of the prompts above. Furthermore, please review the guidelines below:[break][break][break]

  • Only one character of yours can participate in the Hoenn Historia event.
  • [break]
  • You can redeem the round's rewards immediately after posting (unless it is PD, which will be added at the end of the round).
  • [break]
  • You do not need to post in every single round.
  • [break]
  • You can summon any of your Pokemon should you wish.
  • [break]



@hoennhistoria @2ndanniversary

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He couldn't make sense of anything.

One second he'd tripped on nothing, the next he was barreling through what he could only describe as 'space-time'. When he hit the ground he hit it hard; no grassy plains but actual cavernous rock.

He looked around unaware of his surroundings he reached for a pokéball when he saw a young boy killed by a mass of rocks that could have only been a pokémon or an Ultra Beast, which were apparently still pokémon. The way it smashed him and the way every living thing in the vicinity seemed to ignore Sénon's presence told him he was somewhere he wasn't supposed to be.

In that he called forth one of the newest of his team feeling the supernatural at work he felt having a bit of supernatural at his side would keep him safe or at least, aware. "Stay close to me." The Sableye responded by providing a tight guarding parameter. Gan already hiding in his shirt like almost-always.

The rocky mass charged a hot white glow from its craggy maw; hyper beams always looked the same no matter what pokémon was making it.

Sweeping his eyes across the expanse of the cave he saw a woman with tanned skin and white hair with a Lucario on her guard. With few other options than to sit by and watch he instead called forth his Gyarados to fire a HYDRO PUMP in the face of the massive rock beast to stop or counter its use of HYPER BEAM.

● tags: @hoennhistoria
● notes:

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The Champion was unfamiliar with this distortion; plucked straight from her own realm, Bailey Cooper felt phantasmal as she materialized in a space that she knew all too well.[break][break]

She dreamed of this place. It had refused to leave her mind.[break][break]

Worn leather boots padded across the ground, causing only the slightest of distortion to the surrounding space. She does not flinch as 's voice informed her of the situation, nor does she flinch as she stared at a foe that she had never thought to see again.[break][break]

Maybe, it was because she was enraptured by something else. Maybe, it was because she had always hoped to relive this day.[break][break]

In the distance, she saw herself; new boots that were still crisp and too tight around her ankles. Bailey could still remember the blisters as she watched the sway of her shortly cropped hair.[break][break]

Not alone, the younger Bailey does not seem scared as she deployed her pokemon into the fray; manic was her smile, but Bailey knew to look to the woman's hands, where fingers trembled around the capsule.[break][break]

Adrenaline had still been an unfamiliar friend. It was a front, but... as the Champion looked upon it, it had seemed so convincing.[break][break]

Just a young kid, throwing all of herself into the fray, because she would never be good for anything else; that line of thought would sting, but it still ran close as the Champion felt her hand extend out to her younger self. Maybe, to shake sense into her. Maybe, to derail her from this whole expenditure.[break][break]

If she stayed, she knew what would happen; the events that would follow, knowing that this Bailey would never be the same.[break][break]

A different smile. A different flame.[break][break]

She seemed so proud, but Bailey knew that could not be true. What did this Cadet have to be proud of? Proud of fulfilling her duty, in the most straightforward of ways?[break][break]

Proud to die?[break][break]

Her hand retracted, looking away from Bailey as the woman drifted to the side of a man that would soon be a ghost; let her be young. Let her grow.[break][break]

“Go fuck 'em up,” she breathed to herself, knowing that it was directed to two rather than one; her own hand would drift to her waist, just to remove one simple pokeball.[break][break]

“We got a hell of a ride, and if you fuck up here... well, you won't be cut out for what comes next.”[break][break]

Because what would come next would be warm, strong, and all-consuming in its might; the shattering of the capsule releasing something that should have dwarfed this space, something that would dwarf the Regirock in the distance.[break][break]

Groudon, suspended by this distortion, would raise prodigious claws; like his body was too large for this space, she could see the way his body clipped and seamlessly passed through their surroundings.[break][break]

“Precipicle Blades,” she breathed, having always dreamed of doing something about that pesky hyper beam. Unsure as to how much alteration could be achieved, she just hoped that the manipulation of earth and the rising blades could work to make barriers for some of the pokemon that descended into combat; specifically, her own togekiss and kommo-o.[break][break]

And, as her head turned, she watched Bailey's own ascension as her younger self charged across the cave; eager to live through something that would shape her future and all things to come.[break][break]

“I look like such a dumb bitch.”


[attr="class","euterpetag"]HOENN HISTORIA


intending to defend 's togekiss and kommo-o.


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i used to dream in the dark of palisades park.
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you're a taker; devil's-maker

let me hear you sing


Dinner had been in the process of being prepared when it happened. Though living in a rather secluded corner of Fortree City, with no one to keep him company but his Absol, Sven's treehouse was alive with the sound of alt-rock as he diced a pair of peppers in the kitchen and prepared the counter for the vegan burgers he'd planned to make. There was no way he could have expected to trip on something that wasn't actually there, as he was making his way to the kitchen closet for some olive oil. But, alas, he did.[break][break]

| | |

A sudden cold chill. A blur of vision that gradually refocused to perceive the darker surroundings he suddenly found himself within. The young ranger stood in place for a moment, frozen, as he blinked and tried to understand what had just occurred. He shifted in place then checked his own body... only to then realize he was immaterial. Panic and confusion suddenly hooked their claws into his calm and tore it away as he frantically began to move about the chamber.[break][break]

W-What's happening? Am I dreaming? Did I... die? Why am I here? What is this place? Where's Lupa?[break][break]

"Lupa? Lupaaaa!" He called out, placing a hand against one of the cave walls (and its mega stone vein) before using it to guide his way down. His steps are soundless. Yet he can still somehow feel the smooth rock against his palm and fingers. Furthermore, he can feel the ground trembling beneath his feet. There's something big ahead.[break][break]

Just before he cranes his neck out from a corner to see it, a voice suddenly fills his mind. What the hell? Brave souls? A rescue? Sven didn't consider himself religious in the standard convention of the word, but he had half a mind to believe this was purgatory. If so, then perhaps the feminine voice in his head had been 'God'. And, perhaps, this was all a test to break free from here.[break][break]

Whether or not his perception of the situation was true, Sven was self-conscious of the fact that his mind needed to facilitate some framework of understanding to this reality to continue functioning. So he took a deep breath; exhaled. This was what he was going with. Turning the corner and proceeding forward was a commitment to himself to stifle the panic and find answers. When he nearly ran right into his Absol, however, the young ranger shouted in fright and fell back.[break][break]


Thankfully, Lupa had caught him by the sleeve of his ghostly shirt with her mouth. Pulling him back up onto two steady feet was no issue afterwards. Though she, too, was surprised when he suddenly flung himself forward to hug her. There were no words. There didn't need to be. She nuzzled him back before the odd roar of a titan filled the chamber obnoxiously and brought them both back to attention.[break][break]

"C'mon, girl," He sniffed, gently patting the side of her face. "Time to rescue some dummies, I guess."[break][break]

Their walk forward, however, soon brought them face-to-face with something else that was difficult to comprehend. The massive golem was a sight to behold for both trainer and pokémon. They observed it cautiously from behind a pillar-like formation of rock for a moment, but stepped out when Sven realized neither the titan nor its combatants took notice of them. The voice of 'God' had told him to rescue the explorers. For some reason, he didn't take the aggressive golem to be one of these 'explorers'.[break][break]

So, hoping a bit of her SUPER LUCK would come into play here, Sven saw as the titan prepared to throw a mass of rocks forward and quickly issued a command. "Cut them down with Pyscho Cut! Quick, Lupa!"[break][break]

The Absol braced herself as she craned her neck back then spun it around in a quick circle, using her horn to gather and unleash a sharp slice of telekinetic energy she hoped would shatter the thrown rocks into harmless crumbs in mid-air. Meanwhile, Sven took another look at the people in the area... and came to notice at least one that looked as transparent as he did.[break]



I offer consent for anyone to see and/or interact with Sven![break][break]

Absol is counting on her Super Luck![break]
Heightens the critical-hit ratios of moves.[break]
Absol used Psycho Cut on thrown rocks![break]
The user tears at the foe with blades formed by psychic power. It has a high critical-hit ratio.[break]


@hoennhistoria @2ndanniversary


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Gavin stands on the back stoop of his Fallarbor home, flicking ash from his cigarette onto the stone below. Smoke curls from his lips as a sigh parts them. It's another sleepless night. Not wanting to wake with his restlessness, the scientist has consigned himself to a long night. The butt of a finished cigarette is tossed into a waiting ashtray, and Gavin turns to head back inside. He steps toward the door—[break][break]

—and finds himself somewhere else.[break][break]

Stone beneath his boots, still, but of a different sort. He's underground. He registers this but a moment before distorted audio interrupts his train of thought: the commissioner's voice? It sounds wrong, somehow.[break][break]

"—Team Rocket have infiltrated the rescue team—"[break][break]

Have we? It's news to him. He'd almost be amused if not for the strangeness of the situation. Where the hell am I?[break][break]

The ground shakes, and Gavin turns his gaze from the colorful mineral veins to the rumbling titan whose presence dominates the chamber. He's never seen its like: his eyes widen with fascination, curiosity... which is quick to give way to horror as he watches it mercilessly dispatch a child.[break][break]

Yet the rampaging legendary doesn't seem to notice him at all; Gavin realises that the others in this not-quite-dream react with a similar indifference, as if he weren't even there. One among them strikes Gavin as familiar: Councilman Silph. That he had not seemed to register the presence of a certain Patrick Cavalli all but confirmed Gavin's suspicion that his existence here is somewhere in between the folds of reality: had he not dealt with an alien invasion a month prior, that might have seemed bizarre, unreasonable. Now, it's met with a grim acceptance. Perhaps this was some sort of vision after all... but after watching bones break and Pokemon die, he's not going to chance it.[break][break]

Against such a dangerous threat, the Rocket deploys his own force of destruction: Lugia bursts from its prison in a flurry of shadow, announced by its furious shriek. His own corrupted titan whips up a ferocious storm of wind and shadow to clash with the falling rocks.[break][break][break]

Rockets are free to recognize/interact with Gavin.[break]
Gavin sends out SHADOW LUGIA because this is a perfect excuse.[break]
Lugia uses SHADOW STORM against the boulders, described in Bulbapedia as 'A shadowy aura is used to whip up a vicious tornado.'




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Kaida felt like her flesh was a phantom, stepping onto solid ground, she flinched at the eerily real voice in her ear...but this was a nightmare, was it not? Because if not, what was happening here? [break][break]

Firstly, Regirock was not that big. She knew! Kjoll had seen it! It hadn't killed a little one during her Pokemon's own exploration here either. A nightmare didn't feel real though, not like this. She pawed at her Pokebslls, coming up with one she unleashed instantly. Ormr shrunk in fear, likely coming to the same conclusion she had. A nightmare! [break][break]

Hurriedly scooping Ormr up, she let the Ekans wrap around her arm and pointed outwards. "Spit, Ormr." She whispered, helping the serpent aim his Acid Spray. A nightmare this may be, but she hated dying in a dream.


[attr="class","notes"]notes: Kaida is here! Ekans uses Acid Spray at the rocks!


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POSTED ON Oct 5, 2020 19:14:20 GMT
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unfamiliar with as to what was going on. all mateo took notice of was the scene before him. @persephone and her lucario were in trouble. no time to think, just action. "sceptile, LEAF BLADE!" emerging from its ball the grass-type maneuvered speedily to intercept the oncoming THROWN BOULDERS with RAZOR SHARP BLADES of his own. cutting them in half before lucaio could be struck.

mateo hastily jogged over toward persephone in order to place a hand upon her shoulder, when suddenly, "yo, p, are you o--wah, idjit!" he'd fall through her and landed flat on face. just what the heck was that? "what's the big idea, perse!? dammit, idjit..." mateo rubbed his face while receiving neither a response or a glance. no response. not even a simple glance.
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evan fader
POSTED ON Oct 5, 2020 19:18:50 GMT
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Bare feet move about the wood panels of the Stray's balcony. A place Evan often finds himself these days. His fingers are still wrapped around the wine glass when he rises from he seat and moves to enter the building.

The door way does not open up to the second floors halls. There are no hotel doors on either side for him to enter, no stairway to walk down further. Instead there is a hitch in his step and he's reaching forward with his other hand to catch his glass before the contents are gone. Droplets hit the floor of the cavern and when his eyes rise to wander he finds himself in a rather unlikely place.

Evan's eyes grow wide at the sight of the old god in front of him. The words drifting past his ears are fleeting and barely have a chance to sink in before the stories of the old gods tumble through his mind instead.

"Why? Why me? Why again?"

He moves to avoid a flying rock, taking shelter behind a boulder and abandoning his glass before reaching for the pokeballs kept on his belt bellow his sweater. "Cervantes, steel wing, carry saffron into position." the flying rocks worry him less than the charging hyper beam.

The joltik scurries up his arm, leaping from his hand to the back of the steel bird as it appears. Cervantes takes to the skies, striking down flying boulders as it maneuvers through the cavern. The joltik knows it's job, when the beam fires off the Protect barrier goes up. Evan hopes for the best.

>>feel free to recognize evan
>>attempting to protect against the hyper beam!

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POSTED ON Oct 6, 2020 3:13:43 GMT
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Oscar blinked wildly, his mind racing as he took in his sudden misplacement. He couldn't remember what he was doing last, but it certainly didn't involve a massive rock monster in a cave. Oscar smacked his head with his hand, dumbfounded at the whirlwind of mayhem happening around him. His hand slowly slid down his face, his shock melting away. At this point nothing really surprised him anymore.

Oscar examined the fight and discovered two important facts. One being that he had no features and there were other featureless shadows lurking in the dark. Cool, guess this is just his life now. Second being that there were real people too, and the behemoth was keen on crushing them. Oscar couldn't care less about their safety, though then again maybe this was some sort of cosmic test. Perhaps if he helped repel this rocky beast he'd be free to go back to whatever he was doing previously.

It was as good a guess as any, it wasn't like he had anything better to do. Oscar would get his chance to contribute was the golem unleashed a sweeping Hyper Beam. Yeah that wasn't gonna fly. Oscar ran forward, throwing a pokeball to unleash his Wobbuffet Deliverance. Oscar pushed against the living punching bag, grunting as he lead it toward the front of the target group. As the Hyper Beam approached, Deliverance would let out a sound of joy as a pink aura encased his blue body. Upon touching him, he beam's power would be reflected back to its wielder (Mirror Coat).

Another thing occurred that wasn't exactly intended but may become useful later. Deliverance's shadow stretched across the ground, latching onto the enormous golem. As long as Deliverance is on the field, the golem would be unable to escape (Shadow Tag).

Wobbuffet used Mirror Coat as the regirock used Hyper Beam upon the past fighters. 
Wobbuffet's Shadow Tag is in play. 
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POSTED ON Oct 6, 2020 6:04:58 GMT
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glimpse from the past


one minute, valerio is at his home in slateport, recovering the frail body beatup by the megalopolan invasion. the next one, he opens his eyes and sees a rocky chamber he has never before seen. he stands from where he's lying, hazel eyes explore the cavern dim with faint glow from the mineral-saturated walls.[break][break]

a voice then blips at his ear, an earphone popped into his lug when he has none, although the message is undiscernable. he clicks on the transmitter a few times before finally giving up, lending his full attention to the new environment and the threat that looms from afar. a gargantuan golem stands in the middle of the cave.[break][break]

“what the fuck is this?” the rocket steps back as he witnesses its sheer power, taking over several league troops with familiar faces as it sends stone edges and hyper beams to it target. he notices the creature glance at his direction, but it only sees the researchers behind him as it hurls the rocks.[break][break]

and then a rock hit him, but he is safe. he is fine. “i don't know what's happening.” togepi, who appears on his carrier he doesn't have seconds ago, giggles at the bloodbath it is seeing in-front of her. “you're here? but how?”[break][break]

the egg pokémon doesn't know what to say too. “fine, let's escape now before things get messy.”[break][break]

as the two leaves, the togepi summons a shadowy psychic force (shadow metronome) into the boulders and moves them into the hyper beam's direction, halting the attack.[break][break]

+ strike the boulders the regirock fires and protect against the hyper beam that sweeps across[break]
+ valerio is open for interaction <3





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POSTED ON Oct 6, 2020 17:12:59 GMT
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"What the fuck?", Thomas utters, upon taking in the change of scenery. "This better not be a repeat of last year.", Thomas remarked. One Nightmare was bad enough, but to go through another, he'd hunt down whoever was responsible, if that were the case.

One moment, Thomas was relaxing on the ranch, having a quiet drink. The next, he finds himself inside of a large, rocky chamber. He hears the voice of the Commissioner in his ear. And as he gets a good look at his surroundings, he notices the rocky behemoth, and the scientists, neither of whom take notice to his presence. Upon seeing a familiar boy being splattered by stones, Thomas realizes that somehow, he's been transported to the incident in the Desert Ruins, something that took place before his transfer to Hoenn.

"Joey!", Thomas called out, upon seeing the boy dying. Now he knew what had happened to the boy first hand. And if he ever found himself back in Unova, there would be hell to pay. The people that were responsible for sending him off to Hoenn, the people that caused his death, would be begging for it by the time he was done with them.

Upon seeing the Regirock begin to fire off a sweeping Hyper Beam, Thomas reaches for his belt. Seeing that his Aegislash is there, Thomas sends out the haunted blade. "Shalibur, protect us with Wide Guard!", Thomas called out to the Aegislash. With a nod, the Aegislash would float in front of the others, attempting to shield as many people and Pokemon as he could, before deploying a Wide Guard, intent on providing the optimal protection he could from the Hyper Beam.

Though Thomas couldn't recognize the others, he took notice to how he wasn't the only one protecting against the boulders and the Hyper Beam. At this point, he could only hope that his contribution would be enough for whatever was going on.

tags: @tag
notes: Aegislash used Wide Guard in an attempt to protect the others against the Hyper Beam

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POSTED ON Oct 6, 2020 17:16:22 GMT
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 he’s still getting used to the sensation of displacement. where a pokemon’s teleport is immediate and clean in its precision, darkrai’s boon confers something that makes it feel as though the world itself resists dominic’s movement through its shadows - cold, robbing him of breath.

this jolt feels like neither of those things because when he lurches forward, it has the violence of a push between the shoulderblades. dominic’s vertigo is short-lived (he’s familiar with this sensation, too). he steps, stumbles, into the gloom of the cavern as the incoming group unseal the door and dominic watches as a kid moves inside.

the structure behind him shifts, its stone-limbs grinding as its eyes flicker alight like spotlights. snapping his head to follow the movement, dominic doesn’t need a name to recognise the titan by its reputation. the search party, the regirock, the losses suffered are recorded in numerous reports; black on white, filed away in the recesses of league and rocket archives alike.

and there he is; a dead boy, a forgotten footnote, @joey. dominic remembers what was left of his face, caked in mud, decaying and darkened flesh clinging onto bone. the boy is close enough to touch when he moves past him, and dominic reaches for him even when he knows his voice will never pierce the veil between them - "don’t."

illuminated by the glow of jeweled veins in the stone as well as by the light of the regirock’s eyes, dominic watches as stone lurches underneath the boy and strikes upward, crushing him. did he cry out? was it drowned out by the sound of grinding bone?

the ensuing violence and harsh light drown dominic’s spectral form. "fuck," he breathes, throat tight with a frustration that he can’t articulate.

dominic has never been helpless, his very blood repulses at the idea. he reaches for capsules at his belt - or for a gun, for anything - but drops his hand as shades of legendary deities fill the space around him. not even they can re-write events made absolute.

not recognisable at the moment

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POSTED ON Oct 6, 2020 17:44:24 GMT
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vera has seen a scene like this before. in a movie. logic tells her she must be dreaming and maybe she should be more careful about falling asleep with the tv on, but she's also pretty certain she couldn't create such a ghastly scene in her sleep. the shiver that takes over her entire body also brings her a step closer to her ampharos.


"at least you feel real, anise." a small sigh escapes her lips. the expressions swirling in her eyes shift from confusion to fear to determination. she raises a finger at the party that is about to be blasted into pieces, just like— "can you set up a light screen before them?"


the ampharos complies while the woman places a hand over her mouth. the crimson on the walls burns brightly in her retinas.

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[attr="class","pkspr"][attr="class","pokesprite pokemon ampharos"]
hoenn historia
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POSTED ON Oct 6, 2020 19:45:57 GMT
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Soup exhaled, his breath puffing visibly in the air of Snowpoint City. He had been so excited for this trip, until he'd heard of the fiasco that had happened with the aliens back in Hoenn. He could have been there, and fought. He could have helped.

Instead, here he was, running around after ancient history and dusty excavations. And he hated himself for it.

Soup shook the gloomy thoughts from his mind. He was here for a reason, after all. But suddenly, he fell flat on his face. Instead of being greeted by the feeling of snow-covered concrete on his arms, though, there was hard, stony ground. His other senses caught up soon after, with the lack of light, echoing noises, and familiar scent making him assume that he was underground.

He looked up, dusting off his pants, and oh dear god what was that. A huge monster, seemingly composed of rock--- Regirock, the word came to him--- beeped in a strange, inhuman, and terrifying manner before---

Soup retched as he watched a man--- no, a boy--- get destroyed by the Regirock's attack. Dear Arceus...

How did Soup even get here? And the scene, he realized as he got over his surprise and horror, was straight out of the past. He had heard of this incident. Who in Hoenn hadn't? And he wasn't fully present, either. His hand passed harmlessly through objects, and though he flinched as a stone crashed into the ground near him, the shards of rock harmlessly went right through him. But if he focused, he could do things...

And his Pokeballs were at his belt. With a quick prayer of thanks, he grabbed three, releasing his companions.

He might not have been around to help Hoenn in the present day. But he would be damned if he wasn't going to try and help out in the past, whether this was a time-traveling phenomenon or simply a hallucination.

"Athos, Deimos, Adonis. I think we're safe, but they are not," he explained, gesturing at the other people in the cavern. He'd seen flickering other people, but he disregarded them. Either they were others like him or something else entirely, and he couldn't do much about it either way. "Protect the others, please."

Adonis poked his head out of his apple, and unfurled his wings. The Flapple screeched at the Regirock, launching a high-speed Grav Apple at a rock that was hurtling towards them. Deimos the Heracross compounded this with a barrage of smaller, but still forceful Bullet Seeds.

Athos stepped forward bravely, the blades on the Gallade's arms flashing as he erected a Wide Guard to hopefully protect from the onslaught of attacks. Soup was slightly relieved, because though it appeared that he was invulnerable, it was always better not to take chances.

- Gloomy Soup is here!
- Soup freaks out but decides to try to help.
- Flapple uses Grav Apple to try and intercept an incoming boulder.
- Heracross uses Bullet Seed to try and intercept the same boulder.
- Gallade uses Wide Guard to protect from rocks and Hyper Beam.
- Soup probably won't recognize anyone. Sorry!
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POSTED ON Oct 6, 2020 20:16:10 GMT
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This was it. After summoning his application in to be the new gym leader of rustboro city, it didn’t take long for him to get a response back. And to his astonishment, he was accepted to be the gym leader. A mixture of triumph and angst filled him in that moment. This wasn’t his first time being accepted into the gym leader ranks. And the last time he became gym leader, he was only one for three months before a natural disaster made his previous home uninhabitable. Would that repeat again here? There was rumors of war and violence spreading and already starting. But at the same time, his was his dream. Maverick would be known as the vary limited dark type gym leaders around the world. And if he can hold it, he could be the best. A sigh escaped him, wondering what the future holds for him. His gaze flickered to his beloved six foot seven hellhound as she lifted her nose into the air, taking in the scents around her. They just finished packing for the night, getting ready to move from Slateport to Rustboro. But as the man reached out to pet his canine, something changed.

Within the blink of an eye, he was teleported somewhere unfamiliar. He shifted his weight as something sent his balance off. He caught himself, reaching out for his rapidash skull wearing canine to steady himself. She too, noticed a change from the city to…. what was this. Warm crimson colored orbs flickered over the rocky earth below them, swiftly shifting to see oddly looking mineral in the walls. He was quickly distanced when a familiar voice rang in his ears, informing him of what was going on. His eyes widen as the rock titan Regirock appeared before him. For a moment, his heart skipped a beat and held his breath. He stumbled back a few feet, still trying to register what was in front of him as the voice stopped. Azula let out a low snarl, body ridged as her long arrow tipped tail twitched agitated. But to his surprise, the mighty creature doesn’t seem to notice him nor does the group of people not too far away from him. His attention shifted when large stone doors open and a sea of people materialized. What was going on?

It was at that moment that the legendary pokemon starts up. He was about to attack. It was clear as day. But before Maverick could reacted, the child was dead. His eyes widen even more, guilt pulsed through him that his reaction time just wasn’t quick enough. That was the least of his worries as the creature continues to attack. Stones fly through that air like nothing as they hit people, hurting two of them and almost killing a kirlia. But it appeared that the rock titan wasn’t done, his movements indicated he was charging up for another attack. “I don’t think so,” the man growled in hopes he could help.

Reaching into his pocket, the man summoned one of his creatures onto the playing field in the matter of seconds. The might water serpent roared with life as soon as he was released from his chambers. Raged orbs fixed on his target. “Seregon, use hydro pump before it can complete charge up!” The trainer called out as he pointed to the Regirock that was about to fire. The gyarados roared with life once more as he filled up his tanks with water. And within seconds, his mouth burst open with a heavy stream of water hurling towards the rock Titan in hopes to stop his hyper beams before its too late. While the water and flying type attack, Maverick motion for his canine to help. “Azula, use flamethrower to stop the rocks from crushing anyone!” The canine took in a deep breath and sent a stream of flames towards the rocks that threatened to crush anything in their path hoping to save anyone from being crunched by them.

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